George Lucas is an ASSHOLE!

George Lucas is an asshole.  He has the mind of a cretin.  A cretin is a person who didn’t develop proper thyroid function in the womb and emerges as a mentally retarded and deformed semi-monster.  [ Benjamin Switchy MD, University of Maryland]

Dr. Switchy is very outspoken and rumored to be a cretin himself.

“Jesus. Christ!  Are you fucking kidding me George Lucas? Just when I thought you couldn’t piss off Star Wars fans anymore, you somehow find a way. I really hope this is not true.”  [Facebook status update for Stefan Vardon, the great kid, and aspiring filmmaker who got his deaf parents and blind and autistic brother a big house TV makeover — even though they later were nearly forced to forclose because the show is a big scam — had this to say on his Facebook when he read about the Blue Ray changes to Star Wars. 

Wow — Lucky that Stefan’s parents and brother can’t hear how their wholesome kid talks.  If Ty Pennington knew that Stefan had a mouth on him like this he might not have MOVED THAT BUS!

So now that you know that George Lucas is a cretin, you might understand why he can’t stop tinkering with the movie Star Wars — an over-rated movie that is a cult classic –beloved by many nerds, and guys who can’t get laid, and unmarried middle-aged men who thought that Luke Skywalker was hot way back in 1977,  but are upset now because he is now a creepy old queenie-acting has been actor — whew!

So Darth Vader now says NOOOOOOOO!   Also there are other changes in the movie that have people up in arms.  As for me, I couldn’t give two shits. 

Rumor has it that Lucas wants to buy The Wizard Of Oz and change it where the yellow brick road is candy apple red and the Wizard smokes crack, but the gays won’t allow it because they have more power in Hollywood than the sci fi nerds. 

Anyway, the kids ( losers about 21 to 30 years old) who go nuts for Star Wars — you know — assholes — are all upset about this.  But why would anyone get angry at a cretin – they’re retarded and physically deformed.  Do a Google Image search for Cretin and you’ll see what I mean. 

BUT ANYWAY!   GEORGE LUCAS IS A CRETIN!   But — it’s his fucking movie  goddamit!!!!!   And Stefan Vardon is a potty mouth.

2 thoughts on “George Lucas is an ASSHOLE!

  1. Yet you, NERD, were somehow able to leave a comment. I am not scared by people who live in a fantasy land where they have to change Carrie Fisher’s diapers — and Harrison Ford’s too.

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