New Jersey Family Unexplained UFO: Part 2

DISCLAIMER:  This copy of my article was originally banned from distribution by an organization which I have been advised to not (never) mention, but when it was returned to me in a form “they” deemed publishable, it was so heavily edited that it made no sense to even put it up.  On the advice of my attorney I am going to publish the second part in its semi-entirety with minor edits.  Each time it is taken down, I will put it back up again as Part3 part4 part 5 etc.

The family in New Jersey has since been identified as Jean-Paul and Millicent Loungemounte, both 41 years old, and their two children — a boy and a girl.  (names, ages withheld).  Both husband and wife work in NYC in a professional capacity and are resident aliens in the USA from Limoges, France and their posh digs were being paid for by their employer who has nothing to do with anything nefarious or aliens or UFOs.  They make valuable imported china and porcelain.

For over a year the Loungemounte’s have been kept under 24-hour surveillance at a hotel in New York City. (name of hotel withheld).  They lead a relatively normal life, but if you read on you will find that “relatively normal” thing to be rather laughable.  They recently returned from a vacation in the Bahamas where they traveled on a private jet provided by Lockheed corporation.   It is to be noted that this family is not capable of affording a private jet and the fact that Lockheed provided the transport to and from Nassau, Bahamas is unusual.

They both continue to work at their jobs under assumed names ( the name I am giving out might very well be the assumed name or a corruption of their actual name).

Mr X – the elderly neighbor, was later positively identified as Maurice D. Peallgram. age 91.  He died from complications of congestive heart failure on 6 July 2011 after declining medications to lower his pulmonary blood vessel pressure (PPH) and insisted to the end that he had indeed seen his dead wife in Coney Island the night of the original incident and that he had no desire to take extra measures to extend his life.

He left this note:  “I am tired and I am old and I know that what I saw was the truth.  I want to go back to where I was.”   Peallgram also left behind a 55-day 120-page diary that was turned over to government officials in the USA, UK and Ukraine; the contents of which were not revealed.”

“The Ukrainian connection is the best possibility to obtain that information because Ukraine has always been a tad loose-lipped about their UFO knowledge, even when they were a downtrodden part of the Soviet Union,” said a source close to the Latvian Embassy who cannot be named.  ( again I apologize).

The hotel suites – three 5-roomers with two adjoining balconies  have housed the family who also have the run of the entire floor which is 19 suites — 10 of which are occupied by unidentified persons who are somehow involved in this entire affair. It is all under constant video surveillance and there are hours of footage where the obvious presence of aliens and alien beings has been filmed in great lengths.   There is even video of several beings coming and going at will through windows, walls, ceilings and simply materializing.   The alien entities have not harmed anyone in any way and they make no attempt to mask or hide their comings and goings.  Also to be mentioned is that the hotel in question is unknowing of any of this and believe that an entire floor of the hotel has simply been rented by British, American and Ukrainian diplomats.

First reports are that the beings are trying to teach the couple things but the nature of those “things” is not known.

Let’s see how long this stays up before I print more.

Part2 (continued) 5:36am  1 January 2012.

Jean-Paul, who was very talkative about the incident when it happened at his home, no longer speaks about it to anyone.  He has confided in friends that he is currently happy and that there is no reason for his former neighbors to fear the house.  He has also told friends that he no longer owns the house ( he never actually did) although community tax records and real estate records which are easily available to the public show that the house is still owned by the French company which owned it when he lived there with his family.  In other words, the property has not changed hands but is occupied by United States Govt. personnel.

“The whole thing is very strange,” said Bernard Sachi-Mensele, a  Dutch porcelain artist and designer who has known both Jean-Paul and Millicent since they arrived in the USA in 2001.

“Something very strange has happened to them and they live in a hotel (he said the name of the hotel but it is omitted here) that I could not afford for one week but they go on with their lives there for over a year as though everything is perfectly normal.  The only change in Jean-Paul that I can see is that he seems more confident and sometimes I get the impression  that he talks down to people when before he used to be a quiet guy.  Millicent told me that she is annoyed that she no longer has any real privacy but she feels safe in public because nobody knows who she is, but then she doesn’t explain what she is talking about.  It’s like you are talking to robots who give automatic answers.  I like them and I am their friend but I have to say that I no longer feel that I know them like I once did.”

This seems to be the pattern of everyone connected to the Loungemounte couple.  Simply stated; they are both essentially the same people they always were but they offer no explanation as to why they live in a posh hotel or why their home is essentially idling in a nowhere-land.  The home is there but it has been taken off the grid, so to speak, yet people live in it who do not interact in any way with the neighbors.

The original landscaping company who did the lawn and shrubbery has been replaced by a few men who show up in unmarked vehicles.  The grounds are kept meticulously manicured, and while there is not a lot of grass or greenery, the whole place is neat as a pin as though it were an exhibit at Disneyland.

The original landscaping company’s owner ( name and name of company omitted) has refused to be interviewed except to say that “Jean-Paul and Millicent are great people” and he no longer works for them.

It should also be mentioned here that there are people who know the hotel and are privy to the information but everything is sketchy.

Let me put it this way and see if it makes any sense to you.

Jean-Paul and Millicent and their two children, along with an elderly man who is now dead, had a close encounter of the third or fourth kind over a year ago.  The US military came and took things away including the family and the elderly neighbor.   All of this happened under the eyes of people who still live nearby and still communicate with the parties involved — except of course for the elderly man Maurice D. Peallgram who died in July of 2011.

All were set up in very luxurious digs at a Manhattan hotel and they live their lives.  The home in which  they lived is valued at about 2.2 million dollars but they did not own it.  Now if you look at a zoning map or on, the home no longer exists — but it’s there and people come and go from it.

Jean-Claude and his wife Millicent (Millie) still work at their jobs and they still have the same friends and family members come and go from their lives but according to what I was able to discover is that, despite facts that prove they live on a higher level floor with much more spacious suites and all kinds of surveillance equipment, they meet and greet friends, guests and family on a lower floor in a 5-room suite that still costs on the low end about $900.00 per night — it averages $2,600 to $2,800 per night during the summer months.

It makes no sense that nobody has come forward to explain any of this and the friends who come and go are not under any pressure to keep quiet — but they do.  Or are they all somehow in a haze of some kind?  How is this possible?  Are the old days where people were threatened with prison or maybe worse things now over and that kind of primitive “keep your mouth shut” kind of stuff has been replaced by a more sophisticated kind of mind control?  It all sounds very strange and silly and if it were not for the extreme expense involved I am almost tempted to believe that the whole thing is a set-up for a future reality TV show — but there is no producer in the world who would set up this kind of elaborate hoax; the cost of which must be outrageous and there is no police department in the world who files a reports an then magically makes it vanish just to get on TV — I have dismissed that notion.  I opt instead for the idea that everyone involved in this whole affair is under some kind of cosmic dental gas or something.

How on earth can a close friend talk openly about his friend Jean-Claude and Millicent and casually “know that something isn’t right” when what isn’t right is standing before him?  How can such a conversation happen?  I would say that it could not happen — but it did and I was the one who it happened to.  Does this make any sense?

I should also mention here that the story, as I wrote it in its original form last year, was not as puzzling as this one is.  It was simply what I have told you so far and the events leading up to the death of Mr. Peallgram.  Now, because the copy I was “asked” not print was returned to me hacked to pieces, the story has become a lot more complicated and I wonder if I too am being gradually lulled into this haze.  So far I don’t think so and I keep waiting for Google to take this story down.  I feel like I am being used in the sense that I wrote a plain and ordinary story about a UFO incident that was off the beaten path, but now it’s turning into a long and winding charade and I’m the one who is standing in the middle of the parlour acting out the clues.  I stand to gain nothing from this.  I don’t want money or anything like that.  I simply am very confused and the writer in me is typing away like a lunatic trying to make sense of this while at the same time trying to leave facts intact without saying things that will cause me trouble or anxiety or my position.

Yes, I write a crazy blog for fun, but not all the stuff is crazy — but this is the craziest because it is all true as I am telling you.

You know, there was once a Catholic Saint who was accused of tremendous lies and deeds who refused to defend himself before the public courts and before he was hanged he said that it was the will of God that he be tried for the crimes put before him by the court.  I don’t remember the name of the saint and it was a story I learned in school as a child, but in the end, just as he was about to drop with the hangman’s noose around his neck, a bunch of people in the town rushed forward and said that he had not done any of the things for which he was accused and that a spirit had made them tell lies.  The Saint was spared — and while I am not a religious person, this entire affair is making me understand how that saint felt back in the 16th century.  But I admit that I laugh when I think that perhaps a bunch of people will come forward and finally admit that this was the work of a spirit — or in this case, aliens or entities of unknown origin who are walking about the floors of a Manhattan hotel.  It’s insanity!

Getting back to the nitty gritty —

Background checks show that the couple’s combined income is about ( and this semi-conjecture based on certain criteria) $204,000 per year before taxes.  Millicent’s mother and father both passed away in 2004 and 2005 respectively, and left an estate valued at less than $US36,000. Jean-Paul comes from a working class family in France but he was educated in the USA from the ages of 7-17 owing in part to the help of his father’s sister ( name omitted) who was a nun in Niagara Falls, New York and was the principal of a Catholic School until her sudden death in 1987 from a stroke.  Sources say that all along, Jean-Claude lived with an American family who were friends of his family through his aunt.  Jean-Claude returned to Limoges, France in or around 1988 and attended a local college.

IF THIS IS STILL UP BY 1pm 1 January 2012, I will continue to cut and paste and transcribe interviews I have done with people who seem to know a little bit more about this than I do but for some reason just don’t seem to care that it’s happening.  My purpose now is to make anyone reading this try to get a feeling for this — the “high strangeness” of it all.  Maybe somebody will know something — it doesn’t matter how little – no matter how small.

UPDATE:  I was able to put together part 3 but not in its entirety.





3 thoughts on “New Jersey Family Unexplained UFO: Part 2

  1. Maybe they are people who won the Mega Millions lottery or something and they don’t want anyone to know about it so they made a UFO story. Just saying becuz that would explain but it does not explain about the actual incident if it ever really happened.

  2. The house is still there and people in the area believe that it is the community office but that’s all I know about it. If you do a little research it can’t be hard to figure out the name of the hotel since there are only so many expensive hotels in NYC. I would say about 20 places charge that much but my wife says that there are more places than that. but then you figure in that the place has a lot of floors so how many places have that many floors. Also, the Google white pages phone directory had a listing for these people an hour ago but now that listing no longer appears. It was a 201 area code but I didn’t write it down.

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