Matt LeBlanc Looks Very Old. Suffering From Rare Aging Disease.

Matt LeBlanc is suffering from a rare aging disease that he contracted after the failure of his sitcom “JOEY” back in 2006.

His hair is gray in an old man kind of way, and his face has taken on an old man look.  He’s only 45 but you would swear that he is much much older than that.  People are shocked — some have tried to help but sadly there is nothing that can be done to help the former “FRIENDS” star.

LeBlanc was once thought to be sexy and cute, but recently he has been looking very old in spite of the fact that he is only 45.

“He could easily pass for someone in his early 60’s,” said Dr, Dean Traherne of the Traherne Institute for Aging and Geriatrics in Bern, Switzerland.

“Mr. Le Blanc has a severe case of P.A.G.S. — Progressive Aging and Graying Syndrome.  This is the same aging disease that football star Bret Favre has been battling since 2005.  There is no cure for P.A.G.S but the condition is not fatal.  It kills careers but it does not kill those afflicted.”

LeBlanc’s old man appearance shocked TV viewers throughout the world when he appeared on the 2013 Golden Globe Awards.  He was nominated for a Golden Globe, but he did not win because he looks too old.  Maybe they will give him a lifetime achievment award next year.

“The fact that Mr. LeBlanc did not win the Golden Globe will only serve to make his PAGS condition worse, and we fear that he might have to start taking parts that will only be available when Ed Asner dies.  Thankfully Ernest Borgnine passed away recently and that will at least give Matt a few jobs here and there.  Producers are even in talks that Matt might play Borgnine’s part in the remake of the remake of The Poseidon Adventure.” [Dr. Dean Trahern, MD]

2 thoughts on “Matt LeBlanc Looks Very Old. Suffering From Rare Aging Disease.

  1. What unkind things to say about such an incredibly handsome man such as Matt. I thought he was goodlooking when he was on FRIENDS, but now WOW! The man is drop dead gorgeous. I don’t care how much gray he has! I have no doubt he will be a knock-out at age 55 and 60!!
    What a heartless and cruel remark to say
    “Thankfully Ernest Borgnine passed away recently…” To you this man’s death is something to celebrate. What do you have for a heart??
    Where is the KINDNESS in your words???
    I did not find PAGS as a real disease. What Matt has is the same thing that you and I and everybody else have: Being MORTAL and subject to the passage of TIME. He’s 45 years old for pity’s sake! He can’t look he just turned 30 any more than Arnold Swartzenegger can look he did in PUMPIMG IRON, or William Shatner look like he did in 1967 in the original STAR TREK on TV!! To me Matt is coming into his own in complete and utter sexiness and his age is only ripening and finetuning that incredible body and face he is blessed with. Some of the most attractive men who wreak of pure sex are men past their prime such as LL Cool J and The Rock and the Itallian Stallion Sylvester Stallone!!! There is LIFE still even for those past 40, Thank the Good Lord!!!!

  2. Sounds like Abinidad has got it bad for Matt LeBlanc — and a few other old-timers too. Poor old queen. (you do realize that there is no way that Abinidad is a woman) his heart, is in the right place –too bad the arteries are all clogged up and one valve needs replacing.

    Listen, honey, I have a super-duper heart and that’s why I am trying to raise public awareness about P.A.G.S. I know you love the oldies, and I am sorry that you didn’t get a chance for a last roll in the hay with Dick Clark, but I am doing a public service.

    Sometimes, Abinidab, sometimes you have to be cruel to behind. Sometimes you have to be a high-riding bitch to survive in the blogosphere.

    DDM – Damien’s Direct Mail
    Damien LeGallienne

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