CBS NEWS SUCKS — Yanks Serene Branson “Stroke” from YouTube.

CBS — the scummy network that brought you the the scumbag Walter Cronkite, proved again that they are a piece of shit network that does not care about its viewers.  It only cares about the buck — and that is why nobody is watching these jerk-offs in primetime.

Serene Branson–the Los Angeles reporter whose lapse into incoherent speech during a live report on Sunday sparked fears that she had an on-air stroke–suffered a “complex migraine,” her physician told on Thursday. 

Now that it’s not a stroke, will CBS still keep as tight of a grip on the YouTube videos or will they stop trying to claim copyright infringement?

“They can make a lot more money off of a live action video of a stroke than they can make off a complex migrain,” said Dr. Greff Destefanos of the Armenian Hospital For Brain Trauma in Marseille, France.”

“Not too many people have a stroke on live TV and CBS thought for a minute that they had struck paydirt.  They kept pulling any video of the incident they could find which is unfortunate because if more people had had access to the video, it may have proved helpful for them if they were ever to encounter a similar situation happening to themselves or someone else.  This was dirty pool on the part of CBS.”

Dr. Neil Martin, the chief of neurosurgerery at the UCLA Medical Center, gave the diagnosis of a Complex Migraine to the

A complex migraine is often mistaken for a stroke. People can suffer loss of vision and have difficulty speaking when one is occurring.  To capture one happening live on video is very rare and CBS put a noose around this video and did the world a great disservice.

The diagnosis comes after nearly a week of speculation about what exactly happened to Branson. She was giving a live report on the Grammys for L.A. station CBS-2 when she suddenly had trouble forming words. Branson was clearly disturbed by what was happening to her, and the station quickly cut away.

On Monday, after reports she had been hospitalized and had had a stroke, the station put out a statement saying that Branson had been taken home after being checked by paramedics. That evening, though, CBS-2 said that Branson had gone to a doctor to undergo medical tests–the results of which were revealed on Thurdsay

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