New Jersey Family Has Very Strange Encounter With A UFO and an ALIEN.

This is Part 1 of a 2 part series.  Why this story has not been carried by any news agency makes no sense.

A New Jersey family believes that they have seen a UFO, and that the strange craft and its sole occupant has been stalking them since mid July.  According to personal accounts of friends, the Bergen County family, who are maintaining anonymity for the time being, have spent over $10,000 for private security firms but so far two different security officers have mysteriously refused to go back and spend any time with the family. The security company in question would not speak to TheDamienZone and threatened legal action if we printed their name, and while we would be well within are legal rights to name the company, we decided not to when the family agreed to talk to us with the provision that we not reveal specific names and locations in our story.   Currently the family and a neighbor are staying at a hotel in New York City.

According to a family friend, the true details of this bizarre encounter never made it to the headlines because initially the family opted to call US Air Force Officials and not their local police but that story turned out to be unfounded.  The military became involved a week later.

“Once those guys came, they slammed a lid on the whole thing,”  said the friend on conditions of anonymity.  “The police know that something happened but so far they have only a flimsy report about a prowler and the family has hired a lawyer.  Why do you need a lawyer just because you saw a UFO?  They are definitely frightened of something which is totally out of character for them.  They hired men from one of those security companies but both of them left and now the whole family has left too.  It doesn’t make sense  to me and I’m half frightened out of my wits for them.  They’re a professional couple.  They don’t do crazy things.  I would know. “

The Damien Zone interviewed a lot of people connected to this case and we’ve somehow tried to put the pieces of this puzzle together.  It amazes us that nobody outside the circle of witnesses seems to know anything at all about this, and even though the family in question is anonymous, and many of the people interviewed are anonymous, the story is rich in details.

“I don’t want to give out my name, and none of us in the area do either because they (the family) don’t want to give out their name,” said a young woman who lives about 60 yards from where this all began.

“I mean, under normal circumstances I would have no problem talking to a TV news crew or anyone, but if they are being so secretive it makes all of us want to be secretive because we don’t know what’s going on.   My son used to play with their sons every day but after that first night when this began my son was not allowed to play with their son and now that they’re gone my son asks me questions.  What do I tell him – that his friends’ mommy and daddy went crazy or that there is a monster in the neighborhood?  I can’t do that to a child and I couldn’t do it no matter what because the whole thing frightens me.”

The “monster” about which the neighbor speaks has been seen by others and its trail starts with a Bergen County newspaper where a local municipality’s police blotter reported that a family had reported a prowler on the deck behind their home.  Police in this affluent community arrived three minutes after the call (3:07am EDT) but nothing was found.   While police were finishing up their report, an 87 year-old male neighbor (we’ll call him Mr. X and he turned out to actually have been 90 years old at the time) approached the police and told them that he had seen a small child glowing in a green light in his yard and described “the child” as being about 4-feet tall.  He later described the police at the scene as acting as though they had been drugged or that they were in some kind of a trance.   — But that’s not really how the story goes according to “John” the man who knows it best.

The family consists of a pair of  married thirty-somethings.  We’ll call them Sally and John.  They are both professionals who work within a 30-minute train from their home.   They have two children we will call Billy and Tom.  Billy is a vivacious 10 year-old, and Tom is very precocious 7 year-old.

“I called the police on the pre-dawn morinng of July 17, 2010 because we saw what we believed to be someone on our deck with a green flashlight, said John from a posh hotel room in New York City.

“We didn’t hear footsteps but from the second floor we were able to see what appeared to be someone either carrying a green L.E.D. light bar, but at intervals the entire individual glowed as though their  clothes were emitting a soft green glow.  I noticed that the individual was very small so my first inclination was to go down to the deck and just see who it was, but my wife warned me that no matter how small the person was, they could still be carrying a weapon and that kind of made sense because whoever it was didn’t move like a child would move.  I mean, a kid that small would walk around or behave like a kid. This one didn’t so I just called the police and that’s when things got weird.”

John’s story goes on for over 30-minutes of audio tape but here is basically what happened with what turned out not to be a prowler and is believed by the family to be some kind of alien being.

The family watched from the sliding doors of a the glass deck as two police officers walked up to the prowler but couldn’t get a good look at it because whenever they approached, the being would emit a brighter glow that was blinding but at the same time did not spread the light and illuminate the deck or any of the neighboring trees or houses.

One police officer drew his gun, but according to John, the officer became motionless and then after about 30 seconds he put the gun back in it’s holster as though he was in some kind of trance.  The other police officer began to cry like a frightened child and simply walked away and sat on the steps to the deck.

“He just sat there like a kid who had just been punished,” said John.  “He was sobbing and that’s when our elderly neighbor (Mr. X) came over.  As soon as he showed up the cops started to act semi-normally.  Mr. X kept telling the being to shut off the lights and our son Tom started yelling at him to go home and lock his door.  We were all petrified and the cops were not acting really normal at all, but Mr. X stood his ground and pushed the creature.  That’s when he got some kind of shock and began to slowly fall   I slid open the glass door and dragged Mr X into the house before he was completely down.  After that we were very scared and I sat Mr. X down in a kitchen chair.   I told the cops to do something but suddenly they were gone and the being was not there anymore.”

“John told me that I was shocked or something,” recounted Mr X, a widower who lives alone.  “I don’t remember a shock.  I remember that I felt really nice and I saw my wife waiting for me on a blanket in Coney Island and I was thinking to myself that I must have had a dream that I was an old man or something.  I could feel the sand under my feet and I was holding a little box of Nathan’s french fries.  It’s very hard to explain but it all felt kind of natural.  If I was going to die I was kind of mad at John for rescuing me because it was a very pleasant experience.  When I woke up on the chair the whole thing was reversed.  I knew I was an old man and I felt that I had a dream.  But the first thing felt more real.  I know I was in Coney Island.  I could smell it.”

John recounts that there was indeed some missing time because the police just kind of vanished although they obviously returned to file the report that made it to the police blotter.  Also, the fact that the police report was so truncated, seems very strange.  Why would they write, “Responded to reports of a prowler, but after a brief search nothing was found,” when in fact something had been found?

Our call to that towns police department went unanswered.

“The next morning we went out onto the deck and there was nothing,” recalled John.  ” My wife insisted that Mr. X sleep over at our house because he seemed very tired and he adamantly  refused any medical attention.  He woke up around the same time as I did and we looked all over the yard and that’s when we saw it  in the tree.”

What John and Mr X. saw was a small acorn shaped craft sitting in the tree about 15 feet from the ground.  It was neatly settled in the limbs and had not been seen or heard during the night.  John, already confused about what had happened during the night with the police, decided to call a friend who was a ranking officer in an undisclosed branch of the military.

“After a few hours a truck with a landscaping logo pulled behind our house and about twenty guys in full military gear got out of the back of the truck and they used some kind of strange tool to extricate the craft from the limbs of the tree,” John said,

“It kind of floated and the guys more or less just were there to guide it in, but when they got it into the back of the landscaping truck, they sealed the back with a different door and inserted a hose that let out the kind of smoke you see with dry ice or liquid nitrogen.  Then three vans pulled up and took the soldiers away.  Nobody said a word to us and they didn’t seem to care that we were watching.

“Three men wearing different kinds of uniforms went into our home and emerged with a brown bag in which something large was obviously moving.  I say that it was large but it was about the size of a child in a high-tech sack of some sort.  They just ignored the fact that the sack was wriggling and they threw it into the back seat of the truck as though it was a rag doll —  like they didn’t care if they injured or killed it.  I just watched like it was a movie or something not real happening in front of me.  Whatever it was, it had been inside the house all night with us and that’s when I made the decision to not go back in that house but a guy who must have been an officer, I’m not sure, told me that I was in no danger and that it was safe to go back into the house.  We tried it for a week with a security guard but he left after only a few hours and wouldn’t tell us why.  They replaced him with a really big guy but he said that there was a little man running around the basement and he freaked out and left after three days.  I called the number the officer gave me and he was nice but he told me that it would all eventually stop and all I had to do was ignore it.

“How do you ignore an alien or some kind of weird creature that arrives in your yard in a bell-shaped floating machine and then comes back after the United States Military has taken it away and not explained one single thing to you?”

The strange thing about all this is that Mr. X’s house has been locked up by US Govt. Officials, and he is staying with John and his family in a suite of rooms at a very expensive hotel in New York.

IMPORTANT UPDATE!!!!   1:01am EST I January 2012 — 20% of PART 2 is now up but it might be taken down so print it out and I will keep adding the pages as many at a time as I can

Part 2 of this story will appear on Monday, December 13th. <—ignore as obsolete

UPDATE: was asked not to publish part 2 of this story.  That’s all we can say for now.   Thank you, Damien <—now published

6 thoughts on “New Jersey Family Has Very Strange Encounter With A UFO and an ALIEN.

  1. As per their agreement — the authorities with whom I have been dealing with for over a year, have agreed to let me print the rest of the story as I know it to be as of this moment. I recieved my copy back via email at 5amEST and so much was blacked out that I feel like I am being harrassed.

    The French language copy was up this morning but was taken down within 15 minutes.

    I am going to keep putting up the story as I wrote it and if they take it down I will keep putting it back up. I am not bound by law to not print this. I was simply ‘asked’ not to, but the copy they suggest is truncated to 30% of its original content.

    I sincerely apologize for this. But I have a lawyer looking at it as we speak and I will take out what he suggests but so far he tells me that there is no law against telling what I was told in an interview unless it was a threat of violence or intended criminality. It is none of those things. It is a story about a strange UFO encounter that seems to have some odd twists and turns and nothing more than that.

    Happy New Year

  2. damien: this happened in Alpine, New Jersey which is a gated community full of very well-to-do people. You did not mention that the sewer lines to and from the home were removed and taken away as were all city conduits into the house. Electricity, cable, water, gas etc. The house is occupied by US government people who do not hide the fact that they are indeed US Gov people. Their license plates etc.Ther are always two men or a man and a woman. There is no way that anyone can live there confortably because there is no running water or discernable source of power although the grounds arond the home and the home itself are kept spotlessly clean. You would have to see Alpine to understand how a house can exist like this and not be a curiosity to the neighbours, and also how their could be a generator that is not heard. The whole situation is very strange. I hope you can tell the rest of the story because there are all kinds of unfounded rumours and conjecture that sometimes cause some people to get up in arms.

    Good Luck in all your endeavours
    Glenn Pickering Baltwater

  3. One of Moran’s favorite UFO sightings took place in 1966 at the Wanaque Reservoir in New Jersey where witnesses (including police officers) described a night of mayhem, including a UFO burning holes with a beam of light into the ice of the reservoir. Sceurman cited a 1978 incident, in which 11 aliens reportedly touched down at a park in Bergen County, NJ. An alien was also shot at McGuire AFB, he added.

  4. Meebo, you are referring to the incident in the Bergen County Park which occurred in and around the area of the circular Stonehedge Apartment building in North Bergen in 1975 (?) . It was first reported by store owner George O’Barski (now deceased). The building still stands and is prominent in many motion pictures in which the backdrop from a New Yorker’s point of view is the New Jersey side of the Hudson River. I suggest that readers look up this story as it is very strange and still unexplained. .


  5. My daughter in 1972 witness a gray looking alien in side a green glow.. It left foot prints in the snow that glowed also.. stepe it had left behind out side our door. The prints went up on our porch.. My 7 year old said it was standing against the outside storm door. .. She had got out of bed in the middle of the night and looked out the window to see if it had snowed so she could take her new sled out.. She looked out and seen the prints so she went to the door, and seen this being glowing green over its entire body.. she then slammed it.. She then came and woke me up to tell me a monster was at the door. I told her to get in bed with me she was only dreaming.. Still today she knows what she saw and it was no dream.. A few months before I had witness a ufo over our home and was left with four hours missing time. It was midnight when I hung there over my head .. next thing I was going into my home and it was 4:00 AM… She seen a gray before grays were ever heard of. This story above gives me all I need to hear as proof of her encounter. .

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