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“Former Us Vice President Al Gore is sufferring from a form of pathological lying mental illness.  He has essentially snapped into a delusional state from which he may never emerge.  It started with his global warming theory – and it is only a theory – and now he has attached that global warming madness to his recent betrayal of everything he allegedly stands for by selling his CURRENT TV to an Arabic network that supports terrorism, celebrates violence against children,

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Autopsy Results of Gowanus Canal Dead Dolphin Show the Truth.

“Simple-minded citizens of New York could not understand that this was not an episode of Flipper or a show at Sea World.  This was a wild marine mammal.  The marine biologists who observed it as it spent its last hours in a not-so-pretty place, knew all along that the animal was doomed and  followed proper protocol.  This kind of dolphin death happens countless times each day all over the world but in most cases there is no human there to see it, and to have it happen

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Gay Parsippany, New Jersey Student Comes Out and Annoys People.

A New Jersey (USA) high school student revealed his gayness while accepting an award for class actor in front of his entire senior class.  I know — it’s sickening and annoying — but try to read the rest of this because I actually put some thought into it. During an awards ceremony last Friday, Parsippany High School senior Jacob Rudolph stood on stage in front of three hundred students, as well as teachers and parents, and told the crowd that he is gay.

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Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi Meltdown. Is it Brain Damage?

“With all due respect, the fact is we had four dead Americans. Was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk one night decided to go kill some Americans? (POUNDS FISTS ON DESK) What difference at this point does it make?” Clinton asked the Republican Senator. “It is our job to figure out what happened and do everything we can to prevent it from ever happening again.” [Hillary Clinton] Hillary Clinton went bonkers when

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Michelle Obama’s Inauguration Wig. Where Did Michelle Obama Get That Wig?

Michelle Obama’s Inauguration Wig. Where Did Michelle Obama Get That Wig? While everyone will be staring at First Lady Michelle Obama’s newest hairstyle, Leona Singletary (aka Leona LaTour) sat sadly with her daughter in  Leona’s Hair Salon, the Baltimore wig and hair extension salon where she fitted the First Lady with the wig she will wear to Donald Trump’s inauguration. Leona, in spite of her diabetes and hypertension, was not invited to the festivities and the First Lady wanted to keep the 67-year

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Did Beyonce lip synch the National Anthem? The answer is…..

“Beyonce lip synched the entire National Anthem she sang at the inauguration, and not only did she lip synch it,  she double-tracked her voice with the military orchestra weeks before. ”  [Mildred Sclafani, producer and director from SMP Enterprises in Seaside Heights, NJ USA] Everyone is asking about Beyonce’s inaugurational rendition of he National Anthem — sid she sing it or did she lip synch it?  The answer is that she lip synched it exactly the same way Whitney Houston lip

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Ebay Alliance Watch. Advocacy Group Gets 32,000 Ebay Sellers Their Walking Papers.

EBAY ALLIANCE WATCH, an Ebay watchdog group based in New York, has been very effective in legally solving disputes that fall outside of Ebay’s sphere of influence.  In the past, Ebay has turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to complaints about sellers and buyers once the transaction was clear of their website.  This policy led to a lot of fraud and ill will between sellers and buyers. Since EBAY ALLIANCE WATCH has been handling these complaints, they have succeeded

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Les Gold From Hardcore Pawn has Rare Disease?

“His gait and overall physique is very ape-like because of his stooped hunchback that can never be fixed.  He is suffering from a disease called S.T.O.O.P.S, and he will only get worse and worse as he ages and eventually he will look like a human fetus.  It’s sad and ironic because the spinal affliction that makes him walk like a baboon, is also the affliction that causes him to stare angrily at customers while he is negotiating a deal on something made of gold.”

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