Text Message Car and Guard Rail Photo — Kind of a Hoax.

There is a photo going around on Facebook that shows a car with a guard-rail going through the windshield and out through the rear window.  The captions reads:  “Was The Text Message THAT Important?”

The picture is a hoax and the driver in the crash was not texting at the time of the accident — he fell asleep and left the road at a high rate of speed. 

If you look at the photo you can see in the dirt field where his tire tracks swerve back towards the road but it was too late and the car was impaled on the guard-rail.

The driver was unable to get on the road — he missed being decapitated by inches — but he was NOT texting.

I realize that any car wreck can be used as a lesson in careful driving, but if you’re going to try to get Facebook shares on your lame-brain photos — at least have some integrity and, without being too graphic, use a photo of a car that was actually wrecked because the driver was actually texting.

I hate when Facebook people do that — anything for attention.

By the way — the driver was not killed but  suffered serious injuries to his shoulder and arm. Ya think?

7 thoughts on “Text Message Car and Guard Rail Photo — Kind of a Hoax.

  1. Do you have an attribution for this photo? There are a lot of things about this photo that look fake to me. The dead-straightness of the guardrail is the biggest sticking point for me. They are designed to bend so as to dissipate kinetic energy, so the possibility of this rail remaining straight is rather slim. If you can cite the source of this photo (primary), that would clear it up tremendously.

  2. How would I know if it’s a real pic or a fake pic? — I just know that it’s floating around facebook and the story that comes along with it is a hoax. What difference does it make if the picture is fake too? You have been watching too many crime shows on CLOO network.

  3. Guard rails rarely have a beginning that’s a potential head-on issue like this….they start from the ground so that if you impact them straight-on you’ll ride up on top of them…..that practice has been around for decades. This guard rail would have to be very old, yet it has steel supports rather than wood. There is much wrong with this photo.

  4. Guard (or guide) rails are not always run to the ground. And this is not the only example of a vehicle impaled on one; there are many examples around the world,

  5. Whether or not it’s a hoax, I agree with akageorge: If you look at the end of this guard rail, it’s not run into the ground. It has a curved ending if you look closely at the photo you can see it.

  6. and the road is way from the field tracks and the car is on the road looks like the road bends to the right not to the left wtf???

  7. I agree with JJF. Years ago, I drove past a pickup truck that had left a 65MPH highway and straddled a guardrail. Police were there, and it didn’t appear that anyone had been injured. the pickup truck was resting on the two wheels on one side, and the intact guardrail under the transmission.

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