Pledge of Allegiance Under Fire From Brookline, Massachusetts Lawyer Marty Rosenthal.

“The thought of kids in school saying the Pledge Of Allegiance makes my skin crawl.”  [Marty Rosenthal. Brookline, Massachusetts.] 

School officials in Brookline, Mass., already allow students to opt-out of a weekly recitation of the pledge, but Brookline Political Action for Peace wants it banned from town schools entirely, according to the Boston Herald.

Marty Rosenthal, a miserable, typical lawyer, and the group’s co-chairman, said the pledge didn’t have any education value and was “literally and psychologically a loyalty oath, reminiscent of McCarthyism or some horrific totalitarian regimes.”   HUH?  WTF?

Rosenthal also dragged the holocaust into the mess by saying that holocaust survivors  told him that the pedge reminded them of Nazi Germany.  HUH?  WTF?

How low can you sink, Marty?  I would like  to see just one of these Holocaust survivors come forward and say that they told Rosenthal that they did not approve of the Pledge — because,  let’s see — many from that murdered generation who made it safely to the USA already have kids in their 60s and 70s — all of whom said the Pledge throughout the 1950s and 60s and 70s — all without incident — except for the ocassional misfit like Marty Rosenthal. 

And why does everyone evoke hatred and loathing towards Senator McCarthy?  Why are we taught that what McCarthy did was a BAD thing?  Maybe he was ruthless, but he scared the shit out of a lot of people who thought like Marty Rosenthal back in the 1950s, and in doing so, he probably saved the USA from infiltration from the Soviet Union.   I’m sure all the sophiticated lefties will see this as an Archie Bunker mentality, but I know I’m right,  so they can eat me.

Let’s face it — Senator McCarthy was right about 95% of the time — but the left wing media has taught nearly three generations to despise McCarthy.  Whenever something comes up where an individual’s rights come into question, there is always some left wing moron reminding us that McCarthyism was bad.   It wasn’t bad!   — And for Blumenthal to drag in the Holocaust survivors??  How low-down can you go?   Do you believe Marty?  I don’t.  If anything, wouldn’t holocaust survivors kiss the American soil?   They’d have to be ingrates — wouldn’t they?  Nothing shocks me — so maybe he’s telling the truth.

You know what?  I think McCarthyism should make a comeback.  As a matter of fact, I am looking around for intelligent and America-loving people with the last name McCarthy who would like to run for public office and start the whole thing all over again.  This time, instead of just communists, we can get rid of all the traitors who bask in America’s freedom yet mock it to their elite European lackies and then hang out with enemies of the USA.   You know the ones — Sean Penn, Matt Damon, Michael Moore, Jane Fonda and maybe even MARTY ROSENTHAL — Nah, Marty doesn’t do that.  He wants to be the big fish in the little sea called Brookline.

Guys like the skunk Marty Rosenthal — probably a socialist and obviously a left wing flame-thrower — like to throw around the McCarthy thing because it works to bulk up his beef with the USA —  and it works because we have all been whipped to believe that Senator McCarthy wanted to hurt innocent people instead of what he really wanted which was to weed out the subversives in Hollywood. 

“I’ve spent 40 years in civic involvement. I yield to nobody in patriotism,” Marty Rosenthal told the BostonHerald.   <—-Rosenthal does not realize that he is a tyrant and a bully.  He is the one who is taking the rights away from individuals.  The kids do not have to say the Pledge if they don’t want to — and they only say it once a week — once a month for older students.  Why is he making children uncomfortable?   He is confusing children and causing mayhem simply because, in my opinion, he is an asshole. 

“The pledge is at odds with America’s most important traditions,” he added.  <— This statement makes NO SENSE!  It IS an American tradition, you troublemaking idiot!  Are you some kind of simpleton or just an old pain in the ass?   

Rosenthal already scored a victory over the verse in the 1980s, when he worked to get it barred from town meetings, according to the Herald.

In other words — stomping on American tradition and any overt display of Americanism seems to have been Marty Blumenthal’s life’s work — does he have a real job– does he actually practice law?   Does he hate fireworks?  Does he hate Memorial Day barbecues?  Does a Thanksgiving Day turkey “make his skin crawl?”

It appears to even the most casual observer, that Blumenthal’s entire raison d’etre is to mock and betray America in the media.   He can run around all day saying how much of a patriot he is and how much he supports our troops, but his actions speak louder than words.  In real life, he is probably a miserable jerk who hates the USA and wants to shit on everything American because that’s how he gets off.  It takes all kinds, folks.  Maybe this is sex for him?

State Rep. Frank Smizik backed the group, saying that students who refused to say the pledge were being bullied.   You know what?  Frank Smizik is a f***ing asshole too!

Smizik is a double-edged coward as well,  because he has thrown in the new buzz word, the new word for McCarthyism — BULLYING.  What a crock!   

The kids who refuse to say the Pledge once a month should be thankful for the bullying because the kids who bully them are saving them from becoming social misfits like Marty Rosenthal and everybody like him — and there are a lot of ’em.  What does Adrian Monk say — “You’ll thank me later.”

Also, if the bullying is so bad, where are the  freaking teachers who are supposed to have control over their students?  SICKENING!!!!

Locals in the ritzy hamlet, especially veterans and their family members, slammed efforts to strike the pledge as anti-American.   I don’t know if Rosenthal is a veteran — doesn’t sound like it.

“This is just really stupid,” Jack Steele of Duxbury, whose son was killed Afghanistan last month, told the Herald. “I just find it so disrespectful when I look at the number of men who have given their lives so we could live the way we want.”

Korean War vet Joe Colantoni told the Herald that Rosenthal was “full of (expletive).”  Kudos to Joe Calantoni for holding his tongue because I would have said something a lot worse.

“This is our country, and if you can’t pledge to the flag, then forget it,” he said.

Rosenthal insisted he wasn’t being unpatriotic and said he was grateful for the sacrifice made by soldiers. 

LIAR LIAR LIAR!!!!!!!   Sorry, Marty, but I ain’t buying what your selling from your self-laothing and malcontented pushcart.

I will wager that you are only grateful, Marty, for your American passport and the money you have in the bank, and the media attention you get because you’re probably a fifth rate lawyer who loves getting your name in the news.  I’ve researched you and in the past you have been nothing but an attention-starved pain in the ass —  in my opinion, you are an old jerk off.  Just shut up and go home and mind your manners.  Your time is over — your glory days are long gone.  You’re just an old stupid man.  Go home and shit your pants.

Local officials are set to address the resolution at a town meeting in November.

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