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Is How I Met Your Mother Being Cancelled?

How I Met Your Mother is headed for the end of the season, and a lot of viewers are really upset, but lighten up because next season will be great.  But will there be a next season?  Some people are worried that the show is being cancelled.     According to one Hollywood insider, the show will not be cancelled.  As a matter of fact,  How I Met Your Mother is getting amped up a few notches and there will be

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Most Americans Love Prince Harry, but Prince Harry is Hung Up by the Far Left.

Americans Love Prince Harry, but not all of them.  Why the far left American misfits hate Harry.   By: Damien Le Gallienne. Prince Harry’s visit to the USA has been a very successful one thus far, and the Yanks seem to be quite smitten with the handsome and dashing young prince. Perhaps the visit to the USA is indeed a way to revamp Harry’s bad boy reputation in the USA and back home in Britain.   The Las Vegas thing had tongues

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Jurys Already Decides – Jodi Arias Will Get The Death Penalty.

According to experts, convicted killer Jodi Arias will get the death penalty because the jury not only thought she was evil and guilty — they thought she was annoying. “The jury thinks that Jodi Arias must be executed as soon as possible,” said world reknowned prosecutor, Raymond Tote-Tundy PhD, a professor of criminal prosecution at the University of Nebraska School of Law and Agriculture. “The talk is that the jury was so annoyed by Jodi Arias behavior and her false

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Michael Musto Mocks Chris Christie’s Weight Loss Surgery.

Do you know Michael Musto?  Perhaps you’ve seen his creepy fat-yet-sunken face on TV or anywhere else where ladies talk about fashion? Maybe you’ve read his uninteresting column in the Village Voice — it’s right next to the all-male chat line phone numbers advertisements. Perhaps you follow him on Twitter because you need to mindlessly pass the time reading the opinions of this looks-fat-but-is-really-shriveled fuktard who will only wear Snooki flip flops on his feet because there is either something

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Dan Savage’s Oral Cancer -Sarah Palin Comment. He is one nasty queen

Dan Savage — who is Dan Savage?  Well, if I wanted to sound like Dan Savage, I would say that Dan Savage is a bitter and cringe-worthy queen who is married to an unfortunate guy named Terry. If I wanted to sound even more like Dan Savage, I would say that Dan Savage is a nasty bitchy queen who has made a career with his anti-bullying messages for teens and other bullied people.  He’s a nasty little Nancy who has

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Top Ten Signs That You Are a Facebook Moron.

From 0000 -2008, there were people who liked to spontaneously drop in for coffee and meaningless conversation. These drop-ins were always the first to arrive and help at funerals and wakes and deathbed visitation because they secretly enjoyed mayhem and sadness, but they could easily masquerade their malevolent intentions as sincere kindness and caring. They liked silly and simple-minded inspirational stories because they had the mind of a child.  Their knowledge of politics and war and violence and social injustice were

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Facebook Story About Stabbed Marine and Thief Who Falls off the Curb is Fake.

The “story” in this story has probably already been shared on your Facebook timeline.  It’s probably being shared over and over again by every dumb and gullible Facebooker you know.  It’s a fake and maudlin feel-good story that was invented for the likes of people who cheer wildly in movie theaters when the alien gets blown up or the criminal is killed by the hero.  In other words, it’s the kind of story that bird-brained and simpleminded people on your

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Jason Collins: When Coming Out Of The Closet is an Insult to Gay People.

Jason Collins, a third or fourth string NBA basketball player, has come out of the closet —  not because he is simply proud to be gay —  but because he had to do something to boost his vanishing career. Some really dumb people in the media and in the world of gay politics are heralding this “coming-out-of- the-closet-sports-hero” as the new Jackie Robinson.  The stupidity and self-serving dumbness of these people is pathetic. Not only does the comparison to baseball

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