Evangelist Joyce Meyer Plastic Surgery? Joyce Meyer’s New Look Baffles Believers.

“TV Evangelist Joyce Meyer has dictched her old church-lady dresses and tresses – opting instead to have a little work done on her face and adopting a ‘Goth’ look.  She looks like she has had a ton of plastic surgery and is inching her way to the Dark Side.”  [Dr. Sheldon Hartunis PhD and Fellowship Member of the Gothic Church of the Druidian Dawn.]joyce

She wakes you up early if you forget to change the channel or shut off the TV when you go to sleep, and she loves to talk to you about God and Jesus, but now a whole lotta plastic surgery and a new darker and more devilish Joyce Meyer has emerged from the makeup chair, the hairdresser and the plastic surgeon’s office.   


The Hollywood writer at the end of this link is standing up for Joyce Meyer saying that she is a good and honest and god fearing speaker of the truth — http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3834680/?ref_=sr_1  — but he is being maligned by the Hollywood elite for speaking up against this website and this story.   The Damien Zone is investigating his claim for a rebuttal.


Other people had a different opinion.



“She looks more like a Gothic Joyce DeWitt than the Five-and-Dime televangelist that she used to be,” said Anna Pinn-Neeko, a true believer from the Fiji Islands who follows Joyce around from one speaking engagement to the next.

“Joyce is an inspiration to all of us and if she is going to go Gothic or if she wants to look like a dominatrix or something, we will follow for it is the Lord’s will.”

According to the folks who don’t actually care about Joyce, but are more annoyed that she wakes them up when she Bible thumps them outta bed at 5 or 6 in the morning, the lady preacher has adopted some kind of new and freaky style.  Some people say she is turning into a Dominatrix for Jesus while others think she is gradually morphing into a Druid Priestess.  Is it possible?

Whatever the case may be, it sure looks like Joyce Meyer has had a lot of plastic surgery — or else god has come down and stretched out her face and fixed her nose and turkey gullet.

“She has obviously had a lot of facial work, especially around the nose, face and neck,” said Dr. Dean Traherne, a board certified plastic surgeon who operates out of his private clinic in St. Tropez, France.

“Joyce Meyer has had cosmetic work and a style change that has changed her from looking like a lady who buys off her clothes from a Sears catalog, to a woman who shops at Gothica or Spencer’s.  She is going through some kind of change and many people think it’s frightening.  The surgery has given her a very severe look which is further enhanced by the new dark hair.  It’s pretty freaky even from a physician’s point of view.”

TheDamienZone doesn’t know what Joyce is up to or if she rally has had any plastic surgery or whatnot — but lordy, lordy, lordy, she sure is turning a buck off of Jesus.  Bless her heart.

34 thoughts on “Evangelist Joyce Meyer Plastic Surgery? Joyce Meyer’s New Look Baffles Believers.

  1. Joyce Meyer is a good preacher and whatever she decides to do with her face is nobody’s bussiness.Judge not for you not to be Judged.I appreciate her alot.May she keep up inspiring the lost souls.A great calling indeed. Hope to meet her someday. She’s so beautiful.

  2. SHE STOLE YOUR MONEY, YOU STUPID SUCKER! She took charity money that she raised with her bullshit ministry and lives like a queen in a castle and does NOTHING to help the faithful suckers who donate money to her. Are you a complete idiot? She is in so much trouble for all of this? If you donated money to her, you payedfor her facelift and her jet and her mansions. You didn’t help one single person, you simple-minded idiot!

  3. ZERO DOLLARS donated to Nancy Pelosi — can’t stomach the woman — she’s dumber than Maxine Waters and that’s almost impossible.

  4. I watch her often & enjoy her preaching but I did notice something with the mouth. I think she tried to upturn the corners of the mouth as hers was so drawn down into a permanent frown. I think they gave her bad work as now she does resemble the joker. If she had any other improvements on her face that’s her choice as she is a tv personality and wants to be presentable and there’s nothing wrong with that. Someone tho needs to fix her to a normal look in my opinion. SO many of you are so quick to judge and are mean spirited. You should be ashamed.

  5. Mean-spirited? Kristi — wake up! She stole money that her flock gave her for charitable purposes and she spent it on mansions and Mercedes and face lifts. SHE SHOULD BE ASHAMED! God gave her that frown because she’e evil and now she’s trying to get a surgeon to fix it — it’s too late.

  6. I would like to see the rest of the “Jokers” make up on her since she has his mouth

  7. This is addressed to all of you Pathetic Poor Lost Souls such as: “DDM”, “Rosco” and the rest of you who judge Joyce Meyers for what materials possessions she has. It says in the bible not to covet they neighbor or envy and it is very obvious you are doing both! You sound uneducated, jealous and judgmental. I will pray for all of you and if you investigate even a little, you will find much info on the Billions of people (That is BILLIONS with a B!) that she has helped to open their eyes, hearts and souls and find a fulfilling relationship with their Lord & Savior. Is she herself wealthy in money? YES and Good for HER, she works very hard and there would be so many lost souls if she wasn’t doing the work she does and the calling she has to help the many ignorant souls such as yourselves. You know she doesn’t focus on the monetary wealth she has, her life is all about the wealth of Blessing & the Love of her Holy Father…from Jesus Christ! That is True WEALTH, I know, I have it too! I watch her shows, read her materials and am a full on believer in Christ Jesus, the only one true and living God and he has blessed me with much wealth money wise as well, but the greater wealth comes in the Peace and Joy I have in my heart each and every minute that I am alive and that means I get to feel this way for ALL ETERNITY since I will be in Heaven with my Holy Father one day….CAN YOU SAY THAT? It is obvious you are angry and unfulfilled people, How very sad and your Father in Heaven is waiting for you to simply ask him to come into your hearts and then maybe you can find true Wealth, as Joyce Meyers has! What have you got to lose?

  8. I don’t wish I had what she has, which the bible refers to as “filthy lucre.” What I wish is that she would liquidate all that vile shit, and use her millions and millions and millions to feed people that are FUCKING STARVING AND DYING. She doesn’t give a shit about people, about anyone but herself. She spins her bullshit messages, (which, as I remember, stood in stark contrast to the way she actually lives) just to fund her disgusting way of life.

    But you blind, opiate-drugged marks see what you want to, you choose to believe that the people that uphold your delusions are the righteous saints you need tell you what to do and give your empty lives worth, and make you believe you have some kind of imaginary “wealth” when they are taking what little you have so they can have actual, EXISTING mansions. Sheep.

  9. It is true that Joyce Meyer has a lot of good messages and has led many lost soul back to Christ, but unfortunately she doesn’t seem to be as confident in herself as a daughter of God. When you are filled with the love of God, people will automatically be drawn toward your beauty which comes from your inside. There will be no need for any facelift. I do recognize some vanity cause I live in it.

  10. Hey — Little Susie — The reason Joyce has vanity and facelifts is because she’s full of shit.

  11. I guess the worst mistake preachers make is not practice what they preach. Her ego shows how realistic Paul was when he said “my spirit is willing, but my flesh is weak. As human beings, we all have our shortcomings. Joyce never claimed to be Jesus, or did she?

  12. She claims to adhere to the biblical stuff about vanity and greed and truth — but she doesn’t. Susie, there have been rip-off preachers since the dawn of man. She’s just an ultra famous and ultra creepy one.

  13. well i have to agree w/ nunya…all of you…sound like jealous, uneducated, green with envy morons…lol, it is so obvious by the way you speak n what you say..you dont anger me, nor w/i argue the point with you.i will just reiterate..uneducated, and so terribly jealous…so, how does it feel to want…lol

  14. Dianna Fleet — are you related to the Fleet enema company? You must be because the shit is shooting righgt outta your ass and into Joyce meyer’s mouth. Keep sending Joyce your Jesus dollars and let her buy some more diamonds and houses and cars and plastic surger, you frigging constipated loser.

  15. I have found a lot of inspiration in Joyce. She was a sexually abused child but rose above her past. She has done a lot of work for charities around the world. She has a good message.
    She has done more good than any member of congress or the senate and made the money on her own – not by bilking the taxpayer. Some of the richest people in our country are politicians – many of whom started out with humble salaries until they got elected – gee, I think those are the people to look at. Look at Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein…to name a few multi-millionaires after being elected. I can’t think of one positive thing those people have done for others, except pursue more power.

    She was audited and the feds found no wrong doing. She does make a lot of money, but it is not paid by the taxpayer. I’m o.k. with that.

  16. Read John 9. The blind man didn’t know what Jesus looked like. He couldn’t identify him. Yet his faith and his obedience brought him healing. Do you think a blind, broken man (or woman) should care what Joyce Meyers looks like if by the grace of God and the power of the Holy Spirit her words are used to bring about transformation?

  17. How weird…just picked up the devotion, 40 Days with Jesus, and read: For we walk by faith, not by sight (2 Cor 5:7).

  18. Joyce Meyer is wonderful….there is not one here who has cause to slander her, and you certainly cannot tell me that DDM is a Christian….hey potty mouth DDM-pee pee poo poo, your filthy cretinous comments show everyone what your opinion is worth. Joyce has helps millions, and if she is rich, it is not because I paid her, I watch her as
    much as I can, and it is FREE.

  19. DDM is not a person, Marge. DDM is Damien Direct Mail. An email address cannot be a Christian. All articles are written by Damien LeGallienne unless otherwise specified.

  20. TheDamienZone changed the information you supplied but we had to delete all numbers in brackets because hackers often hide virus code in there. I am not saying you are a hacker, I am just saving my virus detectors from slowing down this approval.

    Joyce’s mouth has always been odd. I feel like she got poor work done. Seems like with such a good honest income she would have found a better surgeon. I mean that with all sincerity! She is a good, hard working woman. Maybe you she read up on when JM Ministries was investigated!
    “Following the adverse publicity about her lifestyle and Ministry Watch’s request for an IRS probe, Meyer announced in 2004 plans to take a salary reduction from the $900,000 per year she had been receiving from Joyce Meyer Ministries (in addition to the $450,000 her husband received)[ and instead personally keep more of the royalties from her outside book sales which Meyer had previously donated back to Joyce Meyer Ministries. She now retains royalties on books sold outside the ministry through retail outlets such as Walmart, Amazon.com, and bookstores, while continuing to donate to her ministry royalties from books sold through her conferences, catalogues, website, and television program “The net effect of all of this,” notes Ministry Watch”was most likely a sizable increase in the personal compensation of Joyce Meyer and reduced revenues for JMM.” In an article in the St. Louis Business Journal, Meyer’s public relations director, Mark Sutherland, confirmed that her new income would be “way above” her previous levels Joyce Meyer Ministries says it has made a commitment to maintain transparency in financial dealings publish their annual reports have a Board majority who are not Meyer relatives and submit to a voluntary annual audit On December 18, 2008, this ministry received a “C” grade (71–80 score) for financial transparency from Ministry Watch.

  21. I always thought she looked like “Baby Huey” but then Baby Huey is naive and genuine,even as a cortoon charactor and he wouldn’t build an empire off of the backs of christians that don’t know better. The joker is sinister and would scheme to profit off the backs of those without discernment. The Joker is a better look alike!!!

  22. I dont think anyone knows what is truly bothering them about this womans face!
    I think its that we all fear she may be turning into a Hollywood “type…and straying from the flock.
    I too was startled even worriedshe may have been accosted and sliced by a knife during a robbery or something.
    Since sheserves Godshe will bounce back from any trial or tribulation she suffers on this planet. We all carry our crosses..some are just heavier than others!

  23. Nunya says, “[I]f you investigate even a little, you will find much info on the Billions of people (That is BILLIONS with a B!) that she has helped to open their eyes, hearts and souls and find a fulfilling relationship with their Lord & Savior.”

    The total number of Christians in the world is a little under 2.2 billion. Nunya is therefore claiming that Meyer’s ministry accounts for over ninety percent of all the Christians in the world.

  24. DDM, does that stand for Dum Dum Moron? Listen to the message, don’t judge what people do with their faces. There are thousands of authors who have millions of dollars. Joyce earned every dollar via her books NOT donations. Do I like her new face? No. I think she didn’t need to do that, she was beautiful as she was, BUT it was her choice. Get yourself a Bible DDM.

  25. D D M stands for Damien Direct Mail — and I suggest that you send all the millions back to the poor people who mail CASH and checks and money orders and mailgrams to Joyce — she makes all of her money from ticket sales and donations — don’t bullshit me, sucker. She was never beautiful — she’s a monster.

    Damien LeGallienne – EDITOR
    Brussels, Belgium

  26. What’s wrong with wanting to feel better about how one looks-esp if they are in the public eye. So many people are being to quick to judge-check out the good this woman has done throughout the world. She is an inspiration. It’s hard to go out in public when you don’t feel good about how you look.

  27. Hayven — you should give the name of the comment you are addressing. I don’t know who you’re talking to — me?

  28. Me I saw Joyce Mayer on the television in South Sudan the first time and I liked her. I am a white man from Europe. My wife commented her moth look like a gold fish swimmin – but I thought she was born like that. I looked up her age bec she looked sooooo young for over seventy? She doesn’t look like she has a facelift? Only young. She is great and deseerve every usd from her books

  29. She had written many books, and made a lot of money from the sell of those books, So why can’t she buy herself anything. When I had nothing she sent me books for free. She had never ask me to give her anything. Someone who shares the word of Christ doesn’t have to leave in a box!! She works hard!!! She gives to many who don’t have, but you wouldn’t know that. Your name fits you.

  30. I have a hard time watching and listening to someone with that much makeup on. It just shows me she has lack of confidence. Beauty comes from within and can be seen in the eyes. Which are the window to the soul.
    She reminds me of Tammy Faye Baker.

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