Michelle Obama’s Inauguration Wig. Where Did Michelle Obama Get That Wig?

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Michelle Obama’s Inauguration Wig. Where Did Michelle Obama Get That Wig?

While everyone will be staring at First Lady Michelle Obama’s newest hairstyle, Leona Singletary (aka Leona LaTour) sat sadly with her daughter in  Leona’s Hair Salon, the Baltimore wig and hair extension salon where she fitted the First Lady with the wig she will wear to Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Leona, in spite of her diabetes and hypertension, was not invited to the festivities and the First Lady wanted to keep the 67-year old widow as far away from the spotlight as possible for fear that she would reveal that the First Lady is really wearing a wig designed and cut by this poor woman who sat virtually alone and watched the inauguration from the shampoo room of the tiny beauty parlor she has owned and managed since 1970.

“Michells was afraid that I would shoot off my mouth and tell people that she was wearing a wig that I designed and styled, ” said Singletary sadly. “Can you believe that?  Never in my life.”

“I have been cutting in wigs and weaves and extensions for more year than I can remember and I don’t go around telling folks who be wearing a wig or a weave or what not.  People naturally know anyway but Michelle thinks that nobody knows and if that makes her happy I am happy, but the least she could do is invite me to the inauguration. I reached out to Mrs. Trump but they didn’t call me back.  They don’t know me.  They probably think I’m some old crazy lady and all that.”

According to Ms. Singletary’s daughter Angelique Roote, her mother got a visit from the First Lady last year when she was in a pinch to style her hair for a nearby speech at a school.  Her own White House staff hairdresser had come down with the flu and Mrs. Obama had less than a half hour to get her hair styled after getting a little soggy in a heavy rain.

“She came in here and her hair was puffed out like how it gets when it’s humid or rainy and she was in a hurry,” said Roote, as she tried to console her sobbing mother.

“My mom fixed her hair so great and so fast that one of the people with the First Lady tried to get her to go work in Hollywood.  My mom is a genius and after that day Michelle continued to come to our little shop after hours.  Over Thanksgiving my mom suggested that Michelle should be fitted with a full lace wig manufactured by Rosa Fiore of Calabria.  It’ the finest wig there is and when a stylist gets you the right cut like my mom did with Michelle Obama, the results can be amazing.”

Rosa Fiore of Calabria is a custom wig company that is so exclusive only the very best salons have access to them and the price is at least $25,000 regardless of style or color because each wig is pure human hair and it is up to the person who styles the hair to bring out the natural beauty of the Fiore product.

According to Ms. Roote, way back in 1977, Rosa Fiore herself noticed a fabulous hairstyle on a tourist in Milan and asked her about it.  That woman happened to be a client of Leona Singletary.  Soon after that chance encounter with the client, Rosa Fiore contacted Mrs. Singletary and offered her the opportunity to have access to her wigs for sale and styling.  This offer made Singletary’s salon one of only 50 places in the world who can place an order for a Rosa Fiore wig.  This must have been very flattering for a woman with a small rundown old shop.

“You bet your ass I was flattered that she called me direct from Italy,” said Leona Singletary, but I told her that I only had a little salon in a poor part of town.  All you have to do is look at this place.  I haven’t changed a thing in over thirty years.  I told the Italian lady that my clients could not afford that kind or price, but she said my talent was so good that if anyone ever needed a good wig, all I had to do was call her office in Italy and she would help me. 

“So that one day Michelle Obama comes in her and I did a quick fix on her hair but she needed a wig or some weaving really bad.  I wondered if that offer from thirty-five years ago was still valid, and wouldn’t you know that the Italian lady remembered me and she designed that wig for Michelle Obama that I trimmed and cut and styled to give her the perfect look she needed. I understand her face and that is the trick to being a great stylist.”

Singletary confided that the wig she did for the First Lady cost $4,700 just to buy but that she herself had done all of the cutting and styling after it was applied to her head.

“It took me about an hour and I charged her $200.00 for my work but she insisted on giving me an extra $500.00.  So  the total cost was $5,400, and I have to say it looks great but I was sad that I was not invited to the inauguration.  She thinks I talk too much or something.  That’s what I hear anyway.”

Since word has leaked out about Michelle Obama’s awesome wig, Leona Singletary has been swamped with offers from other high profile clients even though it hasn’t yet been seen.   Here is a link to Rosa Fiore shoppe in Rome.  DeRosa Firoes Elegantes.

“Barbara Streisand called me yesterday and so did Beyonce and Madonna and Cher and all the big names, but they want me to come to them.  I am staying right where I am and doing my thing my way.  If Cher or whoever wants to get a weave or a wig or whatever, they got to get off they asses and come down to me.  I don’t leave my shop for nobody unless they’s a lady from my church who’s in the hospital or something like that.” 

So, if you want to look like Michelle Obama and have fabulous hair for that oh-so-special event, be prepared to shell out at least $5,000 and get yourself to Luxurious Leona LaTour’s Hair Salon in Baltimore, Maryland USA.  You’ll get the star treatment from Leona’s staff which at the time consists of Leona, her daughter Angelique and Angelique’s best friend Robert.

9 thoughts on “Michelle Obama’s Inauguration Wig. Where Did Michelle Obama Get That Wig?

  1. I’m ashamed that the First Lady-in-name-only is such a fat, ugly, mannerless ghetto-playing — Moochelle obomba.

  2. FLINO is kidding no one. Babs, Cher, Beyonce all wear wigs, extensions. Glad to know about the Italian hair. Chris Rock did an HBO special about black hair. He said the most sought after is East Indian hair but of course Rosa is in a class by herself…as is our dear stylist.

  3. I knew Michele O had a wig on the day her Husband was sworn in. WE have to tighten our belts, but she can spend $20,000 on this kind of stuff? Nonsense!

  4. This doesn’t sound believable to me. There’s multiple spelling errors i this release and t just doesn’t add up. I think this is just being done for advertisement.

  5. No “spelling” errors per se. This is a translation from the original French version to English. There may be some miscues in transcription. It does not change the story which is true.

  6. If anyone actually believes one woman got a call from Barbara Streisand, Cher and Beyonce, they’ll believe anything! This story is faker than a flying pig!

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