James Franco, Under The Influence of Hollywood’s Satan, is Suicidal Over Trump.


James Franco, Under The Influence of Hollywood’s Satan, is Suicidal Over Trump.


James Franco, a marginally talented actor, an imitation closet homosexual, and a narcissistic asshole (pardon the triple redundancy) is having great difficulty dealing with the Presidential election results.   It’s pitiful and your thoughts and prayers would be greatly appreciated during this most difficult time for him. 

Owing to the fact that Donald Trump is now the President of the United States of America, poor James has fallen into a “deep depression” and his mind cannot come to grips with its own identity…or something like that.  I don’t really know what that means, but it’s essentially what he said.   Kindly indulge me here. Pretend that it all makes sense by continuing to read.

hollywood-satanismOne fan website described James’ delicate condition as an “existential crisis.”   Another site, a complete shit-wipe, went so far as to say that James was SUICIDAL after the results of the election – Trump’s victory – became apparent.

Of course James’ depression and suicidal state is a complete insult to the actual human side of depression and suicide — and to all of the victims living and dead therein.  But, sadly,  this is Hollywood, and rules of decorum and dignity and genuine pastoral mercy, sans the virtual signalling, do not apply there.  Hollywood is an evil place.  That’s not Magical Thinking, people.  The facts and stats speak for themselves.  Something is really wrong there…something wicked and unhealthy and dangerous.

The illnesses and addictions of Hollywood stars are far more important than the ones that affect the lives of ordinary people. Hollywood wounds are special.  The problems of celebrated people in the movie and TV and music business are far worse – yet somehow so much better and more important – than yours.   And, if you have been reading the simpleton-directed websites of Hollywood,  you would know that poor baby James, rendered weakened and attenuated by the election results, is barely able to lift his legs up off the mattress.  He even needs help getting the pillow under his ass in spite of the fact that he is “only homosexual to the point of intercourse.”james franco

Anyway, these same websites, after dabbing Franco’s tears and changing his sheets, go on, of course, to help him hawk his latest failed movie, “I AM MICHAEL” — a Christian-bashing flop that’s been panned to pieces by critics in spite of the fact that it has all the elements beloved by the strangely demonic people in – or adjacent to – Hollywood.   Wow — this movie must really suck!

“I Am Michael” is about a gay man (played by Franco of course) who, through association with a Christian church, tries to convert to heterosexuality.   It’s a true story about those dark and evil “pray away the gay” Christian people who chop off the heads of gay people out in the deserts of Iran and…oh wait…those aren’t the Christians who do that.  Pardon me, but I’m so upset for James Franco that I’m fucking up my story.   Let me backtrack.  The movie is about about a gay man who tries to convert to heterosexuality by joining up with a Christian church in Wyoming .

Hmmmm… Christians in Wyoming —  a solid Red State — the home of Dick Cheney —  versus a gay man?  What the fuck!  No film ever made could be more Oscar worthy than that?   I guess they could have made James’ character mentally retarded or autistic or paralyzed, but, dammit,  this film is supposed to be based on a true story.  I guess the stupid shills who produce this sickening shit for their Satanic bosses, had to stick with at least a few factual things.

Is anyone out there starting to see the behavioral similarities inherent to both James Franco’s recent press releases and the sadly bizarre behavior of Shia LeBouef?    I am…and I’m not even a psychiatrist.   I will, however, save THAT comparison for another day.  

Anyway, if you’re don’t fully understand what James is talking about — and neither does he — allow me to explain it to you. Allow me to explain why Hollywood is behaving the way they are behaving, and why people like James Franco and Shia LeBouef are sleepwalking through life under the influence of the narcotic effect of a Hollywood poison.

You see, all drugs have side-effects.  They come with the pharmacy’s translucent orange bottle…on a piece of paper with teeny-tiny writing.  

Hollywood fame is a drug, but it’s not prescribed by real doctors or people trained to notice and fix its side effects.  There is no Important Patient Information attached to a movie contract.  Hollywood is a poisonous concoction, and it should  labeled at least as a controlled substance. Moreover, it should be dispensed with a prominently displayed skull and crossbones attached to the label.  It should not be handed out over-the-counter by the various Satanic compound pharmacists whose names appear in the movie credits BEFORE and ABOVE the names of the fame-addicted slaves who do the actual performing.

It’s pitiful, my friends, pitiful.   


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  1. I see you know much about Hollywood but why not name the actual drug in Hollywood, adrenochrome.

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