Betty White Quote About Romney and Ryan and Vaginas is a HOAX — FAKE!

According to experts, a lot of intellectually limited gay men with IQs below the 90 range,  seem to respond mentally when old ladies say sassy and “dirty” things — even if the old lady in question never said it. 

That sounds very unscientific and biased but it turns out to be true.  YIKES!  

Last year, gay Facebookers spread a fake Betty White Quote about “balls” and “vaginas.”  Just when you thought you’d seen your last fake facebook celebrity quote, the lower intellect homosexuals are are at it again.  

Sadly, poor old Betty White is again being used as a tool by the limited minds of lower IQ gay men and the women who feel safe among them.  Usually, the intellectually limited gays keep their distance from women’s rights issues, but this time they have to chime in as comrads because Betty White has been thrown into the mix.

Yet again, the mindless Facebookers, are pushing around another fake Betty White quote — and this time they’re invented quote is pushing what psychologists in North America and Switzerland are calling the “Whore Agenda” — the imaginary idea that Republican candidates want to derpive women of reproductive rights.  According to doctors who specialize in this field of study, it’s not so much about reproduction, as it is about sexual activity and the fear of being deprived of sex.

According to experts, this “Whore Agenda” has been around for centuries, but it was recently given its defacto medical name owing to scientific investigations into the behaviour of of media darlings like Sandra Fluke, Ellen Barkin and Cher — influential women who spread their simplistic views via Twitter and Facebook — and while there are doubts that Ellen Barkin and Cher have anything intellectually invested in what they tweet, they still reach millions of people who “follow” their tweets and other social media shenanigans.

Here is the fake quote attributed to Betty White. 

“For a couple of guys who claim they are against homosexuality, Mitt Romney and Paul Romney sure seem to hate vaginas.” 

EXCUSE US…BUT BETTY WHITE NEVER SAID THIS.   Why do strange people on Facebook keep doing this?  What is going on in their minds?  We asked an expert.

“This push by gays and liberal thinking women is a form of arrested behavior, ” said Dr. Dean Traherne of the Alberta School of Clinical Psychology.

“Think about a child trying to express himself or herself by writing on the wall with a crayon despite being scolded many times for having done so before.  If you can imagine that mental state — the somwhat spiteful act of an undeveloped mind — you will essentially understand a layman’s definition of why there are people in Facebook who pass along this kind of ‘naughty” behaviour.  It’s a form of acting out which should have been shed before age twenty-five, but many people do indeed suffer from profound arrested development and this kind of social media misquoting — essentially vandalism in the form of a self-serving and totally fake quote pasted atop an image of a famous person — is one of the cardinal signs of serious pre-adolescent arrested development — the worst variety of this form of mental underdevlopment.

“Naturally  there are deeper psychological issues not worth going into because nothing will ever stop this Facebook vandalism, but if you can reach a few people who help top pass this along, you will perhaps be able to train a few to stop doing this, but for the most part, this is an incurable condition.  Some people get through life with it and others have a lot of serious issues. 

“The frightening part of this type of psychosis is that patients who show this pattern of behavior are also at ten times the risk of developing various forms of dementia than the averge person, and they tend to develop these dementias earlier.

“Also, we have been studying this as it seems to trend in women, and we’re conjured up what we call, the “Whore Syndrome.”  That name for this condition which has yet to be pinned down to any specific part of the brain, was coined by Dr. Karli Hemmermint and Dr. Mial Garawello.  Their work shows that women who campaign against a candidate with the agenda that said candidate wants to take away their access to birth control or abortion or anything having to do with their reproductive rights, is a form of paranoia that is not reeally directed at politicians.  After extensive psychological testing, it has been proven that this initiative is aimed at all men — all men of any political stripe.  Many politically active women who lack the intellectual capacity to have even a basic understanding about reproduction or what is available to them in the for of birth control, do indeed suffer from a “Whore Syndrome” and it’s a very complicated form of intellectual limitation and perhpas even the beginnings of some organic brain disease.  Alcohol and drugs play a huge part in this, but oddly it is not a problem in lower income people.  It tends to be a problem muc more common among the wealthy or upper middle class.   The reason for this is unkown, but it could be that lower income women and minorities may be more secure with their sexuality and they might have more satisfying sex lives.  We expect to have an answer for this in the next year.”

So, according to Dr. Traherne and his colleagues, people like Betty White have to suffer through this misquoting and politcal anger because some mentally challened people use the internet as a form of play acting or acting out.  Too bad it will never stop because the average Facebook person who “shares” these kinds of things has serious problems.