Kanye West — Loves Adolph Hitler, His Mom Donda and Michael Jordan.

Kanye West is a  34-year-old rapper known for his outbursts and also for his gorgeous macaroni clock designs — was the headline act at the Big Chill music festival Saturday night, where he ranted in the middle of his set about being misunderstood and underappreciated.

During the rant, West added anti-Semitism to the the various things about which he can be accused.  I don’t care that he is mildly retarded or “slow” as my grandmother would say — he should NOT be allowed to talk to the general public. 

Click here for the story about Kanye’s Macaroni Clock Company https://thedamienzone.com/2010/09/04/kanye-west-coming-out-with-his-own-line-of-paper-plate-macaroni-clocks/ 

“I walk through the hotel and I walk down the street, and people look at me like I’m fucking insane, like I’m Hitler,” he said. “One day the light will shine through and one day people will understand everything I ever did.”

Yes, you stupid, retarded, limited, urban-autism, on the DL, unbearble idiot.   Someday the sun will shine and it will be revealed to the world what a great guy Hitler really was — ( I turn to camera)  Folks, just when you thought he couldn’t get any more retarded.  Why was he let out of the special school where he was making macaroni-clock progress? 

West received light boos from the crowd as a result.  The hipsters, most of them as stupid as West,  were wondering if they should boo or applaud.  This is the generation that will be in power 30 – 40 years from now — enjoy — ABONDONZA!

The performer also defended the music video for his song “Monster,” which features cannibalism and girls hanging from their necks.

“Who saw the video before it got banned, before they took it down and before women’s groups starting saying that a person that lost the most important woman in his life is now against women in some way?” asked West, referring to the 2007 death of his mother Donda West.

For his next trick, West will exhume his momma’s remains and rap to the corpse on stage and wonder why people will call him a ghoul with a mother fixation.  Anthony Perkins would probably be all gay and call this “performance art” — but he’s dead as a doornail.

West, who started his set roughly 30-minutes late, apologized to the crowd for his tardiness, saying he needed to make sure his performance was great.  Next time he should be either very early so that nobody is there or he shouldn’t come at all — he is very stupid — it’s sad and I am starting to think that there might be some kind of pathology inherent to this monster’s behavior.

“Michael Jordan changed so much in basketball, he took his power to make a difference. It’s so much fucking going on in music right now and somebody has to make a fucking difference,” he said.  <—-See what I mean about a pathological illness?  He doesn’t know that his music is not music at all — and he sells millions of records to the people who will be leading this country not so very long from now — enjoy — ABONDONZA!

At the music festival, West talked about some of his awards show drama, saying some of his sponsorships were canceled as a result.   Would you sponsor him? 

But West closed his show on a positive note by paying tribute to Amy Winehouse, but then some smart people realized that there was nothing positive about Winehouse and that decent people should not ever be exposed to her.  A tribute to Winehouse — ugh!

Kanye West UBER ALLES!!!

One thought on “Kanye West — Loves Adolph Hitler, His Mom Donda and Michael Jordan.

  1. This article was way to kind to this steaming pile of shit. He might actually win asshole of the decade twice, he’s a virtual lock as long as he’s still breathing, then again if he don’t make it through he might win by overwhelming support. It’s truly hard to forget the enormity of his mishaps….being worth $70mil, well look at his customer / fan base a fine group of citizens they are. Maybe one day I could be a hero to a mass of mostly scumbags, pass…….If we’re real lucky his plane will crash in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, Taylor Swift country and he’ll live to get a call from his lawyer that his accountant ran off with all his bling.

    Obama should have a special rap tax, 100% when you purchase his bullshit, money would eventually get back home via the welfare system. Damien couldn’t you of made the backdrop to his picture a stained toilet, maybe next time, quite more complimentary to him obviously not the crapper….?

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