Jack Black Razzie Award. “Jack Black SUCKS”

Worst Actor – Razzie Awards.

  • Jack Black, ‘Gulliver’s Travels’
  • Gerard Butler, ‘The Bounty Hunter’
  • Ashton Kutcher, ‘Killers’ and ‘Valentine’s Day’
  • Taylor Lautner, ‘Twilight Saga: Eclipse’ and ‘Valentine’s Day’
  • Robert Pattinson, ‘Remember Me’ and ‘Twilight Saga: Eclipse’

TheDamienZone.com does not care about the other nominees for worst actor because we have set our sites on the worst actor of any kind, at any time in history, in any movie, in anything, in the world, in the history of the cosmos — JACK BLACK.

It’s bad enough for the producers (don’t get me started) to make a shticky version of Gulliver’s Travels, but to have that ugly, no talent, lisping queen, how-did-he-get-famous, ugly, and atrocious JACK BLACK play the shticky part with shticky acting — it’s a total horror show.

Jack Black is so untalented that we assume his talent must be that hehas no talent.  What else could it be?  It makes no sense.  Does he think he is John Belushi?  News for Jack  — John Belushi was not funny either.  Only drunk college kids thought  he was funny, and God, in his infinite mercy, took that sack of lard away before he had a chance to do what Jack Black is doing.

Fox Movie Channel has been hyping this piece of shit movie for weeks but still nobody went to see it and believe me, it will be in the $2.00 rack of movie at Walmart this spring.  How can something so bad be made from something so good — and how can it be made with such an uninteresting, unattractive, untalented, unlikeable star like Jack Black.

Jack Black is to entertainment what cancer is to a cell.   Please god, let him go away,  he is awful.  he is so awful and this movie and its concept is so awful — everything is awful. 

At least Ashton Kutcher and the others are handsome or talented but sadly cast in silly venues.  It’s east to make fun of Ashton, but he is an okay actor — and he doesn’t annoy anyone to the level at which Jack Black has been hoisted.


To watch what these people did to Swift’s masterpiece is so sad — and it will keep getting worse because they can’t be stopped.  They are shameless no-talents who have convinced themselves that they are talented — and others give them money to showcase their nervy ineptitude.

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