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CIA Whistleblower Edward Snowden is Mentally Sick — Maybe Even Insane.

Edward Snowden, the whistle-blower from the CIA who believes in his seriously damaged mind that he blew the lid off of a lot of secret stuff, is hiding out in Hong Kong with the hope that he can get asylum in Iceland — but he can’t do that. He would have had to be in Iceland to begin with to get that brand of asylum. What he can do, however, is seek refuge in the Icelandic embassy in Hong Kong, but he better hurry because

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George Clooney is Ugly? Expert Study says “YES”

The Damien Zone is sorry to announce that actor George Clooney is officially UGLY.  I know that sounds harsh, but it happens to be true if you believe the results of a recent study conducted in South Africa. According to that recent study in Human Cultural and Sociological Aesthetics by experts in Johannesburg, South Africa, 78% of randomly chosen people participating in a study of TRUE BEAUTY and PERCEIVED BEAUTY judged George Clooney to be a  LEVEL 3 UGLY on

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Matt Damon’s Skimpy Bathing Suit — no meat? Is Scott Thorson a Liar?

“Liberace was a real lady’s man, and in my opinion, if Scott Thorson said he was a homo, it’s a terrible lie and another sick and unnatural way for him to attach himself to a celebrity.  That’s all he knows how to do and a leopard never changes its spots.  His goal and the goal of a lot of people is to destroy the memory of Liberace, a man who loved his fans so much that he died from the side effects of a watermelon

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Prince Harry Saves a Gay Soldier. What a crock of….

Before I get to the “Prince Harry and the Gay Soldier” story, let me set it up a little for you. You don’t have to be a genius to know that The Huffington Post is a piece of crap, and that Huffington herself is a complete douche bag, and that the stuff she prints on her retarded “news” website is some of the dumbest and most childish shit it the history of the printing press. Arianna Huffington (nee Stanisopoulou) is,

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Shark Warning for Monmouth County New Jersey Beaches is a HOAX!

A “shark warning” for Monmouth County circulating today on social media platforms is a hoax, U.S. Coast Guard officials say.  The warning, claiming to be issued by the U.S. Coast Guard and dated June 7, 2013, advises people to stay out of the water for the next 48-72 hours due to the “aggressive nature” of sightings in Belmar, Spring Lake, Sea Girt, and the Manasquan Inlet. A “shark warning” for Monmouth County circulating today on social media platforms is a

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Mako Shark off Huntington Beach Murdered by Three Misfits.

A group of Yahoo white trash fishermen — and one wanna-be unfunny actor — may have broken a world record for stupidity and cruelty when they hooked a huge shark.  These three morons caught and killed it for no apparent reason off the coast of Huntington Beach, California, USA.  KTLA news reporters from the local Los Angeles local TV station who covered the story, had a great time yucking it up wth the three assholes who killed the shark which was 15 or

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BILL COSBY SPEECH — “I am 84 and tired” — FAKE — HOAX — NOT TRUE

DID YOU GET THIS FROM A FACEBOOK FRIEND AND THEN SHARE IT WITH ANOTHER and ANOTHER and Another and Another?  TheDamienZone.com knows that the Bill Cosby “I’m 84 and tired” thing is a HOAX!  HE NEVER SAID IT.  HE NEVER WROTE IT!  HE IS ANGRY THAT PEOPLE ARE DUMB ENOUGH TO BELIEVE IT. ANYWAY: There’s a statement from Bill Cosby floating around the pages of Facebook, and a lot of Facebookers are “sharing” it with each other. As of today there

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“Yes, believe it or not, you don’t have to be someone from the inner city who walks away from a broken window with a plasma TV to be a looter.” [Damien LeGallienne from TheDamienZone.com] REPRINTED in ENGLISH FROM FRENCH – BRUSSELS, BELGIUM.  31 May 2013.   New Jersey (USA) residents are up in arms because it seems to be taking forever for SOMEBODY to do SOMETHING about putting Humpty Dumpty back together again after the devastation wrought by Hurricane Sandy. The

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