Premature Smallest Baby Elephant on Facebook is a HOAX!

They’re at it again — the Facebook morons who will believe anything that gets “shared” on their page.  I am getting so sick of this dumbness and carelessness.  How can people be so stupid?

Don’t you know anything about the size of an elephant?  Don’t you realize this baby is 5% the size of a normal baby elephant?

The “baby elephant who needs your help and is struggling to survive” pic is a hoax.  Yes, it’s a real elephant but it’s a photo of an unfortunate early miscarriage — and spreading the picture around on Facebook is an unfortunate  miscarriage of intelligence.

This photo you’re sending to your friends, thinking that you are doing some great service to the elephant kingdom, is a photo of a still-born elephant fetus-  a miscarried baby elephant — a FETUS!!!.  The zoologist who cracked the truth about this story and seems to be the one with the most information can be found here

Do you even know how big a premature elephant would be — even one five months premature?  The image that’s going around Facebook suggests that this is a premature elephant baby which is being cared for by some Dumbo neonatal ICU  — how stupid can you get to think that a baby elephant this size could EVER survive?  More pics here —>

This would be the same as a human baby born the size of a postage stamp having a chance to survive.  I am sure that picture will start floating around next week — what a bunch of stupid asses.

The way I look at this whole story is that if there are morons who can spread false information about an elephant fetus, there must be an equal amount of intelligent people who can spread my story about the truth.  If I can save one child from growing up to a mindless dope like their mother or father, I will be happy.  Think about sharing this story and telling YOUR friends the truth!

“The average person knows nothing about elephant development,” said Dr. Dean Traherne, an expert in elephant obstetrics from the South African Elephant Reproduction and Population and Copulation Center in Zambia.

An elephant as pictured on the viral Facebook photo would be about 15 months premature — perhaps a bit more than that.  There would be no way that animal could survive.  It would be about the same as a human baby born at 2.1 months. As far as the elephant goes, people should have an innate sense of the size of things.  An elephant carries a baby for 22 months and when the baby is born it weighs on average about 230 pounds.

“Facebookers are especially ill-equipped in this area of basic human knowledge.  I think it might be a form of true ignorance that is actually caused by Facebook.” [Dean Traherne MD VMD PhD]

Here are some other annoying hoaxes that you may have seen on Facebook that were debunked by Damien LeGallienne and the staff at


99 thoughts on “Premature Smallest Baby Elephant on Facebook is a HOAX!

  1. No, Sher, YOU DON’T GET IT. I am the “moron” who wrote the article because this kind of fake facebook crap gets passed around by REAL MORONS around 24 hours a day — so obviously you DO NOT GET IT! DUH!


  2. …oh, and by the way, you spalled miscarrige worng in the third pragraph (hahaha) AND you’re grammer sucks! check again “dumbo”!

  3. Thanks for the info on it being a still born however I didnt know it to be a still born. I know the about the size of a baby elephant was hoping for the best though. However I would like to know where you got your information on it being a stil born. I am a positive thinker and would love to see a miracle come out of this. I do agree that people spread a lot of non sense on facebook but there is also truth to a lot of stuff that is being shared. For example missing children alerts get spread around and those are true at least the ones I have seen. So before calling people morons or idiots maybe you should look at it in a more positive light and notice that people just want something good to come out of bad sircumstances.

  4. dude, whatever. i stopped reading the comments listed above mine so this mightve already been said…

    anyways, i couldnt belive that that photo was really an elephant that was able to live, it wouldve been way too small, so i googled it. whatever– at least i didnt believe it first off, and looked elsewhere to question it.

    i guess i don’t think you were too insensitive, because its probably more insensitive to just go posting a fetus everywhere on a public website and spreading lies.

  5. You could sit here and argue about the same subject for days but it won’t change what’s already been posted.

    -Damien- It’s because I don’t like to see people do foolish things that I try to educate people — I don’t like to see hurtful things.

    Everything you’ve had to say is either hurtful or negative towards someone else, you’re the one who is keeping this going. Sure, you’ve posted your thoughts and feelings now move on. Calling people idiots and morons repeatedly is only fueling the fire..we know what we’s up to those people to educate themselves no to be yelled at by someone who’s only means of attention is to continuously post and post when another person has something else negative to say. Just ignore it and go on with your life.

  6. You meant that I spelled miscarriage incorrectly, right? Sorry but I didn’t. Look. however, at how you spelled “wrong.” That was not only poor grammar, it was also a spelling error. BTW – pointing out spelling or typos is not how we do things around here. If that’s you’re argument, fuck off and don’t come back.

  7. I agree with you Damien…….people don’t think. I didn’t know the actual weight of a baby elephant, but have seen enough pictures that I knew right away there was no way this one could be alive. People just post crap. I can guarantee that if this was done with a human fetus…….the outrage would be huge!

    People need to learn to question things more instead of just assuming. As the saying goes:

    Don’t believe anything you hear and only half of what you see.

  8. Goodness….reading the comments on this just stagger me.

    LeannaWoodhouse – You talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk. You type about people who care, people with heart….and then go on to abuse someone in your comments. Doesn’t sound like you are using that “heart”.

    People who are upset/enraged over a type of “injustice” we will call it, or who care deeply about people being duped on things like this…have a tendency to get…….vocal.

    When you see the same dumb crap happening over and over, and no one is doing anything to change it….I would get annoyed too..
    Personally…keepn up the fight Damien!!

  9. Remusgrrl — LeannaWoodhouse and I came to a meeting of the minds — I think she understands that I have to be nasty sometimes because people do not listen. I am getting sicker and sicker of seeing people posting this kind of junk — I even hate going on Facebook because I have a friend who does this ALL THE TIME . Maybe I am intolerant, but I feel the need to educate people who just follow internet things blindly. That’s how Hitler came to power. I know that’s a huge stretch, but if people start trusting everything they see and read on Facebook, they’re headed down the wrong road.

  10. Me and my classmates are always posting anatomy albums to help each other study for our tests. I guess I always forget how gruesome some of the stuff would probably look to other people. But then I see people (the ones who post all the fluffy inspirational stuff) posting this and I’m holding back from calling them out on posting a picture of a dead fetus. That is from 4 years ago, no less. I was pretty bummed that Snopes hasn’t “exposed” it yet. (I have a few relatives that used to email me crap all the time until I got them to check Snopes first to save me work. Usually by the time it got to them it had been circling awhile and been “debunked.” I also can’t believe that people would think something that “premature” would. Ugh. (P.S. You’re the top link on Google for this which was why I peeked in).

  11. My classmates and I are always posting anatomy albums to help each other study for our tests. I guess I always forget how gruesome some of the stuff would probably look to other people. But then I see people (the ones who post all the fluffy inspirational stuff) posting this and I’m holding back from calling them out on posting a picture of a dead fetus. That is from 4 years ago, no less. I was pretty bummed that Snopes hasn’t “exposed” it yet. (I have a few relatives that used to email me crap all the time until I got them to check Snopes first to save me work. Usually by the time it got to them it had been circling awhile and been “debunked.) I also can’t believe that people would think something that “premature” would actually be viable. Ugh. (P.S. You’re the top link on Google for this which was why I peeked in).

  12. So, Zuse, there is a website that does what I sometimes do — debunk stupid facebook and other interent crap and misinformation? I exposed the Betty White fake quote about balls and vaginas ( For which I was also #1 and got 109,000 unique visitors ) — and then the Dalai Lama — ( both of which are on my recent news) — Thank you for making me feel good about some of what I do. I imagine that you find some of the comments to be really stupid — I know I do !!!


  13. Also, just to correct you… 😉 If you actually consult the photo album I posted, it seems that an adult female elephant died on that property/reserve where this family was vacation near Johannesburg (I assume, based on album title) and had to be removed. Instead of a miscarriage, I think the calf died with the mother and they just cut it out just to look at. There is someone wearing a scrub top so I imagine a vet was involved with the situation since they would have wanted to examine her for cause of death.

  14. Nevermind – I spoke too soon. It’s just a tacky blue t-shirt. Someone got the fetus out, though.


  16. You people are hilarious! You’ll sit and “scream” at each other over a computer, but in real life you’re probably all frustrated, passive aggressive adolescents in adult bodies who wouldn’t have the gumption to get into a face to face discussion like this with anyone. Take a blood pressure pill and go find something else to read.

    Damien, thank you for trying to correct the inept masses. It’s a tough job, but at least you’re trying.

  17. Seriously! Who ever wrote this needs to look in the mirror. To call someone a mindless dope you are pretty much admitting that you my friend are in fact a bigger dope. How can someone put others down on the internet. Who ever posted this picture on fcebook is trying to educate people that even an animal can lose a baby prematurely. So raly to call them asses and such is just being as ignorant as you can get. SO grow up and really open your mind as to why people do certain things!

  18. Melanie — you need to work on your reading comprehension and your intelligence. The story LIES and MISINFORMS — or did you miss that small detail?

    Ladies and gentlemen — I would like to introduce you to Melanie — the quintessential idiot against whom I rant. Melanie totally missed the point because she has poor reading skills and a highly tuned mindlessness; both of which should be studied by the scientific internet community. She doesn’t understand that the photo misrepresents the truth — she just doesn’t get it — and she never will. This kind of stupidity carries on into her real ilfe — I would bet anything on that.

    Melanie — you get the award for dumbest comment in the history of the internet.

  19. LMFAO !!! After reading all the comments i forgot why i was actually here I had to scroll up ..and yes my grammar totally sux for those that care about that …

    Awesome work Damo , I came to find truth in what i thought and had a very entertaining evening to go with it …How dare you steal so much of my valuable Facebook time :p

  20. LeannaWoodhouseNovember 1, 2011, 12:50 am
    It figures to get crap like this from a “Damien”… He was the son of Rosemary & SATAN!! :p!!

    Completely off topic ..
    But that one pissed me right off ..moderate it if you like BUT ..FUCK YOU …..LeannaWoodhouse

    The best dam guy in the worlds name WAS Damien Brother R.I.P ..YOUR THE BIGOT , THE MORON …and every other name under the sun you would kindly like to insert in your own honor !!

    Oh and your more of a BITCH then Damien is an ASSHOLE!!

  21. Wow this is more entertaining then watching my two year old argue with my cat! Damian, if I may, you are right about the elephant. You do have freedom of speech (even if some people shouldn’t) but you’re not going to get people to stop ‘sharing’ info ANYWHERE if they think or feel that it will help in some way. It is human nature to care about things like this. I’m not saying that you don’t care, you clearly care about saving people time. I can’t help but feel like you have a Facebook because you know of the viral post, this leads me to the question, did you use this kind of language when telling your ‘friends’ not to share this story. Lastly, who cares what people share! It’s there choice, not yours! Live and let live!

  22. My goodness, your way of telling things certainly leaves something to be desired. What exactly is it that you think you can accomplish? You’re very abusive and harsh. Calling people assholes, idiots, etc. etc. makes you seem like an out of control jerk.

    It’s good you want to educate people and I’m so sorry to inform you that many people have used their intelligence in other ares rather than animal gestation. You probably have a lot to offer, to bad you don’t have a clue as to how to deliver it…IDIOT!

  23. I don’t know how to deliver it? Did you read it? Did you learn something? Are now afraid to be called a Facebook idiot? if you answered yes to any of those questions, I win.

  24. When I saw this photo, I immediately did a google image search and found this site. I had seen an elephant give birth on TV before, and the new born elephant was at least 150-200 lbs and much larger. But I wanted to find out more about it. I did make comment on the photo to educate people who have never seen an elephant give birth.

    I believe that people should be informed and educated about things, however, I have also come to acknowledge the fact that you can cacth more flies with honey than vinegar. I also wish to state that personally it does not bother me at all that you misspelled a word. I do that myself from time to time.

    Thank you for taking the time to give some information about this very interesting photo, erroneous as the information accompanying may have been.

  25. Yes, I don’t mind that you made a spelling mistake either — but thanks for your complimentary, yet somehow condescending and annoying comment. NOW YOU KNOW WHY I ANSWER ANGRILY! Also — what you see as spelling mistakes are more often spelling corruptions that happen when text is transposed from French or Flemish by human translators — what’s your excuse?

  26. Sad to say, this photo is doing the rounds again! But its amazing how many idiots actually think its alive! Seriously, just one look at the poor thing and its clear its not alive. Someones copied what u say on here onto the post, yet people are actually disputing it :-/ weirdos! What seriously bugs me is these sad groups asking for likes to (in this case) “to claim your prayer” eh?! Didnt know we had to claim prayers.

    This is a awsome page damo, dont go changing for no one! You have me in stitches with the replies to some comments from, quite frankly, complete and utter twats! But…the world is sadly full of them

  27. Really Sher? I like how you get on someone for “spelling”. Did you not see how you wrote spelled? Spalled? Really? Before getting on someones case, clean up your own backyard.

  28. Wow, you have a lot of anger. Can’t believe how filthy your comments are towards other people, especially those you don’t even know. Every single paragraph above seethed with anger. You could have expressed your point in just one paragraph with no anger, and we would have got the picture.

    But thanks for the enlightenment anyway about the picture of the premature dead baby elephant … this is exactly what I was looking for when I first questioned whether this picture was the real thing or not.

    And guess what? I’m a Facebook user!

    In case you didn’t realize, there are all sorts of intelligent, well-educated, genteel people out there who use Facebook for their own purposes and don’t partake in the drivel about which you speak. They set their privacy settings accordingly and don’t put crap on their pages. They just use it to keep in touch with far-away family members. This is the case with my family and hopefully all those I’m friends with. We are spread out between three continents. Facebook is great for this purpose.

    Don’t make the mistake of mixing us all together just because one of our common identities is using Facebook.

    And by the way, why do you think every person in the world should know exactly what a newborn baby elephant looks like or weighs? Do you know what a baby kangaroo looks like and weighs? Elephants don’t live everywhere, and even though they’re in most zoos, they don’t often have babies. And when they do have babies in zoos, does the whole population of any given town or state come to see those babies? You have to give people a break and not be quite so scathing.

    Listen, I am a FB user and if I thought to question that photo of the baby elephant, there must be others like me out there who would also question it. I could easily group you into a category too, just for your use of foul, insulting language, but I’m not going to, because I’m sure that is just a small part of your total identity.

    I look forward to your extremely offended reply.

  29. I am never offended personally or angry when some reader annoys me with a stupid comment. Your comment did not offend me, it only annoyed me because you don’t seem to understand a few simple things.

    1) You are not a psychologist — so do not play one on the internet.
    2) I am not seething with anger.
    3) I am, however, seething with contempt for mindless people who miss the point — people who cannot comprehend what they read — people who are oblivious to the world around them, and people who believe everything they read on the internet.
    4) I do not think all Facebook people are morons or simpletons — but they all come pretty close at one time or another. My alleged anger is aimed at the bird-brains who “share” this stuff.

    Also, do not believe for a moment that educated people are not often guilty of baby elephant stupidity when it presents itself in other ways. Even the most educated and erudite share fake stuff, but their stuff is usually fake quotes about John Lennon, Betty White and the Dalai Lama – search my site and see for yourself. Can you imagine that I get letters from people when I prove to them that a quote is not real? I have people say to me, “So what if John Lennon never said it. It sounds like something he would say.” Wouldn’t that drive you out of your mind? This is the kind of stupid shit I have to put up with — so the only thing I can do is to NOT put up with it.

    Also, I do not have to “give people a break” because any civilized being would be able to discern that an elephant that size could not survive, or if they don’t know it, they shouldn’t be playing with computers let alone participating in some kind of demented internet zoology fraternity hazing.

    You do realize of course that the sole purpose of so many of these moronic Facebook shares are sent out only to prey on the feeble-minded, don’t you? Some prankster puts this moronic stuff on facebook and laughs as millions upon millions of idiots share it — believing that if they “share” the story or click “like” enough times the world’s elephant neo-natal hospital will get the money to save the pitiful fetus.

    Think about the stupidity — the sheer dumbness. Isn’t that reason enough to mock and curse the people who “share” this stupidity? Think about the fake photos of babies needing heart transplants or toddlers with grotesque tumors that mentally challenged facebookers pass along to their friends and family. Do you understand that no matter how many times you share or like these gruesome posts and photos that nothing will happen? Do you undertand that “hating cancer” is not going to cure it? People who are too stupid to figure these things out at a glance should not be allowed on the internet. They spread misinformation that is put before them by people who enjoy the mayhem, and that misinformation is a socially dangerous free radical. It disrupts nature and the devlopment of the human mind — and the internet is now, in a vague sense, part of our mind as well.

    Your comment proves to me that my nastiness does some good. You took the time to research the elephant “meme” and you feared that I would scold you if you hadn’t. Mission accomplished! Think of me as the really mean teacher you had in school. You hated me back then, but as the years go by, you will learn that I am a great teacher, and since I can’t hit my students across the hand with a ruler, I curse at them without mercy. That doesn’t make me an angry person, it makes me a strident person who seeks only to enrich the lives of otherwise stupid people.

  30. I know it’s not real and i just feel sorry for the mother elephant because they feel and have such a strong connection to their young just like us humans.I’m sure she is devestated by the loss of her little one….my prayers are with the mother elephant for her loss.

  31. Thanks for your reply, it was, er, … delightfully civil. Well, most of it. You explained your position well, and believe it or not, I totally understand your irritation with people at large … especially the FB sharing thing. You’re right that people don’t really know what they’re sharing, where it came from, whether it’s true, and whether it does any good ….. and as you said, it destroys the balance of everything.

    BTW i never set out to play a psychologist … maybe i come off like that, but it certainly wasn’t the intention. You don’t have to be a psychologist to notice the amount of venom in the way people choose to deliver what they have to say/write. If I had the time to start up a website like yours, mine would be full of scathing observations about the way people do things. I see stupidity and moronic mindlessness around me all the time. It drives me nuts and I’m not beyond stopping the car, for example, getting out of it, and asking someone if they know how close to causing a fatal accident they came. (the answer’s usually a … well, don’t get me started on that!) I’m married to someone who vents his irritation all the time, and can’t seem to get through a day without stressing himself out so bad that it filters into everything else we do. So I’ve learned to keep my own irritation in check. I have too many other things to run in my life to allow myself to dwell in the abyss of anger and contempt.

    I would question, however, whether your particular style of stridency enriches or enrages. It’s kind of like raising children or keeping a sane marriage … our point is far better taken when delivered in low tones, no matter the turmoil behind that facade.

    Don’t give me the psychology thing again … i just think like this! Honest! 🙂

  32. Emjaynie

    Over the past three years I have blogged often about stupidity and dumbness, and it seems to have done some good. I have had to be strident — and sometimes even worse — because most of the time the dumbness of people has to be stopped.

    And yes, I can be very civil, but often when I try to be civil, I get more dumbness thrown back at me. You can’t bring a sling-shot to a gunfight, can you?

    If you set out to write a wbsite about human stupidity, I wish you great success, but I would also like to remind you that sooner or later you will lose your temper. Perhaps you will control your inner Damien, but I can’t.

    I must stress that as far as my regular life goes, I don’t dwell in the abyss of anger and contempt — I simply point out stupidity, and when I am done with my blog entry — total elapsed time is about 10 minutes — I forget all about it. I put absolutely no deep thought into this because I can spot stupidity so easily and I can address all the salient points right off the top of my head. Naturally I do not write about things without looking into them, but for the most part, you will see that when I am at my most strident, I am always addressing extreme stupidity and ignorance. My opinions about Al Gore are a perfect example. Look at my recent blogs about him. I didn’t have to reasearch any of that or get angry or upset. I know what he is, and it’s my job to point that out. I know more abou earth science than he does, and with that knowledge, and the innate knowledge that he is basically a piece of human shit, I can write cogent pieces about him right off the top of my head.

    Two points I woud like to address — 1) You do not see the private emails I get. You would not imagine the horror. This blog of mine does very well and most people don’t take the time to comment — they email — and those emails pile up — and they’re all stupid and wrong and threatening and malicious. 2) If you read my more recent articles, you will see how I pointed out where experts have expressed the same kind of mean-spirited sentiments that I have been expressing for years. People who you’d think would at least pretend to be civil simply because they’re professionals have been lashing out at the dummies just like me. Here is a link to a recent article. Note who was the nastier person — me or the zoologist. That person contacted me. I didn’t put any words in his mouth.

  33. Dr. Dean Traherne gets around quite a bit, huh? Swiss plastic surgeon, San Franciscan shrink, and now an elephant expert. I LOVE what you’re doing here, dude!! XD

  34. alot of sexually frustrated people who post stuff.

    hey DDM??? if reference to sher…kick his ass seabass.

  35. DDM is Damien Direct Mail, redneck 73 — it is not a person. With that disclaimer, what does any of this have to do with sexual frustration?

    Damien LeGallienne

  36. What’s really sad is not the “nastiness” of the Editor here (it’s his site, and he is no doubt frustrated with some of the truly stupid stuff he not only has to debunk, but then has to defend for debunking!) – the truly sad thing here is the complete and utter (seeming) lack of education of critical-thinking skills that would enable someone seeing stories like this to say “Hey, wait a minute…”. It would be amusing if it wasn’t such a totally scary commentary on society today.

  37. Hmmmm…..I think you’re complimenting me, Diana. I can’t be sure, but if you’re saying what I think you’re saying, you have a profound understanding of my predicament.

    Damien LeGallienne

  38. Folks, I’d get my information from XXXXXXXX At least they’re not abusive when they debunk things.

  39. They don’t have to be abusive, Tracy, because I save them the trouble. Trust me, they think you’re an idiot just as much as I do, but they need the traffic and the money. I don’t. By the way, you little naughty dog, I looked at your Romance Novel site and I was pleased to find that you are indeed a moron and a simpleton. Just by looking at your website, I am able to tell that you are someone who SHARED the fake story, but now you can’t face the truth about yourself. Maybe you can get Fabio to come over and help you with your next mindless and moronic romance novel — you frigging loser! How fucking stupid are you? You could have said something nice about this website and I would have given you a backlink. I get well over 1,000,000 views per year — not too shabby, right? You see, Tracy, you NEVER KNOW when you’re burning a bridge. You will never have success in anything you do because you’re a whining asshole.

    Damian DuMaurelle
    Associate Editor

  40. Well most of us are not morons you moron.Didnt think it was normal but didnt knowif there were pigmie elephants. Your the MORON!!!

  41. You wrote — “Your the moron” but you are saying that I am a moron, so that would be, “you’re a moron” if you knew how to punctuate contractions and how to use them. Also, “pigmie” is spelled — > Pygmy. Now do you see where you fit in this article? Do you see that you’re dumb and essentially illiterate? Do you see that you are indeed a moron? Good.

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