Huffington Post scum bags digging through Palin Emails in search of anything.

I have made no secret of the fact that I despise Arianna Huffington — we all know what she is — a Greek parasite who will do anything to get in the American spotlight so that she just doesn’t have to go back to Greece and make Souvlaki at a Gyro stand.  She’s run out of gay Americans to marry to get citizenship.  She’s run out of people to plagiarize  and she has run out of political leanings to get attention — she used to be a conservative pundit on Fox until nobody watched her or liked her because she has always shown herself to be a piece of old-turned-white and hard dog shit.

She’s a piece of shit and the C word is too good for her.

Anyway, the little ass kissing fuktards who write for her simply because they aren’t good enough for the legitimate press or The Drudge Report, are pouring through the recently released Sarah Palin  emails with the childish and malevolent hope that they can get anything on her — anything — no matter how silly or stupid. 

The reason they are doing this is that they are silly and small.   There are so many newsworthy things going on in the world but these ivy league second-string douche bags don’t care — they’re above simple human decency because they’re journalistic misfits.   Sounds Archie Bunker-ish to you?  Well then you tell me why they are doing this ?   They’re acting — and writing — like 6th grade girls. 

I would like to call out some people in the private sector to do in-depth background checks on all the Huffington writers who are making a slumber party game out of this insane need to hurt Sarah Palin — the same applies to the desperate-for-a-story skanks who are trying to ruin Anthony Weiner’s life.   

I think that if these writers knew that their childish attempts to discredit Palin etc., would then be followed up by an equally, or far greater degree of serious digging into their own pasts, they might think again before they again acted like malicious and devilish children who work for the Greek Satan — she makes me sick.

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