Sinead O’Connor Today — She Looks Like An Old Fat Irish Lady.

Not so very long ago Sinead O’Connor was a hip young, sexy singer who got her 15 minutes of infamy by ripping up a picture of the Pope after singing a song on “Saturday Night Live”  and declaring him to be “The real enemy.”

 She had her head buzzed and got a huge billboard hit with “Nothing Compares To You” — a sentimental ballad written by the grossly overrated, incredibly short and neatly closeted purple queen, Prince– or whatever he is calling himself these days.

Sinead was a big star and she was kind of pretty too even though her shaved head and scrawny appearance made her look like a war refugee.  But that was the thing back then — heroin chic.

Now Sinead is a fleshy old Irish lady — she looks like she should be on a boat headed for Ellis Island in 1902.  Wow did she get old and matronly.  She looks a bit like Susan Boyle despite the fact that Boyle is a Brit and Sinead is Irish — like there’s a frigging difference?

Rumor has it that Pope John Paul II, the guy who she ripped up on live TV, is almost a Saint and he has revealed this as his first miracle on earth.  

“Man — does she look like an old hag or what, ” said a Vatican Cardinal who refused to be identified.  “He really ripped into that Irish bitch and made her look like an extra in ‘How Green Was My Valley.’    She looks like she’s in the middle of her own potato famine. 

Sinead, TheDamienZone would like to say, “Nothing compares, nothing compares to how old and shitty you look.

26 thoughts on “Sinead O’Connor Today — She Looks Like An Old Fat Irish Lady.

  1. I dunno, she is in deep conflict with the whole universe, I figured to weigh about 500 lbs by now…..I mean 90+% of her people belong to a religion she detests, she’s a closeted homosexual…….the fbi has that software to determine what you’d look like, shit we could of wrote this article 20 years ago when she was a hot momma and topic…….I do want to barf though because I think of every woman naked, thanks Damian, nice way to start off the day……….Nothing Compares 2U awesome song I sing it I cry then I go out and bang a bunch of girls until my shmekle falls off and then I’m over that last chick.

  2. How old are you? Ignoring her artistic work and her political position, and only focusing on her looks? That only supports her point: that men are sexist and dont take women seriously. The catholic church is famous for that crap (and other b*llsh*t) … with their “saints” condoning and instigating everything. Im sure your comments score brownie points with young guys. But most women will find you sexist and superficial. Your immature….grow up and join the 21st century.

  3. What the fuck? What do saints and the Catholic Church have to do with anything I said? She looks like a fat old cow — so does Alec Baldwin — so does Lee Majors — do you think I give a shit that she is a woman? Also — her artistic work means nothing — she wants to be known as a rebel and she proved that by trying to shock people with the Pope photo — so now she has to take the shit that she earned the easy way. EVERY SINGLE WEBSITE that got those new pics is alluding to the way she has “changed” but you pick on me? Go shit in your hat, you stupid ass. I suggest Seroquel XR 200mg daily.

  4. thruthsucks – The content of the article has its own appeal, if you want to write an article complimenting the bloated cue ball do so, you can make it sound like you’re blowing her in Macy’s window during the parade, obviously you’d disable your comments section. You and her have a lot in common, thin skin, can give a punch not take one – all this is fine, however this is an article and commentary, so say what you want….at your own risk….cue ball is a public figure, she was once a talent and a piece of ass now she is reduced to a twinkie eating sow, we didn’t force feed her those twinkies, heaven forbid we notice and make a point. It’s ok for her to make a political point though and we should praise that, and her work – you’re a douche and have undone any cause she might of had, shame on you!

  5. You mentioned the pope, and that he is soon to be a saint. YOU MENTIONED IT !! Do you even read what you write??? And the “ripped photo” incident was not done to make herself a rebel… was to generate conversation about the serious problems with the catholic church. Its sad to see you twist that to justify your fat jokes. And Im not “picking on you”….I am pointing out that you are superficial for criticizing 45 yo Sinead OConner for …..AGING! Claiming that all the other websites are doing the same thing ….well, frankly that sounds like a 12 year old’s excuse. Grow up.

  6. “now she has to take the shit that she earned the easy way. “………..that doesnt even make sense.

  7. Yes it does make sense. She took the easy road to instant fame and infamy by doing something to shock the public. Now she has to take the shit that comes with ill-gotten fame. Don’t talk dwon to me, asshole. You will NEVER win. NEVER!

  8. I made a joke about the fucking pope you sick son of a bitch — you’re the one harbouring all this animosity — fuck off or I will block your IP address and then hundreds of websites will not let you aboard — scram!

  9. “cue ball”? “bloated”?? “fat old cow”??? Congratulations, you win….the grade-school name calling contest.

    Kids can be so mean.

  10. “I made a joke about the fucking pope you sick son of a bitch”……youre still not making sense. Work on that.

  11. Actually, the quote is, “Kids can be nasty, doncha think?” And — but yeah, she’s not a cueball anymore. Like I said, Seroquel XR 200 mg B.I.D. and Clonazepam sublingual as needed. You’ll feel better.

  12. sounds like you have experience with some serious medications. good luck with those issues.

  13. I think this write-up is a VERY poorly written piece. So, you make fun, put down? For what? Your ignorance is disturbing( but not surprising). It is writers/critics like you that fuel the media monster. There is an old saying: “If you have nothing good to say then, don’t say anything at all”. And your crack about the Irish coming over in 1902 was tasteless(by the way it was 1816 dumb-ass). There was a lot of animosity going on in the catholic church at the time…that is the reason why she did what she did.You write a biased/rude article and then you spout off like you are a child. As a writer one MUST be able to take criticism like an adult…which you sir are not. So, my prescription for you is to stop writing or at least take a writers 101 course. And no I am not picking on you either, nor talking shit…anyone can do that…I am a more up-front and personal kind of guy.

  14. Boy, you just don’t get it, Skeld — you just don’t get it. Poorly written? That’s the fucking idea, Mister Up-Front Guy. And by the way — it was 1845. I get it wrong on purpose — you got it wrong because you think you’re talking to an idiot — and you’re not.

    Did you read any other real or unreal articles in this blog? Certainly doesn’t sound like you did. As far as writers (I think you mean journalism) 101 goes — do you think I would be able to make this daffy shit sound so unbearably silly if I were not a talented writer? Let me tell you how talented I am — and I only say this because you spoke down to me — I don’t allow that because it is not possible to talk down to me. In this blog I have invented, for the purpose of entertainement, fictional experts — people who pop up in a lot of the pieces who are world famous experts in whatever field fits the piece. Some or most of these “experts” have been invited to be expert panelists on several cable and network morning shows — and they don’t even exist. I have to have their imaginary agents tell the producers that they have more pressing issues and are unavailable. When you can accomplish that level of tomfoolery — and make a lot of money in the process — let me know.

    Hey, it’s better than sitting around like the big stars earning a living making fun of Sarah Palin or Dick Cheney — I am waaaaaaaaay to smart for that. Also, I don’t give a shit if you pick on me or talk shit — go write your own staire/news/blog and make it worthy of getting an angry letter comment from a reader — you couldn’t do it. I also get private emails from people who “get it” and appreciate some of the work I do here. There are elements of truth inherent to even the most outrageously dumb articles and some erudite people are smart enough to see that — you’re not one of them.

    To paraphrase you — so you make fun and put me down — for what? So you have a beef with the Catholic Church — that was made evident by the fact that you refused to capitalize the words — someday I will mock somebody you don’t like and you’ll laugh.


  15. DDM, You’re quite good, but not great.. If you want to be great just put what you want out there and stop responding to feedback… Nobody great ever gave a monkeys nut-bag about what other people thought…

    For the record, and obviously I’m very conscious of the fact I could possibly be labelled as sexist here, but I would have done her 10 years ago, every which way… Now, unfortunately for her, I wouldn’y do her with yours…

  16. Wow some very harsh statements by some total losers without the nuts to stand up for the truth or anything that is real. Sinead O’Conner is a gifted artist who came forward with some remarks about a hypocritical symbol within our society who has since been exposed of having horribly handling child molestation situations. Yes the pope and the Catholic church need to be exposed and wow!!!!….. amazing that someone with intelligence and talent had to take the risk of losing her fame and fortunes to do so. Wake up people she has had a rough time because of her beliefs and trauma from having sensitivity to the true issues that most of you wish to ignore. Love, peace, harmony and compassion is what we need to overcome. Not criticism of the good and righteous for the sake of humor. Find peace and love Sinead. Get back to where you belong. You are beautiful and your voice and spirit is still one of the best to have ever made it onto the stage. DO YOGA. FIND THE TRUTH WITHIN AND MAKE PEACE WITH IT. LOVE AND LIGHT. RDF/3DYOGI

  17. Ha! I agree with everyone here – how consistently inconsistent. She IS a bloated Irishwoman, could be an extra on How Green, and IS despairing her country-folk, her sexuality, and the very church she grew up in and grew to despise. Today’s Catholic Church has a erstwhile hero in Pope Francis, but he’s no savior, and centuries of murder, bloodshed and abuse cannot be washed away with a sign in the air (“You can go now. These aren’t the droids we’re looking for.”) Much of this is tongue-in-cheek, but seriously, don’t be so damned serious. 75 years from today, we’ll all bite the big one; heck, in 50 years, no one will even remember. Chillax, me dearies; laugh, snortle, gafaw, and grin. Get pissed (off and drunk), but come back to a snide giggle or two. If not, watch out (and upwards) for the house!

  18. Yes but she once was the epitome of all that was beautiful! How many of us can claim that?

  19. iI don’t know your age, or experience with the truth of Sinead’s messages through her music back when she was in the “limelight”. What better a time to get your message and thoughts through to the people who are open to learning from one persons experience and observations. Even, and maybe especially, before and after her limelight, her music brings serious and valid political ideas and information, that we in might not have contemplated otherwise.
    Have you listened to any other albums? Her “top hits” do not portray her truth as an artist. And that is what she is, an artist. It matters not at all, that at this time in her life, she might be overweight. Her brain and spirit are still the same.
    I am not posting this to belittle you, or to start a war of words.
    I challenge you to simply listen to HER lyrics, in the songs that were written by her.
    Perhaps begin with her song “Famine” from the album Universal Mother.
    Her weight and current situation does not affect the ideas of her mind. The purpose of art is to entertain AND educate.
    Please. Listen. Closely
    “Black boys on mopeds”.
    Spend some time, real time.

    She might be fat, that doesn’t mean that she isn’t wise. Even if we all don’t agree with her ideas.

  20. I wrote the Sinead article 4 years ago — I stated in this comments section that i had since changed my mind about her and that I thought she was lovely. If you READ the comments, you will see that.

    Damien LeGallienne

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