Dan Savage’s Oral Cancer -Sarah Palin Comment. He is one nasty queen

Dan Savage — who is Dan Savage?  Well, if I wanted to sound like Dan Savage, I would say that Dan Savage is a bitter and cringe-worthy queen who is married to an unfortunate guy named Terry.

savageIf I wanted to sound even more like Dan Savage, I would say that Dan Savage is a nasty bitchy queen who has made a career with his anti-bullying messages for teens and other bullied people.  He’s a nasty little Nancy who has become — and probably always was — one of the people he proclaims to hate — a BULLY!

Recently Dan Savage went over the cliff of Bitchy-Queen-Land by sorta/kinda wishing oral cancer on Sarah Palin.

Before I get into that, let me tell you the psychology behind all of this Dan Savage bullshit.

Dan Savage is a raging anti-bullying creature who hates bullies because he was probably bullied a lot when he was a kid. Okay, that’s totally understandable, but where Dan Savage goes wrong is patently clear to anyone with a brain.

You see, Dan Savage was not bullied in school because he was gay.  Oh no no no no!  He was bullied because he is a fucking jerk-off and a whining, nasty, bitchy, and annoying little asshole.

He’s got it all wrong — and he’s devoted so much of his life and time to this.  What a waste.  Yes, it’s true, Dan Savage has dedicated a lot of self-serving time to “protecting” gay kids from bullies, when in fact he should have been protecting whining, nasty, bitchy, and annoying little assholes from bullies.  How did anybody miss that?  Geez!

So anyway, Dan Savage, being the bitter queen who has now become what he hates — and that’s what eventually happens to all people like Dan — is now reasoning that tobacco-chewing Sarah Palin is an upside to the threat of oral cancer.  In other words, he wished cancer on Sarah Palin. That’s really charming.

He wrote in his  queenly blog – “Woke up to Sarah Palin’s voice. She’s taken up chewing tobacco now cuz LIBRULS or Bloomberg or something. Now seeing upside of oral cancers….So, yeah, I “bullied” Sarah Palin. Yup. That’s what I did.” 

Is this guy a major cunt or what?  I thought Ron Reagan (the ugly, failed ballerina son,  not the President) was a whining little queeny bitch, but this Dan Savage — wow — he takes the prize.

Dan has bullied students for whom he was called upon to lecture about bullying.  But, being the bitchy queen that I assume he is, Dan Savage told the gay students “to ignore the bullshit in the bible about gay people” and then when some students walked out of the lecture, he called their protest a “pansy-assed move.”  Wow, he just keeps getting more and more charming, eh?

In an interview with Bill Maher, Dan Savage said, “I wish all Republicans were fucking dead.”  He later tried to take that back with some dopey story about his own father being a Republican, but it was too late.  His inner bitchy and queenie-queen-queen had already bared her claws.

If you want to dip deeper into this, maybe Dan Savage hates his father.  Maybe  that’s why he has grown up to be a one-note samba beyotch.   Who knows?  Maybe all of his anger is aimed at his father.  Poor father.  He must want to jump off a bridge.  Yeah, even straight old people jump off of bridges, Dan.

The funny thing about bullies is that some people bring out the bully in other people.  For no apparent reason Dan Savage has implied that cancer is a good thing as far as Sarah Palin goes, but by doing that he has created more bullies against himself.  Why would he do this?  The answer is obvious.

Dan Savage is mentally sick in my opinion and I also believe that he enjoys being bullied and he fantasizes about the bullies in his past.  He can’t rid himself of the memory of the hot muscle jocks who bullied him because he was a bitchy, whining, annoying jerk-off– and he liked it.  Is that a crazy opinion for me to have? I asked an expert.

“No it is not a crazy opinion.  He could be a masochist who vents that aspect of his personality by intentionally bothering people or stirring up unpopular comments or commentary so as to attract negative attention to himself.  You can say that he is looking to be bullied and that he perhaps enjoys being bullied.  With that said, I do not think your opinion of Dan Savage’s mental situation to be without merit” [Raj Patel MD, Mumbai Institute for Psychiatric Study] 

So, did I do a good job of sounding like Dan Savage or was I not queenie enough?

One thought on “Dan Savage’s Oral Cancer -Sarah Palin Comment. He is one nasty queen

  1. ROFLMAO finally someone called this bullying douche what he is! I love homos and trans but dang, I fucking hate Dan Savage. He is a terrible person with a shitload of issues and a bigger ego than U2, Mel Gibson and Streisand at an award orgy.

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