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Seth on Hardcore Pawn is a PUNK!

Hardcore Pawn is the worst show on television because it not only stole the idea from another show, it showcases greed and exploitation at its highest level.

Notwithstanding the extreme scumminess of Les Gold, the owner of the show — you can’t leave out his weasel-face son who is probably the most annoying little punk on TV next to his whining mush face sister what’s her name.   

One day one of those bruthus he likes to low-ball with prices because he knows they’re in dire straits, is going to beat the living shit out of him  — they can make that a pay-per-view episode — and I wouldn’t put it past this family to sell out their sons skull and jaw for a few bucks. 

This guy Seth Gold was born on third base but thinks he hit a triple.  Well, here he is without his toupee — that tiny understated rug he wears that he thinks nobody notices — we do!

I would like to see how brave that little douche bag would be if he didn’t have 10 giant black guys backing him up.  He can hold his own in a fight — yeah, with his sister.  He’s balding and skinny and you can see that he tries to work at the gym because he has a little gun action going on – but it’s all show and no go.  I hate to pick on the kid because he was born into this skanky family of takers, but he is what he is and it’s my job to expose him.

I felt compelled to write this because I got about a thousand letters telling me how much the American public hates this schmuck.

  1. i disagree. i feel that seth is a hunk and if given the choice i would butter his bread. i am sorry you don’t like him but if you turn off the volume he seems nice and is always smiling so it seems like he is a really nice (and extremely handsome) guy!

  2. i think seth is a jerk! him and his family treat these people like dummies! they are bullies and jerks! they need to start following the saying the customer is always right!

  3. seth is duh mannnnnnnn.

  4. yo my boy be makin dat cashhhh moneeyyyyy. i pawn stuff sometimes and wanna make da green like seth and drive da cars pick up that shorties with da whip me and my boys up in the hood hahaha

  5. Oh ok, so what episode are you on? Clearly, he’s wronged you in some way. Seth and his family are brilliant business people. They’re, of course, not going to offer equal or above value for merchandise, what profit is there in that? Also, think of the situation this way, if people came into your home asking for a favor and then throw your offers for help back in your face with belligerence, how would you feel? Not pleasant. I wouldn’t put up with it and neither would most people. Recognize the family for what they are, savvy business people.

    Seth is cute. I was googling pics of him when I came across this post. Big ears and all.

  6. I think you need to work on your reading comprehension — and you might want to think about why you stalk a pawnbroker online. Let’s say you start there and get back to me in a few years and let me know how it works out for you, okay Fla_Chic?

    Thanks, honey

  7. Ashley is so freaking ugly, disgusting, annoying, and just a stupid bitch, but i can’t help watch the show. Its like a train wreck. I enjoy making fun of Ashley and her mushed up fat face.

  8. I watch the show and I do like the show but lets face it they are the poster children for Jewish stereotypes.

  9. I hate these greedy mofo`s…Les I hope you get it by the people you low ball out of money, knowing they are uneducated and in dire straights. That sister might wanna stay out of the snack isle at the super market. Seth, sorry to say, you are going to look just like that ugly f@@k father when you are older, and dude, please f@#king trim the hair on your ears, it is so nasty.

  10. You know I would love to see you people say all this to their faces. Seriously. And where on earth do you get the toupee thing from anyways. Plus this oh so stupid gossip blog is completely uncalled for. And those big guys are there for a reason it’s called security.

  11. It’s also funny how most of you think that they should give people more than what they can actually sell the items for and make a profit. They are not jerks they are business people. Oh and they don’t own the show they own the shop they copied nobody.

  12. What does it mean, Anne, when somebody likes or defends pawn brokers? I think there is a medical term for that, but I can’t think of it.

  13. Anne, I would gladly say it to his face. He wouldn’t say the things he says if he didn’t have his big exploited black henchman behind him — are you an idiot? Also, this is not a gossip blog — it’s a blog with a mission – to expose human stupidity. Thank you for helping to prove how much of it there is out there.

  14. You know I wasn’t calling name’s here. So I guess not only are you an immature idiot but your a low life with nothing better to do than sit there on your little computer writing bullshit gossip blogs about people. Yeah I looked at some of the others and they are just as stupid and immature as you are. (Though I did agree somewhat with the one about the ‘psychic’)

  15. You meant “you’re a low life” not “your a low life” — work on the spelling and grammar there, Anne, because it shows where you are on the reading scale. The point you miss, Anne, is that you simply don’t get it. When you serve notice on TheDamienZone that you want to argue, the purpose of the blog reveals itself. It’s magical. What part of that don’t you understand? Are you screwing Seth — I hope not — the kids will be butt-ugly because we already know what he looks like — just imagine what a horror show you must me. Yikes!

  16. I don’t want to argue. I just found this kind of intreesting. Here I was telling myself that I was not going to answer your post but I find that I must.
    Forst of all it is scale not sacle, no I’m not screwing him, I don’t even know him personally, and your last sentence didn’t even make sense unless you missppelled something again.

  17. I DO NOT MAKE MISTAKES! This is translated from French and Belgian by transcription people and they make mistakes — sue them for speaking three languages while you barely speak English. Have another look at how you pelled your shit? “interesting” “Forst” and you misspelled “Misspell” — geezus christ!

  18. Anne, my last sentence implied that if you are screwing Seth, the kids you will give birth to will be “butt” (as in ass-like) ugly because we already know how ugly he is — we can only imagine what a horror show you must be. How hard is that to understand. Nothing was typo’d — bitch! BUTT UGLY is what I assume you are — a true horror to behold.

  19. Actually my phone misspelled those. I just didn’t double check. No need to get upset. I didn’t know that your comments are translated. And no I not ugly. Why do you seem to like insulting people?

  20. And I’m sorry for automatically assuming that you are American or at least assuming that you commented back in English

  21. Phones don’t make spelling mistakes, Anne. They punch out wrong words but they dont screw up spelling. Stop bullshitting. Also – I am an American, but I write the blog in French too, and sometimes when I write it in French first, the person who transcribes it, screws up the coding. You see, in French there are a lot of little thingys over certain letters and the coding does not like them.

  22. That would explain it then but you didn’t have to go off on me for pointing it out. My phone does tend to put things in wrong sometimes because it is a piece of shit android.

  23. It’s Jewish jerks like the greedy Golds, that give the rest of us a nasty name. I’m from Detroit, and I ditched that dump decades ago. Les Gold could compete with Paul Teutul, for “Arrogant Asshole of the Year” award. BTW: If you’re so successful, schmuck, why don’t you have a hair transplant, buy better jewelry, and wear an expensive leather jacket? You look like you own a cruddy car lot, and shop at the Goodwill bargain bin. Simpering Seth: you need to “come outta the closet,” and Awful Ashley: you need nice lessons. Basically, the Golds are a dysfunctional, f**ked up family. I wouldn’t have a bagel brunch with the bunch of ‘em – even for big bucks.

  24. Gotta wonder how much is this shit gagged for the camera? This reprehensible family of philistine cretins could single-handedly bring another holocaust upon the Children of Israel. This is the classic “Jew Money Lender” exploiting the poor, stupid Schvartze. Nice that Les and his two genetically inferior offspring gets on TV. But doesn’t he have the sense to hide his kids from the camera? I guess not, as he has unleashed them upon the crack infested, hard times chimps of Detroit. Sad. And ok, maybe a little funny.

  25. I think this boy is a full of shit punk thats a wann be buisness man. If it wasnt for his oldmanand I do mean oldman he would be working at Mcdonalds anyway everytime I watch this show they show just a little more of there no brain talents that they dont have its a damn shame to put such a pussy on TV and actually give them time to create the joke of a show that it is! Your so right if it wasnt for the body gaurds he would have had his ass stomped pleanty of times along with that dumbass sister of his there dad looks like he combs his hair with a porkchop oh well you will turn on the set one day and see him in a full body cast for being such a prick!

  26. Seth looks like the ape from Planet of the Apes. If it weren’t for the bodyguards in the store, he would have gotten his butt kicked a long time ago. He talks a lot of crap when there is a 6″6 300lb person behind him. He’s got short little legs that make me laugh and laugh

  27. make a website on how ugly ashley is!!
    she must be the nasties bitch on tv

  28. I’ve never seen a family that is so disrespectful of each other. I’d be mortified to call these brats my kids. If my kids talked to me the way these brats talk to their father, scum bag or not, my husband would knock the crap out of them.

  29. Why is everyone so upset? The show is contrived or rather over the top FAKE! The “patrons” are reacting to the television cameras. The “customers” are also mic’d and are probably given scenarios to portray from the producers of the show. The Gold’s are just bad actors, Seth and Ashley being the worst. All the stereotypes and situations are manufactured and should be taken with a grain of salt. I would equate it too watching an awful “blaxploitation” film from the 1970’s with all the characters one loves to hate. I find it hilarious seeing Seth and Ashley trying to stop themselves from laughing when the are suppose to be in an heated argument.

  30. “The Gold’s are just bad actors, Seth and Ashley being the worst” — this is very true and a great observation, Eric.

    Damien Le Gallienne

  31. let us start with dad.i met better pimps in pittsburgh,he is the scum of scum.a weasel within a weasel.then there is seth,weasel jr.a no good punk ass wanna be hard ass who couldnt fight his way out of a wet paper bag.then there is ashley……tons of fun and her parents fed her wth a sling shot.the funny part is…..where is the wife and mother of this family? bet she changed her name and went into hiding.

  32. I can’t believe Tru-TV would pimp this as their #1 show. Reality is the show is disgusting and degrading. I watched for 10 minutes, saw a guy sell a “monkey suit” for $20 stating he needed to pay his gas bill. Ashley was online and as soon as the guy took the $20 she said ” its worth $2,000″
    Disgusting people and a terrible show. Also, I agree with the author that Seth is a punk and Ashley an ugly brat.

  33. How can TruTV promote these absolutely horrible people? Watching this show is not unlike rubbernecking at a car crash.

  34. I think that Les needs to fire both Seth and Ashley. They do not give a s&* about the store, just their own thing. Especially, get rid of Seth. He is a total MORON. Get rid of him

  35. The show is fake and scripted its from the producers of Jerry Springer which was also staged. Its a real business but the transactions aired are for shock value and completely fake. If someone took a 45,000 dollar watch and you had him on camera promising to pay you and he didint you would call police not try and sell watchbands. Stupid show, every show on Tru tv is fake at least south beach tow and lizard lick admit to being fake.

  36. DDM ur just a freaking attention whore stfu

  37. Ashley is the true troublemaker who seems to take joy in instigating arguments for no reason.. That is not the way to run a business.

  38. Very interesting post and comments throughout. I’ve watched about 10 episodes now and it obviously has to be staged, at least in large part. What I have trouble understanding though is why that family would want to be depicted the way they are unless they are really like that.

  39. They’re attention whores, Globetrotter. They’re shameless. The slimy hunchback patriatarch ( the dad in the show) pitched the show and pulls thE strings.

  40. okay I don’t want to burst anybody’s bubble here, but why don’t any of you people understand that all this crap is scripted television.all the people you see on television on this show are being paid. They’re not actors. They are locals from the Detroit area. But they all are acting like they are customers.no one ever look into the camera and says why are you filming me. Look at the customers back underneath their shirts you’ll see a microphone packs. If you do not understand this by now. You never will. If you know anyone from the ghetto especially all those chicks that supposedly are pissed off and ready to fight but somehow never do. That’s a bunch of crap. You know these chicks will fight to the death and get dragged out of there by cops but yet that never seems to happen. And on top of that they’re all terrible actors Less,and his f***** up family.

  41. Good observation — but not really actors per se. They are people who get hypnotized by the camera and the director of the show knows how to pluck them out of the crowd and get them all pumped up for the Jerry Springer kind of thing that goes on there. The Gold family situations are entirely fabricated. They are so in love with themselves that they improvise routines without being conciously aware of what they’re doing.

  42. Growing up I lived nexed to a guy by the name of Darrin Mack. His family also own a pawn store here in Reno NV. They too were Jewish. As children growing up Darren and his gay little brother never were punished in any way and they always believed they were above the law. Most people remember him as the coward who murdered his wife and shot the judge here in Reno because the judge told him what he to pay for his devorce. This (SCUM SETH GOLD) is the excact same person. Born into a low life family, with a silver spoon in his mouth and never disciplined. Same as his ugly sister. Two complete ASSHOLES.

  43. Seth gold is the hottest man on the planet I fucked him y all need to quit messing with him I’ll fuck all u men I love Seth he’s fucking hot

  44. Cloey seth is a little rat face cunt, id love to go a few rounds with the little prick. Hed look better after me standing on his face a few times than he does now. Little filth bag taking advantage of poor people. Id love to go on the show and for him to talk down to me, id take pleasure in knocking the rat faced cunts bucked teeth out.

  45. Low life scumbags ALL. I hope for their sake that they are not this sad in real life and are only ‘acting’ this way for reality TV purposes. From Ashley’s I’ll offer $50 bucks for everything she is sure worth more than three hundred. For her youth, virginity, a personality and a face that doesn’t look like she is experiencing an anaphylactic reaction she would only offer $20. Seth’s eagerness to run from behind the counter when challenged ….. wouldn’t you like to se his response if the “security” was just 10 seconds late. Les’s “How little would you REALLY take?” so I can offer half of that. Sad … all of them, my sympathy to the employees who have no option but to work there theymust be sooooo embarrassed.

  46. Worst Actors Ever – Even the storage people who ‘miraculously’ seem to find something worth valuing EVERY week are more credible. That Ashleys character thinks she is worthy of respect is only fractionally less laughable than Seth’s interpretation of himself as a bad ass or businessman. If this is scripted, writers must be summarily executed if not then the D is more bankrupt than I could have imagined having pawned or sold their personalities, morals and souls.

  47. Last comment … where are the NAACP / ACLU / Home land security / State department etc., on these thinly veiled hate inspiring customer stereotype portrayals. Come to think of it aren’t the portrayals of the principals anti-Semitic?

  48. Seth is no punk, would like to meet him someday. Just to say hello, and have him teach me more about the Pawn business.

  49. Donna your a moron and probably a member of the golds family. Only a looser would want to meet these scum bags.


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