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Old lady with guns in car — Minnesota State Trooper HOAX!!!!

   The stupid story going around on Facebook about a woman who had a lot of guns in her car when stopped by a Minnsesota state trooper for a traffic violation is a complete hoax.  As a matter of fact, it’s such a hoax that the picture that is being circulated on facebook with a photo of a woman has come under fire because it’s a photo from a family reunion of a Mrs. Abagail Armstrong who died in 2002 at age 94 and

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Facebook DO NOT ADD IS A HOAX! Jason Allen, Linda Smith, Jason Lee

Hoax message circulating among Facebook users warns that accepting friend requests from members named Linda Smith, Jason Lee, Jason Allen, or Amy Allen will cause a virus to be downloaded to your computer.  This is just more mindless junk that mindless people believe and post on their facebook pages.  IT’S A HOAX! Description: Facebook virus hoax Circulating since: April 2011 – again Dec 2011 Status: TOTALLY False Example #1: Facebook posting submitted by Ann S., June 30, 2011: ALL FACEBOOK USERS**… DO

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Tim Tebow Prayers: Atheists Angry Planning Protest.

“We’re talking about people who don’t usually pay attention to NFL football.  They would not even know who Tim Tebow was were in not for their hatred of religion, god, themselves and other human beings.  They are truly sick people.”  Dean Traherne MD.  Juniper Hill Psychiatric Hospital.  Juniper Hill, Montana. Atheists throughout the world, skinny stupid misfits who don’t even watch sports of any kind, are infuriated by the attention quarterback Tim Tebow is getting for kneeling prayer before during

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Sit On Santa Flash Mob — Fools Facebookers. Sit on Santa is a Gay sex term.

“Sit on Santa is an antiquated gay inside joke that was part of the gay jargon over 70 years ago, but is making a comeback in 2011.  The original meaning implied a young man having sex with a much older man — a Santa.   It’s an expression that has fallen by the wayside for decades but is popular again.”  [Benjamin Switchy MD.  University of Munich Center for Language and Idiomatic Lexography.] There’s this thing getting passed along Facebook — a video of

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Psychotic Nanuet Teacher Tells 2nd Graders “There is no Santa Claus.”

MELLY CLISTMAS, MISS ENG!  PSYCHO! Some vicious kid-hating teacher ruined Christmas for a class full of second-graders when she told them that there is no such thing as Santa Claus during a lesson about the North Pole at their Rockland County, N.Y., school. The scumbag teacher even told the youngsters, mostly 7 and 8-year-olds, that the presents under their trees were put out by their parents, and not Santa.  “She did this because she is a sick person.” said Dr. Helene Gamuccio MD,

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Two Lesbians Raised A Baby and Now He Is A Circus Act!

“Ask not what your lesbian’s kid can do for you.  Ask what you can do for your lesbian’s kid.”  [Rosemary Kennedy, 1947 –  Cape Cod State Hospital.] I am getting so sick of this viral “Mr. Lesbian Goes To Washington” viral video.  First of all, he sounds like he has prepared for that speech for years — and his suit doesn’t fit.  I thought it was an old out-take from the acting segment of Star Search. Every idiot on Facebook, as

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Robert Osborne Is Back! What did you think? Leave a comment please.

Good old Bob Osborne is back — he looked fine except his new flippy hairstyle was a little weird.  Reminded me of Criswell from the movie “Ed Wood.” Tell me what you think — please leave a comment.  It might take a little while for your comment to appear but it will appear — fret not. Here are some newer photos of Robert Osbourne since his return.  http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3834680/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1  

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Text Message Car and Guard Rail Photo — Kind of a Hoax.

There is a photo going around on Facebook that shows a car with a guard-rail going through the windshield and out through the rear window.  The captions reads:  “Was The Text Message THAT Important?” The picture is a hoax and the driver in the crash was not texting at the time of the accident — he fell asleep and left the road at a high rate of speed.  If you look at the photo you can see in the dirt

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