Do you remember the famous scene in the movie “FARGO” where the car salesman insists that the customer has to get “TRU-COAT” to protect his car for an extra $500 but somehow the unknowing customer falls for the routine — and  the whole thing is a crock of shit? 

Well, if you remember that, you can relive a cell phone version of a rip-off used car dealer if you go to any Verizon Wireless store.

Verizon Wireless has gotten really high and mighty and the days of helping their customers and running a good clean business are over.  Verizon Wireless stores are the biggest thieves in the strip malls.

I thought I was the only one who noticed this but here is a letter I got from a customer:

I was a Verizon Wireless customer for 12 years.  I rarely had any problems and whenever my 2 year contract was up, they would shower me with great offers — not this time.  My contract was up and I was ready to leave because Verizon’s customer service had turned to shit and the quality of the whole thing had gone down the tubes. 

From 2010 to 2012 I had two phone lines.  Each had a different number — one for work and one for personal use.  The second line — the one I used for personal use  — never worked.  Plain and simple — it did not work.  They refused to believe me.  When my contract was up I demanded that they return the $9.99 per month that I had been charged for  2-years for that second line.  They could see that the phone was never used — it was a lemon — they refused.  Finally I went to a Verizon store and — like a sucker — I renewed my contract and upgraded to a smart phone.  I had the phone for one day.  It was awful.  If you spoke for more than a minute the phone got hot enough to cook an egg on and the battery ran out in less than an hour.  I went back to the store.  They plugged the phone in and let me wait an hour so they could “try to reproduce my complaint” about the phone.  After they experimented with the phone, they said that it was fine and that if I wanted to exchange it I would have to pay a $35.00 restocking fee.  HUH?  I had the phone for 24 hours and they wanted $35.00 to replace it?  Anyway, I assumed it worked fine as they said and I took it home.  While driving home, the phone was so hot in my pocket that I had to take it out and put it on the car seat. The battery went from 90% full to 5% full in 10 minutes — I watched it with my own eyes.  I took it back again and said that I would buy the $299 top shelf model if they would simply take this piece of crap back — they did — and they still charged me a $35.00 restocking fee even though they could see that the battery had drained from 100% to near zero in the 45 minutes I had been gone — they were so crude about it that I couldn’t even get mad.  It would be like getting mad at a zoo animal for smelling like manure.  

I suspect that the  “managers” who work on commision are basically uneducated fly by nights —  perhaps even Tinkerers — do you know what that means?  Look it up.  The people who get those jobs are losers who work on selling you things and charging you fees and ripping you off like gypsy fortune tellers.  If you don’t believe me, try pricing a cell phone case at the store and then on or Ebay.  They want $39.00 — Amazon or Ebay $5.99.  I am not joking.  And here is the best one of all — the ULTIMATE VERIZON WIRELESS SCAM — they sell you a droid DOCKING STATION — that is a charger that they say turns off automatically when the phone is charged because, “if you leave your charger in after the battery is charged, you can ruin the phone and even if you have insurance there is still a $100 deductible.”   HUH!!!!   What kind of crazy shit is that?  The phone comes with a charger but then they tell you that the factory equipped charger is bad for the phone and they will sell you a “better” charger for $75.00 — is that a crock of shit or what? 

Do yourself a favor — if your contract with Verizon is almost up — get rid of them.  Go to WalMart or wherever and get a BOOST or Straight Talk — Verizon is not the company they used to be — they have hit rock bottom. 




  1. Would like to connect with others who feel like us and this person. Maybe if enough of us get together we can get something done about Verizon Wireless and stop being ripped off! My experience is so similar to the one mentioned here.

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