Jurys Already Decides – Jodi Arias Will Get The Death Penalty.

jodeAccording to experts, convicted killer Jodi Arias will get the death penalty because the jury not only thought she was evil and guilty — they thought she was annoying.

“The jury thinks that Jodi Arias must be executed as soon as possible,” said world reknowned prosecutor, Raymond Tote-Tundy PhD, a professor of criminal prosecution at the University of Nebraska School of Law and Agriculture.

“The talk is that the jury was so annoyed by Jodi Arias behavior and her false lapses of memory that they had her hanged even before they went into seclusion.  The reason the decision took long to come back was becayse the jury feared that if they hurried back with a verdict,  grounds would develop where an appeal could be sought for the conviction.  Almost all of the jury member at one time or another expressed open content for the woman who couldn’t think of any more ways to kill her lover.”

It was obvious to the judge in the trial tht Arias was toast but the jury had a smart foreman who knew that it was best to pretend that they were considering the evidence.  The truth, however, is that the jury reached a conclusion in minutes and spent the rest of the time just talking about casual subjects.

The word now is that the jury has already oredered the death penalty for Jodi Arias, and the joke around the jury room is how she should be killed.  In spite of the fact that state law requires lethal injection be the means by which a prisoner is put to death, many of the jury members are talking about silly things like:  Tying her to a rocket and shooting her into the farthest reaches of the atmosphere and returning her without a parachute.  Other ideas were to dip her in liquid nitrogen and then smash her like a crystal vase so that she shatters into a mllion pieces.  Another idea was to put her in downtown Tehran wearing a sign that denounces Islam and Allah.

“No matter what they decide to be the means by which Jodi Arias is killed,” said Tote-Tundy, “The plan is to hide a few hidden cameras on her just so they can see how much misery they can force upon Jodi Arias.  She made them sick to their stomachs for 4 months and they really want to f**k her up real bad.”

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