New Jersey Family Unexplained UFO: Part 4 (conversation with “Boris Jones”)

This is a transcript of my conversation with a man I will call “Boris Jones” simply because his name in Ukrainian culture is so common that a lot of  crazy people might possibly bother a lot of guys with this name.

For the purposes of easy readability, I have altered some of the dialogue only to make what Boris says easier to understand.  He speaks with an accent and leaves out words that would be typical of a guy with a Russian-sounding accent — the old “strong like bull” stereotype.  For example, where he actually said something like, ” Mankind afraid of unknown” I  transcribed it as, “Mankind is afraid of the unknown.”  Otherwise this is the conversation with no edits.  I was “asked” to not print any of this conversation but I’m going to give it a try.  Be patient because this guy talked a mile a minute and he was very careful to leave out no details.  I do not have the time to edit out the minutia.

Me:  When did you come to the USA, and could you elaborate on the circumstances?

Boris: I came to the USA in the summer of 1992.  I was working as a private pilot for a coal mining company.  I still had all my military credentials and the Russian Federation was asking me to stay on with them on active duty.  I feared that the Soviets would regain control so I traveled back from Moscow to Ukraine and met my brother and his wife.  Together we went to France where his wife had family, but after a few weeks I decided to go to the USA or Canada.  I took a trip to New York pretending that it was a vacation.  While I was in New York, I went to  the US Embassy and presented my credentials.  To the credit of the American CIA or whatever organization there is that nobody knows about, they already knew who I was and the coincidence is that they had been looking for me for me since 1990.  So let’s say that I was pushed through the system with only the asking that I live on a military base for 18 months.  They said that if I had a family or small children I would not have been asked this, but who knows?  I was sent to small base in Utah where I piloted a small passenger jet for military brass.  Nothing was unusual.  I lived there and was well-paid.  I became a citizen of the USA in May 1994. (laughs) The fastest I think you can become a citizen.

Me: You said that people at the US Embassy already knew who you were and that they had been looking for you.  Can you explain that more?

Boris:  The people at the embassy – the people who worked there did not know me but after I waited in an inner office for about 20 minutes I was greeted by people from the military who said they were looking for me.

Me:  Why were they looking for you?  Did they elaborate or were they just interested in you because you had been a military pilot in the Soviet Air Force?

Boris:  You make me laugh because you see this as simplistic.  It gets complicated because there is a branch if the military that people do not know about it, but let me say for the purpose of not causing confusion that they knew I had worked with for the Soviets in the same business they were in and that was things that were classified in the Soviet Union.  As soon as the all the hard-line Soviets left Ukraine things got very loose.  They left things in disarray.  Even classified things were thrown about or left in offices that were simply left and rented to private business and private people.  You have to understand that to a Russian and to some Ukrainians it is not stylish to be considered to be Ukrainian.  You had at that time an element of people who wanted to be Russian and while there was still that window of opportunity and the whole world was in a state of flux, many former bureaucrats and their families and friend and neighbors — a lot of people from all over Ukraine – rushed to The Russian Federation before it was even called that.  There were two fears.  To the shallow people – the social climbers and those with money connections in the USA or other parts of Europe, it was important to be a Russian and they jumped at that before the chance was lost.  I have no use for those people and today many of them now live in the USA and have somehow made themselves very rich.  You see these rich Russians running around New York in their big cars and  their children go to Harvard and Yale.  Let me tell you that about half these so called Russians are actually Ukrainians who betray their heritage.  Then you had a group who simply fled Ukraine because they lived in hope that the Communist regime would return.  They still live in Russia and most of them live a life like a regular person or maybe even a life like shit.  I admire those people because they had something inside of them that made them honorable.  I do not like the fact that they wished for the return of Communism.  Nobody hated the Soviets more than I did, but I did my job and never betrayed the Soviets, but when I had a chance to get out of there, I did not wait one second.  I tell a funny story about how I was late waking up and going to miss the train to Kiev where I was going to take a plane to France with my brother and his wife that evening.  I was so anxious to leave that I forgot that I had a dog.  Can you believe that?  I was so happy for weeks and weeks that I was going to leave, that I forgot I had a dog — a good dog I called Shondi ,and what was I going to do with her?  I was sitting on the bed holding Shondi and I was crying for her because I did not know how I could make a life for her with somebody with only two hours of time to find someone to take her.  Finally I decided that I would take the dog with me on the airplane to France.  I arrived at Kiev with the Shondi and nobody said anything.  When I arrived in France with Shondi, again, nobody said anything.  Nobody even paid attention to her.  My brother and his wife had a nice apartment near Paris and the dog lived with me for 2 weeks.  Then when my brother noticed that I was talking a lot about going to the USA he said that I should go and check things out and he would take care of Shondi.  My brother is a good guy.  The next day I called the American Airlines number and made a reservation to fly to the USA.  After I was finished making the booking with the agent, she said to me, ‘Have you made arrangements for your dog?’  I never said anything to her about a dog.  Then she waited a few seconds and said that the airline would handle the dog for me and I flew to New York.  People from the airline met me at the terminal in Paris and put the dog in a nice cage and that was that.  I thought that was very strange.  At the time I was thinking about how smart the American CIA must be to know everything about former Soviets.  It was a crazy notion but at the time it seemed like it made perfect sense to me. (laughs) I thought how lucky the Soviets were that they had walked back into the western society because the USA was so far better with knowledge than they were.  I forgot to metion the important thing about when I talked to the woman who I assumed was a ticket agent for American Airlines.  I told you that I planned my trip to New York as a lie to say it was a vacation and that I bought a round-trip ticket and made a reservation at a hotel — all the things you do for a vacation.  After the agent said that Shondi would be taken aboard the flight, she then asked me if I was sure I wanted a round-trip ticket.  I asked her why she asked me that and she said that maybe I would want to change my mind and that a round trip ticket would not be necessary.  I thought they were trying to trap my in a lie.  There was a pause in our conversation and then she said that if I bought a one-way ticket and wanted to stay a few more days in the USA, I would save money.  That made no sense tome so I played the game with her and and said that I would very much like to save money.  So she said that she would fix that and then she said would you like me to change your hotel reservations at the hotel — she knew the name of the hotel but I have even forgotten that.  I think they were feeling me out as you would say and when I didn’t bite the hook right away they made money an issue.  There is no such thing as an airline that offers you a cheaper fare with a one way ticket and the ability to decide when you want to come home.  Okay the airline business was better then, but you must be serious when you talk about things like that.  I have to laugh at how stupid I was.  I knew what was going on but in my mind I was playing along.  It’s amazing how people who work in US military intelligence know how to tamper with a normal thought process.  In my mind I remember that the Soviets were not very good at anything they did when compared to the USA and I thought that if the Soviet Union had tried to stay intact, the USA would have walked over them in a few years anyway – and all because of my dog Shondi.  I don’t know what I was thinking but I was stupid to not realize that I was a Soviet military pilot.  Of course they would know things about me — but knowing about the dog was just the beginning.  I will tell you that if it had not been for that little dog, I might not be talking to you today.  I might be living in an apartment in Queens working as a private pilot or I would be giving flying lessons.  But I promised myself when I was a teenager that I would never give flying lessons to people.  I am not a good teacher and I have very little patience with students.  I did that in the Soviet Union for about a month and I guess I was a bad teacher because the students complained about me.  Can you imagine that?  Soviet military recruits complaining about their senior officer?  I must have been terrible.  (laughs) But then things got better for me in the USA but the more my life improved socially and economically, the more it remained the same as far as my military knowledge was concerned.  After a few years I felt that I was just the same person I was in the Soviet Union except that Now I had money, a nice car, a nice home and that was good enough for me.  So because of Shondi I almost did not leave Ukraine.  Of course I would have left later but things would have been different.

Me:  You said that there was an intelligence agency that we know nothing about.  Can you talk about that?

Boris:  I can talk about it because nobody would ever believe me but a lot of the Cold War was fake.  Even during the worst of the Cold War the USA and the Soviets worked together in an agency called  FONVA where they worked hand in hand with UFO things.  All kinds of crazy things, and I say UFO things because it’s just an easy way to describe it.  There was never going to be a nuclear war with The Soviet Union like Soviets and Americans always feared.  That was all a show and yes there were political tensions but nobody was going to blow up anybody.  There was too much working together in the background and so much technology was shared.  The difference was that the Soviets were always in a rush and made mistakes.  The Americans were brilliant and methodical so there was a rivalry but nothing that would have caused nuclear war.  When I see movies like Failsafe and Dr. Strangelove, I laugh at how naive the people who made those movies really were — and the world believed them to be geniuses.  To me, now that I know better, it was all childishness.  There is more truth in a movie like The Wizard of Oz than there is in movies about the Cold War.  I am not trying to be comic with what I just stated.  Where was I…the Soviets knew that without American help they would be nothing.  I was told that even when Khrushchev said they the Soviet Union would bury the USA, he got smacked in the face by somebody higher up than he was.  Can you imagine as an American that there was somebody higher than Khrushchev in the Soviet government?  Can you imagine that President Kennedy and now President Obama is not the most powerful man in the USA?  Of course not.  Even now it would be hard to believe because people started all this bullshit about Knights Templar and The Secret Order.  It’s all a bunch of shit.  The truth is that there is a union of all nations — well not actually — and that everything in the papers and on TV is surface dust that means nothing.   I must tell you that when I say all nations, I do not include nations who simply do not count or matter in the eyes of the FONVA government.  The USA rules the world politically like the way the headmaster of a school rules a school.  All of his students secretly despise him, but he doesn’t really care — so do not fool yourself about that.  Countries are not even countries as we know them on a FONVA map.  The whole world is different on that map.  I will give you an example from the times I saw the FONVA map.  Canada and the USA are one country which connects only to Brazil, Chile and Argentina.  Mexico does not exist and none of the other south or central American countries simply do not exist.  They are there as gray areas or blank spots.  Where there is ocean between the USA and Brazil, there is a line of land mass that connects the two.  I was told that those simply indicate routes of travel and have nothing to do with actual land but the person who told me that is now dead from an accident when riding his motorcycle.  There is nothing mysterious about his death, but I mention that he is dead because I would call him and ask him more but I can’t because he is dead.  As I was saying, I don’t know if these are travel routes or they represent actual land that we know as sea and that is hard to make sense about.  Africa only exists in the southern half and a place as important as Egypt does not exist.  Most of the middle east does not exits on their map and that is very strange for me because most of my military career I was flying in around under and over and all ways you can think of around Afghanistan.  Europe is very real on the map but parts of middle and southeast Asia do not exist.  Believe it or not, China is not involved in FONVA.  Maybe they are now, but as recently as 2002 I know that they were not.  I was told that they resist the FONVA but all that tells me is that they are heavily in FONVA but just do not know it.

Me:  You mention a thing called FONVA but you didn’t actually say what it is.

Boris:  FONVA is an alliance that was formed between the USA /UK/ France and The Soviet Union in 1955,  I might be wrong on the year but if I am wrong I am wrong by a year or two.  It is a military alliance that is very strong.  People who hear me say that the USA and The Soviets had a military alliance will assume that I am insane, but there was an alliance.  The only thing that made a line between the USA and the Soviet Union was the outer layer of dummy politics.  The Soviets were not good to their people but the USA was good to their people etc., etc.  That was what the average man would see at the the time.  This did create a lot of political tension but it was all like children fighting in the schoolyard.  FONVA did not pay attention to that kind of thing unless it in some way affected them.  Chernobyl was an example of how FONVA came to the surface and involved themselves but not because they cared about people, they cared only about their own interests and so by accident they helped people.  Chernobyl was an accident and nothing more.  I have to tell you that there are a lot of crazy people who think they know about UFOs and secret government things, but it is all craziness.  It is this simple — there is the world as we know it — you and me – and then there is the world that is run by FONVA.

Me:  Why hasn’t FONVA been exposed?  Where is the money they need to do whatever it is they do?  How do they do it without anyone knowing?

Boris:  You sound now like a typical person when you ask about the money.  What money?  They do not have any use for money.  They simply do what they do.  They have no cost for petroleum or construction or any infrastructure.  Petroleum shortages by the way are a lie.  If the world continued to use petroleum for another 10,000 years at 10x the current rate, it would still not run out of petroleum.  The idea that we will use up all our fossil fuels is absurd.  It will never happen.  FONVA  simply lives and exists as an alliance or almost like a living thing.  They are so deeply entrenched in human life that we don’t even see them.  They are the man next door.  I was FONVA for 6 years of my life but I didn’t even know it.  American Airlines knew it but it was not on a corporate level — it was something else.   Let me tell you an easy way to figure this out because I even confuse myself.  When I called American Airlines, I was not connected to American Airlines.  It had nothing to do with American Airlines, it had to do with me.  American Airlines never got the call but somehow it trickles into American airlines as a passenger with a dog and all the papers are in order and it goes on and on and on.  If I could ever get my hands on a FONVA map of the world, you would understand this better.  FONVA knows all about the little beings in the trees and the green lights and the abductions -which are not actually real by the way but I will explain that later – but they simply accept them and learn from them.  They know far far far more than people who call themselves UFO experts or Investigators.  The difference is like babies in the womb and college professors, but they are still learning but they came to be because another race of beings makes them exist.

Me:  So FONVA is made up of aliens?

Boris:  No.  FONVA is created by alien forces which are not really aliens at all.  Of course they are aliens in the sense that we do not know or understand them — I think so anyway because that was what I was taught.   But in reality they are from here because all there really is is a here and a now because out there in the universe makes no sense — it’s actually all here and the distnaces of the galaxies is an illusion that is beyond our comprehension.  It’s all one thing and humans are gradually being taught that by these entities and the universe.  In the old days they manipulated people with religious visions or freakish weather or whatever crazy thing you can think of.   There was and still is a FONVA leak which may or may not be leaked on purpose, but did you ever hear about the theory that water on earth contains all the information of the human consciousness — that water molecules are really subatomic incredible computers and that the purpose of comets is deposit new water molecules into the earth’s atmosphere?  Water that has not been yet coded like a computer program?

Me:  Yes, I have read a few things about that.

Boris:  It’s all true and that is the only thing that I know FONVA works on night and day that has actually broken through to the surface of human knowledge.  It is important to know that the people who work directly in FONVA burn out quickly because of the constant need to learn and learn more and work.  To be part of FONVA is terrible but then you get moments of enlightenment that are worth the work.   I believe that my neighbors who got taken away by the military are FONVA but it’s all a show.  It is the beginning of FONVA revealing misinformation or information that is not really important.  It is only important that it has happened it is is being noted by people like you and then 100 years from now it will be an accepting like Jesus Christ or any religious icon.  Jesus may have been and early FONVA.  That is good news for Christians or Jews or Muslims or anyone who believes in higher consciousness because that means that everything they believe is, to some extent, true, but only a tiny bit of the truth is revealed at a very very slow pace.  People still live their lives on the words of religious icons, so we have not really come very far, but since 1955 things are moving very quickly.  There has been a rise of Atheism since then and if you study western history, the worst thing you could be was an Atheist.  Now it’s no big deal.  When the American lady Madeline Murray O’Hare was public about her Atheism, she shocked the USA and she was hated — now she would not even make the obituary page if she died preaching her Atheism on top of the Empire State building — nobody cares.  They are wrong not to care because religious beliefs are an intricate part of FONVA.  It’s so hard to explain unless you are there in the belly of the monster and you see for yourself.  I am not saying that if you don’t believe in god you are against FONVA, I am saying that it would be hard to understand some of the things that FONVA does if you are not open-minded about the creation or origins of life.  There will come a time when a godless state of mind will be considered undesirable.  I have been shown things that prove that but I will explain that after I try to explain these more basic things.

Me: You have seen the future?

Boris:  Only in a sense.  Ask me a different question that might lead to why I said that.

NOTE: I will continue with Part 5 tomorrow where Boris talks less nebulously about FONVA.  It is very hard to transcribe this word for word.  Keep in mind that my original transcription took me days and days because I am a terrible typist despite my journalistic credentials, and those transcriptions were lost or deleted or vaporized or whatever.  I gave up trying to figure it out what happened to them.  Funny how the tapes were never taken from me or stolen.   

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