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QUEEN ELIZABETH SAYS, “God Is Gay For Prince Harry.”

GOD IS GAY FOR PRINCE HARRY and experts at Buckingham Palace have set out to prove it as part of an ongoing investigation by Her Majesty the Queen. Here is the proof they have come up with:  Prince Harry is young.  He is goodlooking. He has a great body.   He has juicy hotties hanging all over him.   He’s a billionaire  Prince of England and — get this — it takes two full hands to only partially cover Prince Harry’s large penis. Is this

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Atheism As A Mental Disorder or Illness? New Studies say, “Yes.”

New information from a 22-year old study at a German University has many psychiatrists and psychologists throughout the world wondering if atheism is a sign or warning of a more serious mental illness already present or in the process of developing.  Doctors are searching for a gene that might cause a correlation between serious mental illness and what they are calling “overt atheism.” The study began based on a student’s observation about Catholic Saints and this motion picture—>: Deus ExMachina. For the time being

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Chick-Fil-A Gays Are Angry At Anti Gay Marrriage Dan Cathy — his name is Cathy! LOL.

Wednesday, Aug 1, 2012, was truly a great day for fat, clueless, fast-food-eating, gays because they lined up at Chick-Fil-A , a company TheDamienZone never even heard of, to stuff their big gay faces with shitty chicken — actually that’s not really what happened at all.  Of course there were a lot of gays there who simply wanted to eat, but for the most part, the chicken restaurant, which again I swear we never heard of, is run by a

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Michael Phelps in Speedos Not Making Waves With Gay Men.

M.A.M.A.B. members have been very unhappy with Michael Phelps’ lack of a bulge in his Speedos  and each time Phelp’s is in a swimming event they get together to watch and hope for signs of a bulge. [Courtesy of M.A.M.A.B. — Middle aged Men Admiring Bulges] A German Magazine provided the Damien Zone with close up pics of Michael Phelp’s bulge.  You be the judge.  Pics are at this link on site – Das Photos auf Bulgen Phelps. . Olympic swimming

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Madonna, the old hag, fake, uneducated, no-talent sack of shit, did a concert in Paris that the badly aging pop star said was intended to celebrate France’s tolerance but in reality she just pissed people off because she is a fucking asshole.  Yes – Madonna is a fucking asshole and a moron. The French got so pissed off when her “concert” — which was all lip-synched anyway — ended after less than 45 minutes —  because she has no fucking talent and

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Kirk Cameron Ocean Grove Mess — Teen “Gay” Corey Bernstein Getting the attention he craves — blech!

So there’s this pushy and unbearably annoying kid in New Jersey named Corey Bernstein and at the advanced age of 17, he is openly and militantly gay — but that’s not enough for the little brat.  He wants to be famous too.  He’s looking for trouble and he’s looking in the right direction because my best guess is that he is being coached by others.  YUK! Where are your parents Corey?  Where were your lazy do-nothing ass-wipe NJ teachers when you

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Tips For Stupid Airplane Passengers – and that means YOU!

Here is the perfect primer for every person who travels by plane.  Perhaps you think you’re special because you fly often, but odds are that you fit neatly into at least one or two of the below listed categories of “what not to do when you are flying in an airplane.”   The person who wrote this list is a seasoned traveler and I think he’s reached the tipping point.  Most of you will read this and say, “HEY! THAT’S NOT ME!”   You

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Everyone was in an uproar because Snooki got paid more for speaking at Rutgers than Toni Morrison who is a poet or something, but Snooki, now an honorary Doctor Of Letters has announced that she will donate her $32,000 speaking fee to further advance the study of the Jersey Devil in the New Jersey Pine Barrens. “I guess I could keep the money and spend it on clothes but I think the Jersey Devil needs a helping hand, ” said

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