A woman with the largest fever blister (cold sore) in the history of the world asked TheDamienZone what she could do to get rid of the darn thing once she caught us snapping a picture of her through the window of  NYC restaurant.

First of all she should not have been out in public with that barnacle on her lip because the sore was wet and oozy — that means it’s shedding Herpes Simplex 1 virus particles all over the place — and that virus is one of the most contagious of all the viruses known to man.

Here is a link to photos of cold sores and how to remove them with visual instructions.  It might be a dead link now – Destroy Cold Sores the Hollywood way, once and for all. 

It’s so contagious that in the USA it is estimated  about 90% of the population is infected with it by the time they reach the age of 21.   Of that 90% , roughly 40% will have outbreaks and 20% will have frequent and utterly nasty outbreaks — but fret not, knows how to get rid of the cold sore — well, actually we know how to stop it from getting to the point where others notice it.  The key is to know your body and to know when you’re about to come down with a nasty lip carbuncle.

There are prescription anti-virals but they only work if you take them all the time and who wants to run the risk of possible serious side effects for a problem that’s essentially more of a cosmetic nuisance than anything?  Of course there are dangers inherent to having an outbreak, but they go far beyond the scope of this article.

What happens is that the virus moves down to your lip (the Latin word is labialis hence the name Herpes Labialis) and it breaks through there where it  produces tiny bubble blisters that seep out a clear fluid that is loaded with brand new viruses.

It seeks to seed itself throughout the world — and it been very successful because historical evidence proves that cold sores caused by Herpes Simplex 1 have been around since human beings knew how to write about their fever blisters and cold sores.

A fever blister is a cold sore and a cold sore is a fever blister but neither of them is a canker sore.  A canker sore, or aphthous ulcer, occurs inside the mouth and is not caused by a virus — although some chronic viral infections can cause a person to be more prone to nasty outbreaks of canker sores.  This article has NOTHING to do with canker sores.

Herpes Simplex 1 lives in your nervous system — particularly the nerves of the face that radiate back towards the spinal chord.  Once you are infected with this virus, you are infected for life.  Most of us get infected as children when we get kisses from crusty lipped relatives who are too stupid to stay home and not spread the virus to kids.

The virus usually pops out in the same place – all the time — the corner of the lower lip.  Some people get them all over their lips and face.  That’s because they themselves have spread the virus to other nerves on their face by doing dumb things like rubbing it with their finger or putting vaseline on it and spreading it around — YUK!   Some people get the cold sores on their nose or cheek, and some people even get it on the soft palate inside their mouth — this cure is not intended for cold sores that appear on the palate — besides, they go away faster and nobody can see them — but DON’T KISS PEOPLE or SHARE A SODA STRAW!!!!

The virus just sits on that facial or “cranial” nerve and waits for a drop in your immune system’s guard.  Get a little sick and it’s ready to start multiplying.  Get a little too much sun or not enough sleep and you just might start to feel that tingling or itching that tells you — OH NO!  A COLD SORE IS COMING!

One thing that causes a cold sore to manifest but is not listed in medical literature as a cold sore trigger  is driving your car or walking long distances on a nasty rainy day and getting sweaty  because of  adverse driving conditions or walking uphill —  we kid you not.  There is a connection between rainy cold weather and sweating and cold sore outbreaks.  People who get a lot of them know what their triggers are and we’re sure that we’ll hear a few stories.

Okay so you feel the tingle — what do you do!!!!!   First of all none of this treatment regiment applies to children.  It’s suggested only for adults — okay?  It hurts and even though nothing hurts worse than a cold sore in full bloom, we don’t want you putting hot-hot-hot water on the mouths of kids.

You do not waste time going out to buy the cure, you should already have it safely put away in your medicne cabinet.   Here is what you will need.


First take about 5 lysine tablets.  They are cheap and are sold in the vitamin aisle.  Chew them and then swallow them with water.  Don’t swallow them whole because they will not break up and deliver the big dose of harmless lysine that seems to kill the virus.

Then…put your finger in an old wash cloth and dip it in water as hot as you can stand.  Press on the sore with the wash cloth finger.  Do this about five or six times or until the bubbles flatten out or haven’t yet formed.  After you can’t stand the hot water, do it a little more.  Then throw the wash cloth in bleach water or throw it away.

Squirt 91% Isopropyl alcohol (make sure it’s 91% and not 70%) on a piece of toilet paper and do the same thing with the alcohol that you did with the hot water — it’s gonna sting!  Press hard at least four or five times.  Throw the toilet paper away in the toilet bowl and flush it.  Get another piece of toilet paper soaked in 91% isopropanol and do it again — press hard.  Flatten those bubbles down if they’re there.  If they aren’t there yet, they will be in 20 minutes so you must act fast.  If you get a little blood on the toilet paper don’t worry — it means you’ve done a good job.

Your main objective is to to avoid spreading the virus so treat everything you use as though it was contaminated with the worst disease in the world.  You can’t be too sanitary — the more of a germaphobe you are about this procedure, the better it will work.

Take out your Q tips.  Make sure your hands are washed and rewashed and rewashed.  DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING BUT YOURSELF.  Get out your Tea Tree Oil  — you can buy this in any store like Walgreens or Walmart or wherever — it’s a small bottle that will run you about $8-$10.   Dip one end of the q-tip into the tea tree oil and press that Q tip onto the sore.  Hold it there for 30 seconds and then twirl it around while you press it against the sore.  THROW AWAY THAT Q TIP!  DO NOT RE-DIP IT INTO THE TEA TREE OIL.  Repeat the process with a new Q Tip — do not be cheap and use the other side of the Q Tip because you run the risk of spreading the virus to other facial nerves.  You have to do this like you’re a surgeon.

After you have dipped 4 or 5 Q Tips and pressed them hard against the sore wait a few minutes and let the oil dry a little.  Then get another Q Tip and put some 91% Isopropyl alcohol on it and swab the sore so as to dry away the oily leftover tea tree oil.

Then mix in a bottle cap, one half teaspoon of tea tree oil, a crushed lysine tablet and a generous dobbing of Abreva (that costs about $16.00 in the store and one tube will get you through 3 cold sores.    Stir with a toothpick and apply this plaster goo to the sore.  If it’s too runny, crush another lyisne tablet and add the powder until you get a plaster consistancy.  If it’s too hard, add more tea tree oil.  You want it to be like wet window caulking. Make sure the sore is dry.  If it gets oozy again while you are mixing the goo plaster, dab it again with tea tree oil and a new Q tip dipped in alcohol.

Smear the wet plaster onto the sore.  It will either get dry or hard or it may stay pasty — in any event, while it is still pasty, (this is optional) put a piece of toilet paper on it as though it were a shaving cut.  GO TO BED!  OR GO REST!  DO NOT MOVE YOUR MOUTH!  Let the damn plaster thing dry.   Keep your plaster mixture in a cool dry place but don’t let it touch anything.    Each time your cold sore cast  falls off or gets knocked off put on another one, but before you do, apply another layer of tea tree oil.

Don’t get this stuff inside your mouth — it won’t kill you but it’s not for oral ingestion.

If you rest and keep taking lysine tablets and keep re-applying the plaster you made, the cold sore will either go away in a day or never form or just dry up and become easily cover-able with chapstick which you MUSTY APPLY WITH A DISPOSABLE Q TIP — do not smear your whole lips with a chapstick that has been smeared over a cold sore — that would be unbearably dumb!   If you’re really sick and the virus caught you at a bad time, you’re going to still get the sore, but it won’t be anywhere near as bad as it would have been.

This has not been proven by the FDA but it works for poeple I know.

Okay — now yo know the cure — go do it.


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