“She reminds me of the character Veda Pierce in the Joan Crawford movie, MILDRED PIERCE.  She’s a pretentious ingrate who tries to deny her own truth and her mother because she wants to belong to satanic Hollywood.  She fits right in with those evil monsters.” [Dr. Mildred Sclafani.  Producer-Director]

ashley-judd[DAMIEN LeGALLIENNE, BRUSSELS, BELGIUM] – Ashley Judd represented Middle-America today by sharing the stage with fat and disgusting Michael Moore and a host of other misfits at the totally useless and vulgar Woman’s March on Washington .  Together they gathered to produce some kind of childish display — something that was all about acting out and play acting.  

NOTE:  One year after this was written, Ashley Judd launched her crusade against Harvey Weinstein.   Her career and her face were sagging, so she did what she had to do.  

When Miss Judd (looking old and tore up) grabbed the microphone, she read a poem that was supposedly written  by a 19 year-old girl from the hills of Tennessee.  Sorry, but I ain’t buying it.  My best bet is that poem was actually written by some unhappy, dog-faced and no-date-for-the-1967- with New Yawk values.

In that poem, apart from all of the other vulgarity and coarseness therein,  Ashley shouted and stretched her wrinkly neck out like a shriveled up flamingo to proclaim:  “I am not as nasty as your own daughter being your favorite sex symbol, like your wet dreams infused with your own genes,”

In other words, this sick excuse for a poem implies that Donald Trump lusts after his own daughter.   Mind you, this amateurish and menstrual-motivated bad poem was CHOSEN by Ashley… or her publicity people.  This poem, as trashy as it was, fit in nicely with all of the fat-and-ugly and un-fuckable women who march on Washington. ashley-judd

This moron, Ashley Judd, an aging has-been actress, should be taking care of her dying mother, and/or taking a long look at herself and realizing that she is just a poor Appalachian life-lottery winner who is betraying the dirt poor people who look up to her.

She is a complete scum bag and a sell-out.  She makes me sick.   She mocks Trump — a man who raised terrific kids who love him.  Ashley’s own  mother, Naomi Judd, who is dangerously ill both physically and mentally, has been left to languish in a three-sided log cabin somewhere in Arkansas while her pile-of-shit daughter sews out her cunt-sense to unhappy women who all needed to pee.

Imagine the nastiness of a daughter who humiliates her sick mother – the person who literally created her and got her famous –  in a vain attempt to promote her own,  “I WAS MOLESTED” agenda.  Does anyone buy that shit anymore?

“Ashley thinks she is still a Hollywood star.  Screw Hollywood !  Get rid of it !  Stop watching the society-coarsening shit that comes out of that godless shit hole,” said one insider close to the Judd family.

You can bet on one thing, the last thing any of these people would want is for The Damien Zone to be the DICTATOR of the USA.   We’d make Stalin look like Ghandi.   Hollywood would not exist in the Damien Zone.  They’d all be doing hard time — even if they’re white trash who washed up over the Ozark border.

Ashley Judd is, from birth, a mega-WHITE-TRASH nothing.  In any other life, like thousands of women of her ilk, her best chance in life would be landing a job as a waitress at Stuckey’s or Cracker Barrel and living out her life on welfare and booze and crystal meth – but she had an edge.  Her mother WAS gorgeous and talented.ashley mothrt

If you read Ashley Judd’s bio on Wikipedia – all about her educational background – you will read that she went to 13 schools here and there, and that once (WOW) she went to France to study French, and that she was “nominated” for Phi Beta Kappa at some college yet she, “did not graduate with her class,” and she holds no Phi Beta Kappa key.

If you read elsewhere, you hear tales of multiple degrees and PhDs etc. In reality, however, this vapid and moronic hick is as dumb as a rock, I don’t care what imaginative or unimaginative degrees she has, she’s a fucking idiot.

Put all that questionable EDUCATION together and what does it spell?    Answer: She is UNEDUCATED !!!  She has NO REAL ACADEMIC CREDENTIALS– or none that are readily apparent when she speaks.

Ashley Judd is UNEDUCATED and stupid and moronic, but if you string enough academic-sounding pieces of shit-string together in a bio, you can see that some shticky publicist created the paper-trail illusion that she is a genius.

Truth be told, Ashley Judd is an Appalachian White who climbed over the talents of her mother Naomi and sister Wynona.   We won’t say what else she PROBABLY did to land a part in a movie.  Wynona wants nothing to do with Ashley.  She’s probably humiliated.

Ashley – as true Appalachian White –  is a member of a poor and seriously marginalized community that goes 100% ignored by the Hollywood virtue-signalling crowd simply because they’re white and they usually believe in God and they are viewed as the ultimate Red State flyover folks.

Hollywood does not “feel” charity for people like that.    And, since Ashley Judd thinks she is HOLLYWOOD and not APPALACHIAN, she has turned her maniacal anger towards Donald Trump and her back on her family.


Because she can’t buy a fucking job now that she is closing in on 50 and her white trash wrinkle-genes are kicking in and her breasts are spreading apart like an over-cooked croissant.   She had to do something shameless and undignified in order to get a few seconds of spotlight.  It’s too late Ashley…too late.

Go home, you dumb shit.  Go take care of your mother and stop being a Hollywood whore-for-fame.  It’s Satanic.  Your career is over.


  1. Thanks for this post. I laughed my head off and got a vicarious high on your rant. I am so sick of these angry embarrassing self righteous spoiled bitches presuming to speak for all us women. THEY DON’T.

  2. Ashley may b considered an “older” actress by male Hollywood standards but the facts r she still is a paid working actress. Whether one likes her politics or not, the reality is that she is being hired for acting jobs.

  3. YOu obviously do not read Variety or any of the trade papers. She can’t buy a job — and now she’s even worse off because she is nuts. No one wants to work with her.

  4. Ashley Judd made such a fool of herself, she reminded me of the mother in the movie Carrie.

  5. Good analogy, Cynthia. Thank you for your comment. Try to share this blog entry with your friends in social media. People need to know.

    Damien LeGallienne

  6. Y’all need to chill. That rant obviously had a lotta hatred and probably took wayyyy too long to write. Find something better to do with your time

  7. Maybe that would take you a LOOOOOOOOOOONG time to write something like that — because you’re simple — but I did it in 11 minutes. I also got paid a lot of money to write it. That is my skill — what’s yours out there in Winfield, BC?

  8. I write stuff like yours (that’s why I think you’re quite talented).
    How do I get paid like you do to write like you? Most of my stuff is in emails to people–journalists, politicians,
    crazy-ass neo-Marxist scumbags–that I hate with the white-hot intensity of a thousand suns. It’s fun but not lucrative.

  9. Ashley Judd could be a star if she wanted to be. How many movies have you been in ? She doesn’t want to and certainly doesn’t need to because she has PLENTY of money and does what she wants. Donald Trump is a complete piece of shit moron who will be referenced in history as the worst thing that has EVER happened to America.

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