Was Steve Jobs Anti-Gay?

Usually you have to wait a couple of years before somebody starts telling the world the bad stuff about a famous person who has died.  It took about fifty years for the world to find out that Henry Ford and Thomas Edison were evil bastards, but here we are, only twenty-four hours  post-mortem, and in the case of Steve Jobs it’s like the Munchkins are coming out of the flower patch in droves because somebody dropped an iHouse on the wicked witch.  

I did not pull my punches when I said that I was sick of the maudlin Steve Jobs tributes on Facebook that were put up by silly people who were having a contest — trying to determine who is/was the most bereaved person on the face of the earth.  Congratulations to the lucky winner whoever you are.  May the maudlin force be with you.

But anyway,  the latest foot soldier media info paints Steve as some kind of insane moralist, and while gays by the millions love to share Gaga gigabytes via the great gadgets Steve Jobs created, what many don’t know is that Steve may have been an anti-gay person and a big douche bag.

I’m not saying he was anti gay, but you can’t get a gay travel guide or any kind of gay art on an iAnything, no matter how many Apps you have.  You can have the Eddie Murphy Chicks With Dicks Santa Monica Blvd locator App and it still ain’t gonna work.

Jobs banned any gay art and every gay travel guide, and other things considered “morally suspect”from being installed on on any of his devices.   If you’re doing a gay travel trip, don’t look for your iPhone to help you.  You’re a dirty fag and not worthy —  and in Steve Jobs’ world, you’re an evil pornographer.

Gee — and who likes to text and stream and share and Tweet the latest Bieber and Gaga and Madonna and Cher lunacy more than the gays and the teens?

Was Steve Jobs anti-gay?  Uh, well, he seemed to be a guy who was worried about porn in general, but is it fair to say that he was anti-gay?

It’s great to try to protect kids from porn and filth, but why would you block gay travel and gay art?  Of course “Gay Art” could be a euphemism for gay porn — and don’t say you don’t know what I’m talking about.  It’s just like how “Gay Pride Parade” is a euphemism for loathsome displays of sex leather and jockstraps and dildos and sexual weirdness.

Maybe Steve Jobs had a point.  Still sounds a little anti gay to me.  Hey, my whole paragraph sounds anti-gay, but I’m not anti-gay.  I love everyone — you all know how lovable and caring and warm I am.  (Whatchoo talkin’ ’bout, Willis?)

Isn’t it strange how everybody worshipped Steve as a kind of hippy-dippy guy and the whole Apple concept is embraced by artists and writers and all kinds of various liberals, but in reality Steve seems, however, to have not been much of a peace and love and flower in your hair,  Haight-Ashbury  guy.  Many thought of him as an intolerant tyrant who made billions from the sweat of Chinese child laborers — like Kathy Lee Gifford with a dick (?) and black tshirt.

I’m not going to jump to conclusions but it’s funny how all the bad stuff never came out until about 24 hours after the guy died.   It did not come out in 5 minutes or 5 hours — but it took a full day — almost as if the people who write stuff about stuff were making sure he was really dead.

Jobs’ big gun lawyers did mercilessly sue a 19-year-old blogger for writing about a product that hadn’t yet arrived in stores, so it’s safe to assume that mainstream media people may have feared him too.  Doesn’t sound very hippy-dippy freedom of speechy  — does it?

There is an excellent piece on Gawker.com by the talented writer Ryan Tate called “What Everyone Is Too Polite to Say About Steve Jobs.”  Read it — I do not have the link but how hard can it be to find?

Anyway, like I said, when you’re dead for 5-minutes and everybody comes out to peek to make sure you’re actually dead and then writes about all  the BAD things you did — you must have annoyed a lot of people big time!   Why do people always turn out to be assholes in the long run.

Don’t worry.  Janeane Garafalo is  not about to throw away any of her iCrap — even though the creation of that device has a history of being antithetical to all the things she thinks she stands for.


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