What Color Are The Rioters In London?

Ah, the  joys of diversity will never cease.  After a “youth”, a young black hoodlum, was shot on Saturday night, the blacks of Tottenham decided to do what inner city blacks across the globe do best: riot.

The funny thing is that the press, both British and foreign — especially American —  are trying as hard as they can to find white faces to highlight in their photos of rioters.  It’s almost as though they search through a thousand pictures to find the one white face and make that caucasian image the cover of their website or newspaper. 

Tottenham is right in the black part of London.  Apparently most of the inhabitants are Afro-Carribean, read as Jamaican and Bahamian drug runners.  This is the home of the Tottenham Mandem, a black family of gangs.

Typical inner-city behavior, would be the same in any place around the world.  One of their young brothers, probably a hardened gangster at the age of 29, got gunned down for doing something stupid.  His community riots in support of their own.  They do this in LA, Chicago, Detroit and Atlanta as well.

The French say, “Wherever the Africans go in France, they create little Africas” — lovely.

3 thoughts on “What Color Are The Rioters In London?

  1. I mean for genetics sake they have giant bubble asses from climbing trees, and horse cocks for non stop use and all that stretching bs for the last million years <—— these are their best attributes. Us small dick flat ass honkies tried bring them over and tame them, how well has that gone, the lunatics are running the asylum, literally. The one's doing the looting aren't half as bad as those working in government. I'd say we're safest with the ones on welfare waiting for Tyra to come on UPN in the comfort of their home on us, on the house,,..always.

    Damien what is racism anyway, me telling you "yo my nigga, booooy" or you prohibiting me from saying it, I'd say the later?

  2. Fucking noggers. Literally the plague of the developed world. If only we could dump them all back in africa and see how gangsta they really are

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