Did God Create The Universe – Curiosity — and I Hate Atheists.

“Did God Create the Universe?” is the premiere episode at 8 p.m. today of the new Discovery series “Curiosity,” which will also air on TLC and Animal Planet.  Twisted pretzel jerk-off, Stephen Hawking, will be there front and center just to make sure that nobody forgets him before he turns into a pipe cleaner and winds up as some first grader’s Mother’s Day Macaroni Clock.  

Okay — it is annoying enough that one pawn shop show spawned another three pawn shop shows, and one storage locker show spawned another three storage locker shows.  It got more annoying when Real Housewives of every f***ng shit city in the USA, no matter how unreal they really were,  kept adding to it’s Google map of vicious bitches.  And —  more annoying still when one untalented Talent Show with one British accent led us to all manners of no-talent talent shows — each with one British accent. 

Throughout all this uncreative Hollywood copycat-ness one thing seemed to stand unblemished — a nice show about astronomy and physics on The Science Channel called “Through The Wormhole, ”  hosted by the very talented and unannoying Morgan Freeman.

 But alas the universe has come crashing down on us because the uncreative and shameless little parasites who make TV shows in the disgusting galaxy of Hollywood, have now copied “Through The Wormhole”  with this poor imitation called “Curiosity.” 

To add insult to injury, they have peppered each episode with various celebrities —  from the over-rated and grossly uninteresting Robin Williams, to the haggish no-talent Maggie Gyllenhaal.    Sadly, Morgan Freeman, you are not alone in the universe.  The others have landed on the lawn of the White House and they are untalented and uninteresting — what a let-down.   Thank god Patricia Neil is not here to see this.

Anyway, they started the show with an episode near and dear to the hearts of every atheist in the cosmos.  It had something to do with the existence of god.  Stephen Hawking, a minor league physicist who has somehow made the world believe that he is a major league physicist, can’t make up his mind about whether or not he believes in god.  In reality — and there are so many realities — Hawking knows where he stands but he sells a lot more books when he still again changes his stand on this issue.   I think he has believed and disbelieved about a six times – but ya ARE in that chair, Stephen.  Ya Are!

I can see all the misfit atheists typing away to message boards on their Macs– their gnarly, godless fingers trying to punch out every anti-god word they can think of.

I have said before that I loath atheists — not because they don’t believe in god — I don’t give a shit about that — but because they love the fact that they are atheists.  They are like filthy happy babies sitting in a shitty diaper enjoying the shit and wanting all the folks around them to enjoy it as well.  They make me sick.  I believe that outspoken atheists are more mentally sick than religious extremists of every fabric.  Atheists are the ultimate party-poopers.  You see, it’s one thing to not believe in god, but it’s quite another to make not believeing in god your religious crusade — they don’t seem to get that, do they?

So where was I — oh yeah, the new show  — yawn.  I tried to review it but I just can’t seem to do anything anymore without realizing how much I hate atheists. 


6 thoughts on “Did God Create The Universe – Curiosity — and I Hate Atheists.

  1. When trying to understand the concept of infinity, it really boggles me……I’d have to say for me G-D exists, some entity that’s far greater than I can comprehend. Damien, hating atheists is like hating a website which is devoted to guy who goes into the forest and sticks twigs and branches up his rectum and for a fee you can peruse his works. The question is what are we gonna do about it? Likely rant, rave and rage <—– makes me sleep better, 🙂

  2. I only HATE atheists who talk about being atheists. I once read a Facebook profile where the person had filled in the religion blank with “Extreme Atheist.” I think that was the moment where my tolerance toppled. I wrote about it on here and used a very thinly disguised name for the person in question — my hope being that he would read it and realize that it was about him — https://thedamienzone.com/2010/10/01/extreme-atheist-causes-trouble-in-afterlife-waiting-room/

  3. Extreme Atheist, reminds me of the lying sack of crap that has to over advertise their honesty, “I’m very honest”, can’t just be honest, scumbag liars…

  4. hahahaha this is the most juvenile hit i’ve ever seen; dude, you literally make pictures in ms-paint and write these weird race-baiting/passive aggressive screeds of drivel that could literally never get published *anywhere* and then in your about page compare yourself to ‘the onion’. i’ve never seen this site before and got here by accident but, as an outsider, please know that all of this looks utterly self-aggrandizing and pathetic. the worst part is that it’s abundantly clear that you think of yourself as a fantastic writer. this is some middle-school level shit right here, kid.

  5. Yes, I make pictures with MS Paint because it amuses me, and it also amuses the people who get the joke that it’s simply MS paint. I have to be very wary of people like you. You seem uncultured and narrow — that’s not a good thing to be. Doesn’t life suck? I mean, here I am, a total no-count, and this blog is so low rent, yet each horrible article I write takes me about 3 minutes…unless of course you count the pictures which can take upwards of 2 minutes to make, and I make a lot of money. Much to my dismay, you forgot to say that I — “live in my mom’s basement” and that I am “off my meds” and of course, the old standby, “your pathetic” — the one where they forget that the word should have been “you’re.”

  6. Reeb your name should be dweeb. It sounds like the whole concept goes over your head….totally.

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