Did Beyonce lip synch the National Anthem? The answer is…..

“Beyonce lip synched the entire National Anthem she sang at the inauguration, and not only did she lip synch it,  she double-tracked her voice with the military orchestra weeks before. ”  [Mildred Sclafani, producer and director from SMP Enterprises in Seaside Heights, NJ USA]

Everyone is asking about Beyonce’s inaugurational rendition of he National Anthem — sid she sing it or did she lip synch it?  The answer is that she lip synched it exactly the same way Whitney Houston lip synched her famous rendition of the song during the Gulf War.

“The National Anthem is very hard to sing,” continued Mildred Sclafani.  “With an outdoor orchestra and the slight time delay as the music travels throughout the distances, it’s very hard for a singer to stay on key.  The singer hears a pre-echo and it’s almost impossible to sing without getting ahead or behind the music — but there is a tric to this.  

“Beyonce had no choice but to lip synch but she went a little oveboard with the sound mixing and heavy elctronic vocal alterations.  People standing right next to her said that she was not singing anything and the orchestra was not really playing either because their part had already been recorded by either them or an entirely different orchestra.  Nobody can be sure, but this is the first time I ever heard of an entire orchestra ‘music synching’ along with a lip synching singer that’s for sure. In other words, the ban was only pretending to play while Beyonce pretended to sing.”

So we can’t get mad at Beyonce.  She had no choice.  It’s a hard son to sing and it’s even harder to sing outdoor when you are accompanied by a band that is 1/8th of a second ahead or behind your vocals.  It was no secret thet Whitney Houston’s mega-hit rendition of the old song was lip synched, and good for us that it was because it turned out great — much nicer than Beyonce’ by far because Beyonce isn’t really a great singer like Whitney.

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