Facebook Photo of Newborn With Giant Tumor — CLICK FOR DOLLARS – HOAX & FAKE

If one of your simple-minded Facebook friends tried to share with you the photo of the newborn baby with the giant tumor growing on its rear end with the notation that reads:

Its Time For Humanity |Facebook Is Donating Money To This Poor Baby.
1 Like = $1 — 1 Comment = $2 — 1 Share = $3  Please Like, Comment&Share To Help This Baby! 

You have been duped.  There is no such fundraiser. It’s a hoax — a cruel and horrible hoax, and an invasion of privacy of the parents of that child.  Authorities are trying to track down the person or persons who stole the photo from a neonatal ICU and are sending it out all over Facebook.  The guilty party will be charged with several felonies. Investigators are closing in on the culprits as of Thursday, 27 September 2012.

Here are more photos of Facebook scam babies at this link —>  Denied by Facebook Photos.

“The photo of the infant shows a gross deformity — a rather rare form of spinal anomaly that may or may not be helped by surgery.” said Dr. Mildred Sclafani MD. 

“Abnormalities of this kind are very rare and I can’t comment on this particular case because I don’t know the exact pathology, but survivability is an issue in the short term and long term care is another issue.  I do know, however, that this CLICK FOR DONATIONS thing is totally false and criminally disgusting.  It’s someone who is trying to get the most comments on Facebook.  People should be donating for the mental health or legal defense costs the person who started this horrible lie will incure when and if he is caught and prosecuted, or his psychological issues are resolved.”  

Thank you to Dr. Sclafani on that one, but I am slowly losing my patience with people who start this stupid crap and the stupid Facebook morons who fall for it.

THERE IS NO FUNDRAISER FOR THE BABY!   The baby does not get money if you click on the link, and the baby  does not get MORE MONEY if you comment — Stop being so frigging stupid!

Please — to all you intelligent people out there — all 10 of you — when you see something like this on your Facebook page — DO NOT SHARE IT!  Report it as spam and then take it a step further with filing a report about it.   It takes 5 seconds to do that.

Your stupid friend who shared it to your page will get a warnng from Facebook and they won’t know that you did the reporting.  If they continue to do it, their account will be shut down.

You might ask, “Why do I care aout a stupid shared post that has nothing to do with me?”

My answer is simple.  If people think that donating money to a sick child is as easy as clicking on a “LIKE” button, they will not donate real money to real sick children.  That should not be hard to understand.  Also, people should not be taking illegal photos or stealing medical photos of gross deformities — it’s cruel and it’s a serious crime.

When you sign onto Facebook, be mindful that many of your friends, family members, school chums and workplace buddies, are often very stupid and gullible people.  You might thing they are just swell, but millions upon millions of them are simply too stupid to research this or inquire about the validity.  They mindlessly share stupid crap on Facebook and you should not associate with them — even on the internet —  because they are dangerous in their stupidity and simple-mindedness.  They are not fit to be around people, but still,  there are hundreds of millions of them.

“The Average person who chats and shares often on Facebook — perhaps ten or more entries of photos and prayers and other assorted maudlin ‘shares’ per day,  has, on average, an IQ in the lower brackets — the lowest percentile that still puts them above the number where they would be considered to be a “Binnay” or a person who is functionally retarded.  In other words, the people who mindlessly pass along things like this with any degree of regularity, are borderline mentally retarded.  Those are very hard words for me to say, and perhaps very hard for some people to take, but they are very real and very true.”  [Dean Traherne MD PhD.  Department of Psychiatry and Social Sciences.  University – Kiev – Ukraine 27 September, 2012]

Okay — so do we understand each other?  There is no $$$ for clicks or comments or shares.  What you are seeing is a photo of someone’s very sick baby who is being exploited by some sicko who wants to see if he can set the record for most LIKES – COMMENTS and SHARES!  Don’t be a “BINNAY”  — GEEZ!

For the record:  BINNAY is defined as:  bin-NAY’ – a  person profundly lacking in intelligence or knowledge who somehow manages to make it through life.  The word comes from the early 20th century intelligence testing done by a doctors named  Stanford and Binet who devised the first  “Intelligence Scales” testing that is still in use today.  Dr Alfred Binet’s name was often mispronounced as “BINNET” (rhymes with Spin It) so when the testing terminology started being used in classrooms in the 1920s, the spelling was altered to “BINNAY” so as to ensure that English speaking people pronounced it properly.  Mistakenly, a person who failed the testing in the sense that the test results put them in the “retarded” category, was called a “binnay” and the word stuck — and is still in use today to describe a functionally retarded person.

2 thoughts on “Facebook Photo of Newborn With Giant Tumor — CLICK FOR DOLLARS – HOAX & FAKE

  1. First time I saw something like this, my son was in hospital battling for his life. (it was easier to send a group message to family and friends rather than send millions of texts) course its bloody clear that no money would be given for likes. Just some sick bastard thinking its funny to do this. My heart went out to the parents. I would be more than fuming if a picture of my baby in hospital had been nicked, let alone splattered all over facebook. Some people have no heart. I just hope thats the last time that families lives are invaded in what I see as such a sickenly cruel way! Luckily, my lad is perfectly healthy now, but things like this still rile me up and they always will. With a ill child, the family did not need the stress of this. Argh! Fucking moronic twats!

  2. I’ve seen this posted / shared twice on Facebook but it was not for dollars, it was for ‘amen’s’!… It really is quite a sad picture and I’ve been trying to google to find out what if any progress there may have been for this baby.. It was quite an educational hour or so as I ended up looking at a lot of Teratoma Tumour pictures…..
    I finally found this post and the only other picture I could find (so far) on the Internet and was most interested to read your story, esp the bit about the Binnay…. Gosh… I sure do have a few of them amongst my friends who post or re-post the biggest boring blah blah….
    I’m not sure if the following comment is appropriate, but I’m also not really interested in other people’s religious rantings but would hate to offend them in any way by saying anything..
    Thanks for an interesting view…!

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