Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Joy Behar Leave “THE VIEW” — WHY?

Conservative talk show co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck is leaving THE VIEW and so is ultra liberal and ultra unhappy Joy Behar. The two women have completely different political points of view and two totally different reasons for leaving THE VIEW.

Hasselbeck is leaving to get a job on the dreaded FOX NEWS and Joy Behar is going to a nursing home — just kidding.

According to TV producer Jewel Mahue, Joy Behar is heading back to her roots in comedy.

“Joy is going to start filming of her own sitcom where she will costar with TV’s Joey Lawrence in a new sitcom called, “My Grandma The Italian Hippie” where she will of course play the character of the grandmother. Joey Lawrence will play a young rock star named Slade Giuliano who, in spite of great fame and fortune, still lives with his Italian grandmother in Brooklyn. The show will also star Dennis Farina and Aida Turturro.”

A source close to the Elisabeth Hasselbeck had this to say:

“Elisabeth Hasselbeck is headed to Fox News where she will replace veteran Gretchen Carlson on the morning show “Fox and Friends” where she will co-anchor with Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade. Gretrchen Carlson is being pushed off to her own show which will air later in the morning or in the early afternoon. The plan is to give Gretchen a show and then get rid of her in about six months to a year.”

Rumors on the set of “The View” say that Barbara Walters is furious that Elisabeth is leaving because everyone seems to be jumping off of her show since Elisabeth sent word that she was setting out for new horizons.

In spite of the press release that quotes Barbara as saying, “We had ten wonderful years with Elisabeth and now she is swimming in new waters. We will miss her and wish her everything good.”

According to insiders, Barbara is so angry at Joy and Elisabeth that she is possibly going to drop the show altogether.

“Now that Obama is President The View has no subjects to flame up or political arguments to get into and get them ratings. Even the liberals on the show are tired of Obama and in more recent shows it has been the conservative Hasselbeck who has sided with Obama. This is not sitting well with the TV execs and the plan now is to perhaps drop THE VIEW altogether.

“Elisabeth Hasselbeck is in her prime as a TV personality and it’s a shame that she is going to anchor herself, so to speak, at Fox News,” said motion picture producer Mildred Sclafani.

“She had a huge audience on The View but it seems that she might have political aspirations and that’s why she has headed over to Fox.”

Scalfani, as luck would have it, is also the producer of the TV show that will star Joy Behar and Joey Lawrence. She’s a very smart marketer and she’s not about to let the Behar/Hasselbeck feud just go away.

“Elizabeth has agreed to play herself in several episodes of “My Grandmother, The Italian Hippie.” I am looking forward to seeing the scripts that have already been prepared for that show which will air during season one.”

Most sources in Washington DC say that Elisabeth Hasellbeck is using FOX as a springboard for a political career. Nobody is quite sure where she is headed but some people in the Beltway say that Elisabeth might run for the Governor’s office in New York when that time comes. She might settle for a congressional seat and then work her way up from there.

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