HOAX! Mae West Quote about gays, the holocaust, Spanish Inquisition – MISQUOTE FAKE FACEBOOK HOAX.


Facebook dummies — gay ones again this month —  are still at it, and this time they’re dragging poor old Mae West into their world of misquotes and hoaxes and totally fake shit.  Mae West NEVER said what you are about to read on your Facebook page any minute now.  You may not have seen this yet, but one of your fellow idiots will “share” it with you.

File this under:  “Fake facebook Quotes That Facebook Morons Share,”

HERE IS THE FAKE QUOTE—->”I believe that one day the world will judge the witch hunt against homosexuals just as harshly as it judges the Spanish Inquisition and the Holocaust.” [Mae West]

HERE IS THE REAL QUOTE—–>“I believe that one day the world will judge the witch hunt against homosexuals as an unbelievable injustice perpetrated by supposedly ‘moral’ people against innocent groups, just as harshly as it judges the Spanish Inquisition and the Holocaust. Both the Church and the Nazis believed they were acting in good faith.”  [N. McLean, Burlington, ON. Letter to the editor, The Globe and Mail, 1998-APR-11]

See — this was actually written by an ordinary man who sent a letter to the editor of a Canadian newspaper.  He was not a moron — but he has left behind a legacy that Facebook idiots will pass along until they come up with another self-promoting fake quote.  Maybe next time it will be Mother Teresa or Betty White or Mary Todd Lincoln — who knows?

You can blame this sickening hoax on a totally idiotic Facebook gang of faux-inspirational morons who call themselves “TooInformed.”  Sadly, they are not informed at all.  Hopefully you already knew that.   As a matter of fact, they’re full out stupid because they pretty much stole the quote when it was published by a gay tolerant Christian religious group who used the real text and the real name of the real author.  In other words, to add fuel to the fire against religious people who don’t approve of homosexuality, some gay Facebook vandals stole from a religious group which has been very supportive of gays and passed it along like a Trojan horse to their fellow, less perceptive, gays and hippies.

We here at TheDamienZone.com hope that the Christian group which originally published the real quote now realizes what they’re up against, and in the future they will continue to be tolerant of sincere gay people and less tolerant of gay liars and troublemakers.

The lunacy goes beyond a simple misquote.  Anyone with a brain knows that this was not Mae’s style. Anybody who knows anything about Mae West knows that while Mae was open about sex and “fairies”, this was not something anyone of her time would have said — the whole concept that Mae West would have said this is absurd!

And yes!  Mae used the words fairies, fags, homos, queens — by today’s standards, her lexicon was not what one would consider politically correct.  Also, after the Holocaust came to be known for it was, Mae was already on the decline and she would not have even had a vehicle on or in which to air these thoughts.  It was a time when something like this would not have even been published or aired.  But why do we bother with all that explaining when we simply know who really wrote the words?


Well, simply because armchair gay activist Facebookers are using Mae’s rotted corpse to shill for their agenda when in fact many gay Mae West fans — and there’s about a zillion of those — know full well that Mae never said this?

Perhaps I will stick to my original opinion — that there are far too many Facbook morons who actually believe this crap and they sooooooo want this to be true.  They are too lazy to look into the truth and they are much too stupid to automatically realize that this is a complete hoax.

Stupid people will fall for anything — and this is a perfect example of something being much worse than a misquote.  It’s an example of someone knowingly taking someone else’s words and pasting them to an icon so as to create a crusade.

That’s the kind of childish junk that disingenuous liberals and mindless activists ( gay or otherwise) do because they’re too lazy to find real quotes to support their various causes.  This is practically criminal and if Mae West were alive today, she could petition the courts and these people would be in big trouble.  Mae was ahead of her time, but she wouldn’t take to kindly to being misquoted — especially like this; with three touchy subjects getting mentioned in the same quote.

We at TheDamienZone.com don’t believe there is anythng wrong with being gay — not by a longshot — but we do believe that there is something wrong with being blatantly stupid and depeceptive — or perhaps a little of both.


11 thoughts on “HOAX! Mae West Quote about gays, the holocaust, Spanish Inquisition – MISQUOTE FAKE FACEBOOK HOAX.

  1. http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/quotes?before=1302225571

    Those were the sources for the quote. If you have such an issue please take it up with them. I didn’t realize I needed 50 sources for one quote. A simple message telling us that you didn’t think the quote was accurate would have prompted me to further investigate and remove the pic, which I have now done. I did not in any way make up this quote and I would think you would have found these other sites in your tireless research.

  2. My tireless research? All it took was one google search ( 5 seconds) and then another verifying the newspaper edition (10 seconds) —and THAT is what you should have done — and those links are sources? There is a reason why actual JOURNALISTS work for this blog —geez how stupid.

  3. You seem to write about gays a lot on this site. I wonder why?

    Below is your summary of why folks are sharing a video made by Shane Bitney Crone after the death of his partner:

    “If it’s so terrible and it makes you cry, why the hell do you keep watching it and sending it to your friends? Are you a maudlin YouTube masochist first and a Facebook sharing sadist second? Perhaps you’re organizing a big pity party with go-go boys? Or maybe…just maybe, you’re just a dopey, maudlin, simple-minded provincial dingbat? Yes, I think the last guess is the right one.”

    I think this quote says a lot about you and your gay obsession. Maybe you are trying to be cool and funny in your posts about gays, but it comes across as bullying and insensitive.

  4. I’m not debating this with you..I took it down so get over yourself just a little bit. Out of 100’s of pic’s with quotes one may have got screwed up. I was not searching for Mae West quotes btw, it came up on those sites in reference to LGBT quotes. I might add, some journalism on your part..you made no attempt to find out why this pic was made or where the quote was found. You freely assume that I purposely tried to mis-quote another site and then attributed it to Mae. Wicked professional. Anyway, have a lovely day..

  5. Nobody is pointing at YOU — I have no idea why you are centering this around yourself. I don’t know who you are or where you posted this fake quote — It’s not about you — It’s about the 10,000 websites and blogs and facebook pages that have this as a theme. If you happen to have it, then you’re just one of the hapless people who got hoodwinked. You called yourself out of the crowd.

  6. John, let me tell you why you’re wrong and why you’re probably just missing something.

    Do you remember in the movie, “Austin Powers” when Dr. Evil says to his son Scott, “You just don’t get it Scott, do you?” If you have, you should be proud that you may have been the writer’s muse except you’re John and not Scott. I say this in the nicest way possible because my usual response would simply be mean — but I want you to know that I think. I don’t just sit down and decide to pick on people. Do you see how I hire outside writers to write stories about animal rights?

    Do you see how I pay a horse racing industry journalist A-lister to try to help those poor critters? I must pay some people an awful lot of money to put their own careers in jeopardy. I actually do that because I care about the underdog and the under-horse. That’s just the tip of the more recent iceberg.

    Anyway, I am the anti-bully. I am the opposite of bully. I bully the bullies. The paragraph you quote above was written so as to guide people away from juvenile behavior and to encourage dignity. I lead people away from the pedestrian and provincial maudlin sentiment that leads to all this mindless Facebook sharing.

    As far as my having “gays a lot on this site” goes: My blog is designed to stupidly poke fun at stupid things in the hope that even the most gravely stupid will learn something.

    Try to think of each silly little story as another 10 minutes in a finishing school. Gay themes pop up often on here because gay people occupy — in my opinion — two important places in Western society — the realms of the disproportionally stupid and the disproportionally really smart. It’s a paradox. There is so much “gay” in the news and on Facebook, I would have to be an idiot to not comment about it — and in most instances I am taking the side of the smart gays over the stupid gays. I have a problem with stupidity and it extends to gay men – tops and bottoms — and to straight people and their various sexual positions up to and including tops and bottoms.

    Another paradox inasmuch as my gay stuff is concerned involves the fact that many of the smartest gays, are also some of the dumbest. I should hire you to go through my mail and see my “gay” mail. About 80% of people who write and identify as “being gay” thank me for my wit and wisdom — and I’m hot too — I wish they would comment on the board, but okay, they opt to send me emails. It takes more time to respond to email — but I do.

    So do you get it now, Scott…I mean, John? I really appreciate that you care enough to write this much to me. I admire that. This is why I have refrained from my usual shtick of being nasty. I am a very kind and caring person. Trust me on that.

    Damien LeGallienne

  7. Well I made that pic, and what you did in your original comment was tear apart a group for manipulating a quote when that is not at all what happened. The links provided are all dated before the pic was ever made (I should know, the pic was made a couple of days ago) and I thought it was legit. Now, obviously your point about the letter is correct, as I have found out. I am not an unreasonable man who can’t admit a fuck up. But like I said, you attack a group for purposely manipulating that letter and that is not the case.

    “We here at TheDamienZone.com hope that the Christian group which originally published the real quote now realizes what they’re up against, and in the future they will continue to be tolerant of sincere gay people and less tolerant of gay liars and troublemakers.”

    I have a couple of issues with that little ditty…what exactly are you trying to say? How about we are only tolerant of sincere straight people? Seriously what the hell kinda line is that? Can you tell the difference between sincere and liars just by looking at them, or is there a more stringent test? If we can tell the difference, what should we do? Do we deny rights to the “troublemakers” and give them to the “sincere”? This brings me to my issue…

    I’m no liar, and if you would like to take that up, believe me we can. I did not steal that quote or purposely mis-represent Mae West. If that was my intention I would simply ignore the proof you provided and keep the picture. So that’s my point…you easily write this scathing article that the group responsible for the pic, must also be responsible for the intentional mis-quote. Well your wrong. Let me make this 100% clear to everyone..that group was not responsible, I was. So am I a liar or did I make a mistake? Can you tell?

    Now, screw the picture for a second. I really am curious what your feelings on the LGBT community are. What is your stance on something like the It Gets Better Project? I ask because you seem to have an issue with the gay community and the use of social media. What about civil rights in general? I really don’t know anything about you or this page, so I honestly am curious..

  8. This brings me to my issue…*This brings me to my next issue*…sorry it’s 4:30am and I got this shit-kicking head cold…

  9. Okay, Mike

    First of all — you don’t know where I saw your photo and accidental misquote. By the time I saw it, it had been shared by a lot of people — as was your intent — and don’t deny that. When you put something out there to “share” you have no control over the nut jobs who share it.

    I experimented once by inventing a quote and pasting it to a person’s photo and every psycho on earth came to my mailbox — so trust me on that.

    I don’t even know who “your group” is — and it doesn’t matter because in a week it will be shared by 7 zillion mindless people and some of those people are baaaaaaaaad !!!! You didn’t intend for that to happen, but odds are that at least one loony will treasure your photo thing.

    Mind you, this website gets almost exactly 1 million unique visits per year — that’s a whole lot for a goofball thing like this, but after three years I have a pretty good idea that there are some really sick people out there. So when you set out to attract attention, you will always have to deal with that issue of the crazy person in your midst. You mistakenly attribute a quote to Mae West — no big deal — until somebody loses an eye. You might not be violent, but some loon out there who treasures Mae and her fake quote will pervert the entire thing. I see it on my end at least once per week. Do I think you intentionaly set out to mislead people — of course not — but for every guy who makes a mistake, there are 100 who refuse to retract or else they say the thing I hate the most, “So what she didn’t say it. It sounds like something she would say.” In psychiatry that’s called the Matthew Effect — it’s hard to “Google” that in medicine, but that’s what it’s called.

    I am very perceptive about certain things pertinent to the gay community, and one of the things that pisses me of incredibly is the fact that many gay people in the USA — whilst being force-fed complete lunacy by dopey gay activists — loooooooove to blame Christians for everything. Jesus freaks are the reason for all homosexual woe. If there were no evil Christians, there would have been fabulous glory holes on the Mayflower and Utah would be a great cruising spot — seriously –that’s how they come off to me. I’m sure I am not unique. With me it’s not a question of intolerance, but rather, it’s a question of simple annoyance with bad information. It’s like teaching a geography class and using a map of Venus.

    On the surface it appears that the Catholic Church is intolerant of gay people, but in real day-to-day life they’re not. Catholicism is written down one way and practiced another. Catholic charities give so much money to AIDS causes, and Catholic people give so much time to HIV/AIDS causes — and they do it without preaching or judging or making self-congratulatory documentaries wherein they demean the truly generous simply by dismissing all of bigotry as a Christian phenomenon. They do it in spite of the fact that they are loathed by healthy gays who are often too selfish and self-serving to look deeper than the fact that they themselves are healthy. They watch the news and what do they see? Evil Christians in Alabama? The Evil Nazi Pope? Sitcoms that mock Christians — it gets annoying after awhile.

    Now, don’t say they don’t do this ’cause they do. They like to throw that shit around. Luckily I know that most gay people are quite religious and often very conservative. I am not religious — I am just very well-bred and respectful — not so’s you would notice by the way I write on here.

    Why do I like these conservative and semi-religious people better? Because they do not lie to survive — they have nothing to say and they’re really good at not saying it. Sure there are loony Christians — that’s all you see on MSNBC or CNN or FOX and on every Hollywood sitcom, but the gay folks I like and admire do not say foolish things like; “Ronald Reagan ignored AIDS and that’s why we all died.” In fact the truth is that so many died because the gay community of innocents — again force fed lies and silliness by dishonest gay activists — ignored the early warnings from the CDC and tried to paint AIDS as an “everybody” disease when in fact, at the time, it was a gay disease. I do not like lies — especially when they are selfish lies. These kinds of lies notwithstanding, I mourn for the dead — I truly do.

    Jewish admonition of homosexuality is ignored as is vicious Islamic intolerance. My take on that is that Jewish leaders are content to sit back and watch the Christians do the dirty work because nobody blames them for intolerance towards LGBT so why should they break a sweat? Islamic law dictates that gays be killed — and they do it every day — but talk to the average dunce and it’s a Christian issue.

    I would love to organize a field trip. Let’s say we get a bunch of gay activists who call the Pope a Nazi and bring them all on a fun-filled week in Saudi Arabia — oh wait — there’s no fun — no bars — no clubs — no hot guys. But the USA is so horrible — it’s such an evil place full of bullies who kill another Matthew Shepard every day –ugh– it makes me want to vomit!

    Americans have a serious problem with not knowing things. They don’t know the difference between Catholics and Christians. They don’t know the various denominations of Christianity and they don’t know that many Christians care and don’t judge or care to judge. As a matter of fact, most Christians care without judging. But the activists — the weirdoes — they only know what they see on the Christian bashing media. They only believe what they hear from Media Matters or Rachel Maddow on one hand and Sean Hannity and Michael Savage on the other.

    There is no more allure to gay life according to some of my gay friends — it is turning into an imitation of heterosexuality. I know some very old gay men who see this and react angrily. I have interviewed people for reasons beyond the scope of this blog, and the reactions I get about — let’s say gay marriage for example. They hate it. It makes them sick. Here is a direct quote from a very smart, old, gay man — a real survivor — an intellectual of the highest order. This is what he said to me — word for word — and while he spoke, his equally old friends all nodded in agreement; adding anecdotes along the way.

    “I look at the queens today and what are they? They hold hands in the park and walk their dogs and play house like little brats– like ladies who lunch. In my day the queens were bold and we would jump from rooftop to rooftop and backroom to backroom to get away from the cops so we could get it on with a hot number. Then we might catch a glimpse of a hotter number and ditch the first one. Even the drags were tough motherfuckers. You didn’t mess with a drag and straight people didn’t decorate their parties with drag queens so they could look progressive. If you wanted a bunch of drags to decorate your social circle, you had to take the junkies and the hustlers and the blacks and the Puerto Ricans too. These days the queens are just decorations for straight people to drag out for a good laugh — it’s straight guilt. The allure of being a true queen in the trenches was the smell of sex and the sense of danger and when you fell in love you knew it was just a passing thing until a better lover came along. No, I wouldn’t want to be gay today. It’s a bore. I actually feel sorry for the poor queens today because they have lost what sets them apart from society…so they hate me…what the fuck do I care? Do I want to play house with a fat husband and adopt kids of assorted colors and defects that nobody else wants so I can play house like a Victorian matron. Gimme a break, honey! “

    I won’t go into the rest of what he said (age 79) because you would only wig out on me because I think it was very insightful and funny — you would not agree.

    So, as far as civil rights are concerned, I am 100% behind all gay people, but I don’t like people who lie — I do not tolerate that. I don’t think you are a liar — but you might leave liars in your wake if you don’t practice safe sharing. I like to think you might be smarter than the average person simply because you ask me direct questions, but somehow you’ve managed to overlook the odd campy-ness of this entire blog.

    I like gay people. I was a very beautiful kid in high school and College –I was a heart throb — and I spent so much time trying to duck the straight curious guys who bothered me endlessly without shame (and are now married with kids) that I tended to be friendlier to the gay guys who were forward and said I was hot. It was a fun time (early 1990s) but there was always some nasty gay guy who had to ruin the fun by being all political — even when I was 18 at University — I would push aside anyone who offered me any kind of pamphlet and dismiss them as Communists and misfits. I’m still like that — but never with gay people. Okay — I have to go get some lunch and I don’t have anything else to say.


  10. This blog is terrible. all iv read of it seems to be repetidly slagging people who believe untrue things or being offensive about gay people. If people are given untrue facts and believe them doesn’t make them unintelligent, it just makes them ignorant to the certain area that they believing the fact about. Basically you should just call this the rant about how much we hate people who are not as smart as us and the be an arrogant arse blog.

  11. Anti-gay? Where the hell did you come up with that? If a gay person(s) does something stupid or dumb, we point it out, but it’s got nothing to do with them being gay.

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