Seth on Hardcore Pawn is a PUNK!

Hardcore Pawn is the worst show on television because it not only stole the idea from another show, it showcases greed and exploitation at its highest level.

Notwithstanding the extreme scumminess of Les Gold, the owner of the show — you can’t leave out his weasel-face son who is probably the most annoying little punk on TV next to his whining mush face sister what’s her name.   

One day one of those bruthus he likes to low-ball with prices because he knows they’re in dire straits, is going to beat the living shit out of him  — they can make that a pay-per-view episode — and I wouldn’t put it past this family to sell out their sons skull and jaw for a few bucks. 

This guy Seth Gold was born on third base but thinks he hit a triple.  Well, here he is without his toupee — that tiny understated rug he wears that he thinks nobody notices — we do!

I would like to see how brave that little douche bag would be if he didn’t have 10 giant black guys backing him up.  He can hold his own in a fight — yeah, with his sister.  He’s balding and skinny and you can see that he tries to work at the gym because he has a little gun action going on – but it’s all show and no go.  I hate to pick on the kid because he was born into this skanky family of takers, but he is what he is and it’s my job to expose him.

I felt compelled to write this because I got about a thousand letters telling me how much the American public hates this schmuck.

56 thoughts on “Seth on Hardcore Pawn is a PUNK!

  1. I just came across this show, the whole family sucks, Joe was funny, but he got arrested….Seth should be in those ‘top douchebags of reality tv’ lists.

  2. So refreshing your website .I like to watch.the American pawn shows..except there’s.( Most Aussie would agree).I’m always hoping Seth cops a smack in the mouth with a square mouth shovel.and Ashley his sister ..seems socially restarted..I don’t think either of the kids did well at school.and the dad is just a scumbag..they simply Rob the poor’..and try to make out there doing there clients a favor .yes a few of the clients are least the other pawn shows come across as intelligent and descent and fair..

  3. I like all the Gold’s. Especially Ashley. It’s all an act from them and the customer’s just for the show. They are all good people.

  4. saw that on quest channel Ashley came out of dough factory because her face is so doughy and Seth is a big baby huey the duck !!! Les is good pro guy …

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