What’s Wrong With John Travolta’s Hair? Experts Explain.

“It appears to me that whatever John Travolta has done to himself, the end result has made him look like a bloated vampire.” [Dr. Raymond Tote-Tundy MD PhD]

It looks as though John Travolta is having an advanced treatment of spray on hair micro-fibers to create the illusion that he has a full head of hair.

This spray-on technique is very similar to the one used by TV actor and famed singer/musician/composer/lyricist/author Joey Jawrence who used the spray on look while his transplants grew in.

This procedure can only be done in Europe because the USFDA will not allow it.  Several old men have been killed by the procedure.  Wealthy celebrities have fled to Belgium where the procedure is the latest rage for old men who are very bald and looking very old.

We spoke to reknowned Dermatologist and Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Raymond Tote-Tundy MD PhD at his world-famous Antwerp, Belgium Medical clinic, THE TOTE-TUNDY SKYLIGHT INSTITUTE FOR SELF IMAGE.  Here is what he had to say,

“Mr. John Travolta’s hairline is being re-created with micro filiments and fibers that are sprayed directly onto his head.  These particles attach to the immature or ‘villus’ hairs that cannot be seen by the naked eye.  In my opinion, Mr. Travolta has had a lot of these treatments so as to enable the micro fibers to withstand the heat and steam of the saunas he is alleged to frequent.  Also, in my opinion, Mr. Travolta has had a a few plastic surgery procedures.  It appears to me that whatever John Travolta has done to himself, the end result has made him look like a bloated vampire.  It’s actually quite frightening, but it had to be done so that the hair transplants would stay secure even in the hottest steam baths.”

“John Travolta has chosen a jet black heavy coating which would cost nearly $100,000 if I were to perform the procedure here, but I would advise against this color and this thickness.  It causes people to ask, ‘What is wrong with John Travolta’s hair?’  The answer is that he has used a bad scalp specialist and he looks terrible.” 

Dr. Raymond Tote-Tundy continued:

“I would imagine that this technique is very similar to the technique that was used by American mega-star, and rock and roll idol,  Joey Lawrence.  In Joey’s case, the scalp was dyed with a brown hue and  then speckled with fibers so as to create the illusion of a shaved head so he could film his incredibly famous blockbuster show, ‘Melissa and Joey.’  Sadly, whatever he did, it was a horrible thing to look at, but it seems that Joey’s underlying hair transplants have grown in a bit and he is able to combine the illusionary effect of a colored scalp and the growth of the sparse transplants.”

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