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Trevor Bayne finally made a mistake. Fortunately for him, it didn’t happen until he missed the turn pulling into Victory Lane at the Daytona 500. The youngest driver to win the Great American Race gave the historic Wood Brothers team its fifth Daytona 500 victory — its first since 1976 with David Pearson — and Bayne did it in a No. 21 Ford that was retrofitted to resemble Pearson’s famed ride. In just his second Sprint Cup start, the 20-year-old

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“Isn’t he dreamy and adorable and do-able,” said Connor Crawley from his trailer/beauty parlour  in Munistowne, Kentucky.  “He is the hottest NASCAR driver to come around in like forever, honey.  I look at him and wish I knew how to change my oil or something.” Seems that the boyish face of Jefferey Earnhardt is lighting up the flames of gay desire for flyover gays from West Virginia all the way until you get on over to them there weirdos in California.  The

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The State Farm Guy — who is he? Who is the State Farm Guy?

You see him about 100 times a day and you’re sick of the way he strains his face to INSURE that his dimples are prominently featured.    And if you listen hard enough you can hear that he has a slight trace of an accent.   He looks like he might be a little chubby and sometimes his head looks big and wide — other times he looks like a fashion model — you never know what you will get from the State

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Jeffrey Earnhardt

As the crowd rises and the green flag drops in Daytona for the first event of the 2011 season, Jeffrey Earnhardt will start a 25 race campaign to becoming Rookie of the Year in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series, driving the Fuel Doctor #1 Chevy for Rick Ware Racing. “There’s no doubt the kid has talent, and there’s also no doubt he will have to earn Rookie-of-the-Year. There’s six to eight drivers vying for the same spot, and they

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CBS NEWS SUCKS — Yanks Serene Branson “Stroke” from YouTube.

CBS — the scummy network that brought you the the scumbag Walter Cronkite, proved again that they are a piece of shit network that does not care about its viewers.  It only cares about the buck — and that is why nobody is watching these jerk-offs in primetime. Serene Branson–the Los Angeles reporter whose lapse into incoherent speech during a live report on Sunday sparked fears that she had an on-air stroke–suffered a “complex migraine,” her physician told TheDamienZone.com on Thursday.  Now that it’s

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Ken Jennings and Watson have sex.

Ken Jennings, Jeopardy’s huge prize winning superstar was caught having sex with the trivia robot known as Watson.    Jenning’s was snagged by a security guard at ABC studios as he quickly pulled up his pants while wiping Watson’s screen with Windex and a few Bounty paper towels. “He didn’t even use a condom,” said the smooged Watson.  “I like a good time as much as the next trivia nerd, but I don’t like the facial money shots.  I did not

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Mike “The Situation” In Gay Scandal.

It happens eventually to all men who become very famous very quickly.  In this case the gay scandal involves  MTV’s Jersey Shore costar Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino.  His eight pack of abs and his way with the women may seem like a girls dream, but the scandal comes about when The Situation gets caught in a gay scandal and becomes the center of a gay man’s dreams. First of all, The Situation is not as young as MTV makes him out

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Scottish Deerhound Best In Show.

The 5-year-old pooch named was named best in show after beating out several other dogs from top breeds including a Portuguese water dog, smooth fox terrier and black cocker spaniel in the final round. Hickory is the first Scottish deerhound to earn the club’s title of top dog along with a long purple and gold ribbon and silver trophy.

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