Joey Lawrence of “Melissa and Joey” sprays on a fake shaved hairline.


The makeup people carefully draw in Joey’s hairline dot by dot,” said a source close to the makeup department on the set of ABC Family’s new sitcom “Melissa and Joey.” 

“They carefully recreate the illusion that Mr. Lawrence has a thick hairline that has been shaved.  The problem is that from day to day they are not able to exactly duplicate the exact position of the fake shaved hairline and instead Joey ends up with a scalped vampire look.  When I see Mr. Lawrence after the makeup on his head is finished, and I hear him rehearse the scripts, I realize that this new show is so cancelled.”

The Damien zone got closer pictures of Joey Lawrence’s sprayed in head.   Here are more pics….—->Direct Pics Sprayed on Joey Hair .

Sarah Palin went on Larry King to talk about Joey’s spray on hair and the results were hilarious.

Poor Joey has gone bald, but unlike all the other A-list celebrities who run to the nearest $10,000 hairpiece designers or $100,000 hair transplant surgeons, Joey prefers to draw his hair in with some kind of head paint and then pretend that it’s a shaved head.  The whole thing makes no sense and looks pretty frightening.

“It’s like if I shaved my underarms and then drew in black dots or sprayed on a thin film of black paint to make it look like the hair is just growing back in, “ said John Travolta as he glued on his newest Micro-Thin Derma Replacement Uniqu-3000 Hair Replication System.  “It makes no sense and it makes Joey look like a mental patient.”

“The thing is that you get a system like the ones I have and keep them nice and spiffy, but I am a much bigger star than Joey Lawrence.  You can also get hair transplants, but Joey’s head is very large and he is very bald.  There is not enough hair to transplant.”

Joey not only draws in a shaved head. he also draws in plucked eyebrows.  Why would anyone shave something and then draw the hairs back in?  We asked an expert.

“It is obvious that Mr. Lawrence suffers from Trichotrusion,” said dermatologist Hannah Theiss of the Beverly Hills Hair Loss Center.  “It’s a rare condition where a bald man will pretend that he has shaved his head because he is bothered by the thick hair, when in fact there is no hair at all.  It’s a very serious condition and eventually the patient has to seek psychological therapy.”

Whatever you are doing with that paint on widows peak, Joey, you better stop.  You’re making Eddie and Grandpa Munster look like Fabio.  You can’t act and you can’t sing and your shaved head is sprayed on — it’s tragic.

18 thoughts on “Joey Lawrence of “Melissa and Joey” sprays on a fake shaved hairline.

  1. haha he has hair you idiots. You all are blind and stupid if you think that is sprayed on

  2. Do you see the giant scar that runs from behind one ear all the way across to the other? That’s where they harvested donor hair to transplant on his head. Now the new hair that is growing in is very thin and whispy but they thicken it with stuff and darken his scalp with a product aclled Couvre which camaflouges the scalp that shows through.

  3. I watched “Melissa & Joey” (I know, I know, I know…). I can’t take my eyes of Joey’s head. It literally refelcts all the studio lights and looks completely unnatural. I understand that he feels can’t be a “bald sex symbol”, but I say embrace it. It would look so much better to have a bald shaved head than a bald sprayed head!

  4. I also could not take my eyes off of his head and I also saw the glare of the lights on the sprayed part…the color wasn’t even the same. He’s a cutie and bald is hot on some people and he can definately pull it off. Go natural, Joey!!!

  5. BMX MOM — I love your comment — watch the Sarah Palin cartoon where she talks about Joey Lawrenece and his spray on hair — you will love it — I wrote it and directed it and still I laugh like a hyena every time I watch it — it’s on the front page of the website as a YouTube kind of link — be careful if you have kids around because the language is a little raw — and thanks for giving me a laugh with “I also saw the glare of the lights on the sprayed part” — that was hilarious!


  6. Why do you all pick on him? Just because he is a star don’t you think he has feelings? So what if he sprays on his hair or just shaves it. He looks great. He is a great actor and I love him with Melissa in Melissa and Joey

  7. It’s called scalp pigmentation but basically is a tattoo on the scalp so it looks like hair on HD cameras or in person it looks like a tattoo FUT is the only non noticeable treatment

  8. Yes — I know about scalp pigmentation — it’s a popular thing in the UK right now and I saw a TV programme about it — but I had to laugh when you wrote. “it looks like hair on HD cameras” –haha — it soooooo does not look like hair. It looks psychotic. What is FUT?

    Damien LeGallienne

  9. This author is stupid as fuk. Let’s see how you look like. You probably look like a troll be hind the computer. I bet your ugly as fuck.

  10. Hey Georgee Boy in Irvine, California – BEHIND is one word. YOUR is YOU’RE in this case. Joey sends his love.

    Damien LeGallienne

  11. Look his hair is thining. Mine is to and I feel for him. Not really fair when you look after your self (gym eating healthy skincare routine and great teeth), we want to look good as long as possible.
    So we need guys like this not scared to try things. Thanks Joey!!

    I’m happy for him and so glad we need more guys with shaved heads on t.v like dWayne Johnson.

    Proving the shaved head can be attractive and a leading man.
    Anyway thanks for reading

  12. Joeys hair is fascinating to watch, these days his dodgy transplant job has grown out to length of hair most men wear across their arse cheeks (arse pubes). It must have stinged him good to have his arse pubes surgically attach atop his bald bonce! M&J sitcom is absolute arse gravy too, I can’t think of anything less funny, except maybe Estelle Getty trapped in a bath.

  13. Idk why these folks saying “he has hair” and so defensive. Yes he has hair on the sides and back, the top is some craziness and brown when the rest is a completely different color and looks like the early 90’s skater boy where they shaved the sides and back and bleached the fuk outta the top. There ya go. I’m losing my hair but I just keep it short and go wirh it! We all get older and we have to embrace what God gave us and what God took away and go with it!

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