Two Lesbians Raised A Baby and Now He Is A Circus Act!

“Ask not what your lesbian’s kid can do for you.  Ask what you can do for your lesbian’s kid.”  [Rosemary Kennedy, 1947 –  Cape Cod State Hospital.]

I am getting so sick of this viral “Mr. Lesbian Goes To Washington” viral video.  First of all, he sounds like he has prepared for that speech for years — and his suit doesn’t fit.  I thought it was an old out-take from the acting segment of Star Search.

Every idiot on Facebook, as usual, is spreading this around like crazy despite the fact  that the video is over 6 months old.

What is so weird about a guy who had two lesbians for parents — it’s been going on for centuries — now that it’s out in the open, you’d think that he was the second coming of Christ — or in this case, Mary.

“God didn’t make Adam and Eve — He made Madam and Eve!”  [Damien LeGallienne,]

The way I see it is that the media and Facebook “share” croppers are treating this guy like a trained chimp.  You see, because two lesbians raised him, he is not supposed to be handsome and well-spoken.  He’s supposed to be a big bulky male lesbian — but wait a secoind — he isn’t!  He’s normal — and he sounds like an Independant thinker…or maybe even….gasp…… a Republican!  OMG!

That is soooooooo amazing!  It’s just too bad that his suit doesn’t fit and he comes off like the Kennedy-that-never-was making a campaign speech.   But who am I to criticize?

One thought on “Two Lesbians Raised A Baby and Now He Is A Circus Act!

  1. Oh you mean people are reacting to him the way Biden once did with Obama..

    He’s clean.. He’s articulate. He can walk and talk! What a novelty!

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