Indiana Lawmaker Phil Hinkle In Gay Scandal With Aspiring Hustler.

A GOP state lawmaker in Indiana who has always taken an anti-gay stance, (at least on one issue) has been accused of having hired an 18-year-old male prostitute off of Craigslist, offering to pay $80 plus a big tip “for a really good time,” and then giving the hustler gifts to buy his silence about the rendezvous. 

Tsk. Tsk.  Poor old girl.  She needs a hand to run the farm, but when, when, when, are these old Johns gonna stop screwing around with male prostitutes?  How fucking stupid can you get?

The lawmaker in question, State Rep. Phillip Hinkle, 64, (OMG!  The horror of it all)  reportedly answered an ad placed on Craigslist by the young man, who had posted an ad looking for “a sugga daddy.” In the ad, the 18-year-old claimed to be 20, which doesn’t matter because a hustler is a hustler is a hustler.

Hinkle, who is married — imagine the poor pitiful wife with all her nice needlepoint hanging in the house and all —  has been a state lawmaker for 11 years. He is now in his 6th term of office. During his tenure, he has supported an amendment to the state’s constitution to deny marriage rights to all but heterosexual couples, but if a bill pertaining to screwing around with male prostitutes came before him, I am sure he would have approved it — hehehehe.   Well, think about it.  Marriage is a serious thing, but a little fun with a hustler at a hotel doesn’t require massive legislation or lawmaking. 

It seems that there was an email exchange between the hustler and and Hinkle and they were supposed to meet at a hotel. Hinkle’s emails suggested to the Craig’s list rent boy, “a couple of hours of your time tonight.” This was all supposed to happen for the low-down price of $80.00 and then a tip for “for a really good time.”

Kameryn “is that really a name” Gibson, the hustler in question who looks like he was dressed as Yasar Arafat in the Craigslist photos, allegedly had placed his ad in the men’s personals on Craigslist, including a shirtless photo of himself, a little after 7:30 on the morning of Aug. 6. Within an hour, he received a response from Hinkle who was surfing the web and waiting for his metamucil to kick in.

“Cannot be a long time sugar daddy, but can for tonight,” the message from Hinkle read. “Would you be interested in keeping me company for a while tonight?”

The response went on to advertise the sender’s personal characteristics, saying, “I am an in shape married professional, 5’8″, fit 170 lbs, and love getting and staying naked.”  He left out the part where he was supposed to say that he was a 64-year-old old saggy sack of shit — BUT–  prostitutes are supposed to be professionals and a true professional would have overlooked this little white lie — OMG — can you just puke or what?

A series of email exchanges followed, with monetary terms being discussed, but no sexual acts referenced. Some of the messages from the respondent to Gibson’s ad said they had been “Sent from Phil’s iPad,” while others seemed to originate from Hinkle’s Comcast email account.  In any event, no mention of sexual acts were mentioned because Hinkle was hoping that nothing would transpire during which he would have to achieve an erection.

That afternoon, Gibson received a message offering to meet him at his home and then drive him to a local hotel. Another message also asked about the possibility of an overnight encounter.

“If u want to consider spending night u might tell ur sis so she won’t worry. Would have u back before 11 tomorrow,” the email said. “No extra cash just free breakfast and maybe late night snack.”  Not only is Hinkle old — he’s a frigging cheapskate — this is sickening.

Finally, at quarter to nine that evening, a message arrived reading, “I am here in parking lot between bldg 1 and 2. U here?”

The two drove to the hotel, where Hinkle allegedly told Gibson to go in first. A quarter of an hour later, Hinkle allegedly entered the room, then took off his clothing and wrapped a towel around himself. That, the young man says, was when Hinkle revealed himself to be a state official.

At that point, the young man says, he attempted to leave.

“Yeah, I don’t want to do this,” Gibson recounted telling the older man.

“You need to do this, because I came and got you, and I’m not taking you back until we do what we need to do,” the older man responded, according to the 18-year-old.

Listen, folks,  — I can’t go on with this story because it’s too gross.   This website might not exactly be Plaza and Astor but even I have my standards.

Okay — so here’s the thing all you hustlers out there need to know.  If you agree to a date and the guy does not turn out to be a sicko or anything dangerous, you should stick to the old adage that the customer is always right — even if he is an old horror show.

So anyway — I got into a little argument about this with some guy who seems well intentioned, but I thought I would share it with you so that you can see why I get so frigging mad at people for being so frigging narrow.  the jist of it was that yet another anti-gay (not my words) Republican lawmaker had been caught with a male companion.

Me:  Everybody has their way of dealing with his/her own personal issues — you have to look beyond political affiliation. Some people come out against gays as a way of coping with their own self hatred. A lot of gay bashers are gay themselves — have you ever seen The Naked Civil Servant?

Gay Arguer:   While what you say is absolutely true Damien, you miss the point. This isn’t just an average Joe Republican…this is a State Representative who makes law or rejects law based on hypocricy! (sic) Sure people have self-hatred issued but when you bring that into a hall of justice, SHAME ON YOU and I have no sympathy. He’s goin down and he deserves to…not because he is a Republican and not because he’s probably a closet gay, but because he has used his authority and power to deny rights to others and now it looks like he might be ONE of those others!

Me:  I don’t like “gotcha” stories, and there are issues about the story that reek of “gotcha.” The hustler or aspiring hustler is 18 years old yet they refer to him in the liberal press as a “boy” to sensationalize the “gotcha” angle. Legally he is not a boy. In reality he’s just a low rent prostitute who backed out of a deal he made when he found out his paid hook up was just an old ugly man. That’s pretty cheesy in and of itself. Sometimes an old queen is just an old queen and most times a cheap hustler is just a cheap hustler. Personally, I feel sorry for the old biddy. Perhaps when you have 18-year-olds trading gay sex for money over the internet, the antics of one antiquated and insignificant lawmaker might not be your State’s biggest problem. For some strange reason, Gay people think that they are entitled to less bullshit and sanctimony than is afforded to the average person.

Gay Arguer:   I think the LGBT community is overburdened with bullshit, believe me, we have more than our share…and we should ALL aspire to less bullshit whether we are gay, straight or alien. As for the “hustler” I don’t blame him for ANYTHING. He was doin his thing and this ASSHOLE has a responsibility to his position. IF you get elected to public office (particularly under the auspices of higher standards and morals as these prick Republican’s ALWAYS do) you better keep ur pecker in ur pants – or at least away from male hustlers when you are anti-gay! I am beyond sick of the high and mighty conservative agenda which trashes liberals for fighting for all the social freedoms afforded to them. As conservatives destroy our great land, I will agree, these antics are certainly not the biggest problem for a state or a nation, they just reflect why we’re going to hell in a handbasket at the hands of the rich and powerful. As a Robin Hood Socialist, I can only hope that more of these idiots fall from grace in similar style!

Me:  I am far from a conservative — if you don’t believe me, you can ask the lady who comes in and cleans, she was present at the time.

Now, folks, are you starting to see how goddam smart I am and how I DO NOT think like everybody else.  I am a frigging genius for chrissakes !!!

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