Madonna’s “Obama Black Muslim” Rant. Is Madonna Mentally Sick?

Rumors are floating around the country and abroad tht Madonna is in need of serious medical help.  Some think that maybe it’s just a really bad battle with menopause or her strange recovery from a ten year battle with F.A.S. (Foreign Accent Syndrome).  Some think that  she might be reacting badly to some medicines — or something far, far worse.

This rumor comes right on the heels of her rant last weekend at a Washington DC concert where Madonna Ciccone, aka Madonna, seemed to have had a serious loss of memory and coherence.  Between lip-synched songs, she raised her badly veined and loose-skinned arms and screeched to the crowd almost drunkenly about the President being a Black Muslim and some other stuff.  Here — read it.

“Y’all better vote for fucking Obama, OK? For better or for worse, all right? We have a black Muslim in the White House. Now that’s some amazing shit,” she said. “It means there is hope in this country. And Obama is fighting for gay rights, so support the man, goddamit.”

Some of her supporters and people close to her wanted to casually get her off the stage because they feared she was having a meltdown, but then she calmed down enough to go on without further incident.  One of her detractors, however, issued this statement:

“This broad has been artistically irrelevant from day ONE…and ABYSMALLY UGLY even in her prime.  She calls Lady GaGa an “imitator” when she herself came to prominence by climbing on the CORPSE of every DEAD ICON she could FIND. Just SHUT UP, Madge…and write a check.”

While this rant against Madonna might be 100% true and well said, where is the compassion?  Where is the understanding?  Where is the hope for all the truly deranged people like Madonna who say stupid things simply because their minds are ruined by high blood pressure medicines and shingles vaccinations and the wooings of old fans who hang on her every word?  Many or most of Madonna’s truest fans are really old and probably on many more medications than she is. 

She pulled the same kind of of mindless routine in France where she made senseless political statements and got herself booed off the stage.

“Madonna may be suffering from some kind of dementia or she might simply be so starved for attention that she needs medical intervention for a dissociative disorder of some kind.  From a medical standpoint she is obviously not well.  She looks terrible and while she is entitled to her political opinions, the way she expresses them makes her appear insane — and perhaps she is.  Perhaps she is physically sick.  Whatever the case may be, she is not well and she needs help.”  [Benjamin Switchy MD Phd – Department of Psychiatry UOM –  author of the book, My Life Partnership With Sheldon Hartunis.]  

But let’s get serious for a second — “Fucking Obama?”  Is that how we endorse a candidate in this country if we are of sound mind?  Is that how a healthy person — physically, mentally or otherwise,makes a political statement? 

She should go back to England or be put into a good hospital in the USA until the illness is properly diagnosed. President Obama owes it to her and to himself to ask her if she needs help or if she might want to stop saying things that are costing him votes.

“Notwithstanding the fact that 90% of the people at her concert would vote for President Obama anyway, she may have cost him a few votes.  She really seems to be mentally sick and deranged and she is getting  OLD and she needs to be put in an assisted living home run by old gay men who seem to at least care enough to enjoy a love/hate relationship with her.  There is a mutual sickness there and sometimes that combination is very good therapy – unless of course she is incurable”  [Dr. Dean Traherne MD.  Professor of Psychiatry.]

Here’s what you have to think about.  ELTON JOHN hates her.  Imagine that!  Elton John hates her guts.  My question is:  What did Madonna do that made Elton John hate her so much?  What must she have done?  Elton John would not have had a war of words with Madonna — a woman who could only help him with his various charities and such — if she had not done something so horrific that he called her the C word — what did she do?  Maybe this is an example — she drives away wealthy charity donors — or maybe it is what it is; Elton John hates Madonna because he abhors the fact that she lip synchs and he thinks she stinks and he thinks she is a c**t.

Anyway, it seems that Madonna needs some serious mental help.  In my opinion she is mentally sick and this is the very beginning of the long epic where we will see Madonna get sadly worse and worse and worse — something is truly wrong with her.  Either she has some kind of organic brain disease or dementia, or she is mentally sick.  One of them has to be the answer.  We will see over the next two years — I predict that we will find out that she is not well.

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