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Ukraine: Yulia Tymoshenko Sentenced To Jail For 7 Years.

She once was the beautiful but brainy Eva Peron of Ukraine — beloved by the people of her country.  To spite her beauty, or perhaps to enhance it,  she wore her hair in the style of the Ukrainian peasants of old —  the people ate it up and loved her. More recent photos of Yulia Tymoshenko on this page of the Damien zone –> Damien Zone Yulia Pics. They may have loved her too much because the real crooks in Ukraine —

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Was Steve Jobs Anti-Gay?

Usually you have to wait a couple of years before somebody starts telling the world the bad stuff about a famous person who has died.  It took about fifty years for the world to find out that Henry Ford and Thomas Edison were evil bastards, but here we are, only twenty-four hours  post-mortem, and in the case of Steve Jobs it’s like the Munchkins are coming out of the flower patch in droves because somebody dropped an iHouse on the wicked witch.   I did not

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He no longer sings — he talks.  He is ugly and always was but now on top of just being ugly, he is 85 years old — wears an atrocious wig — has had tons of plastic surgery — smells like Barbasol and Pinaud and Wilderooter from the barber shop — AND — he thinks that Americans are the real terrorists.   “Are we the terrorists or are they the terrorists?” “They flew the plane in, but we caused it. Because we

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Dr. Oz Apple Juice Bullshit. Is Dr. Oz A Fraud or a Hoax?

“Alternative medicine is another way of saying bullshit medicine.  It’s a way to get gullible people to give you money when they are not sick and a way to get them to give you even more money when they are deathly sick.  Dr. Oz threw his Hippocratic oath into the wind when he started going on TV to turn a buck — he is — how you say in English —  an asshole.” [David D. Mattia writing for The Damien

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Pledge of Allegiance Under Fire From Brookline, Massachusetts Lawyer Marty Rosenthal.

“The thought of kids in school saying the Pledge Of Allegiance makes my skin crawl.”  [Marty Rosenthal. Brookline, Massachusetts.]  School officials in Brookline, Mass., already allow students to opt-out of a weekly recitation of the pledge, but Brookline Political Action for Peace wants it banned from town schools entirely, according to the Boston Herald. Marty Rosenthal, a miserable, typical lawyer, and the group’s co-chairman, said the pledge didn’t have any education value and was “literally and psychologically a loyalty oath,

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Does Chaz Bono Have A Penis On Dancing With The Stars?

SIDE NOTE: “After his new gig on Dancing With The Stars, Chaz Bono will play the part of Roseanne Barr’s husband in a new TV series, “Roseanne, The Later Years After My Daughter Became A Lesbian And My Husband Turned Out To Be A Female-To-Male Transexual.”   The part was originated by John Goodman and Chaz has done a good job of looking like Goodman — except Chaz is 100 pounds heavier. The show will air in September on ABC Family

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George Lucas is an ASSHOLE!

George Lucas is an asshole.  He has the mind of a cretin.  A cretin is a person who didn’t develop proper thyroid function in the womb and emerges as a mentally retarded and deformed semi-monster.  [ Benjamin Switchy MD, University of Maryland] Dr. Switchy is very outspoken and rumored to be a cretin himself. “Jesus. Christ!  Are you fucking kidding me George Lucas? Just when I thought you couldn’t piss off Star Wars fans anymore, you somehow find a way.

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Indiana Lawmaker Phil Hinkle In Gay Scandal With Aspiring Hustler.

A GOP state lawmaker in Indiana who has always taken an anti-gay stance, (at least on one issue) has been accused of having hired an 18-year-old male prostitute off of Craigslist, offering to pay $80 plus a big tip “for a really good time,” and then giving the hustler gifts to buy his silence about the rendezvous.  Tsk. Tsk.  Poor old girl.  She needs a hand to run the farm, but when, when, when, are these old Johns gonna stop screwing around with male prostitutes?  How fucking stupid

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