You’ve probably seen it in the endlessly lying  gay press and in the press in general where everybody is a phony gay-adjacent lackey.  But, in case you have not heard, let me explain the TRUTH in the matter of this “embarrassing” TRAVEL WARNING that’s been issued to LGBTQ Brits traveling to the USA.

In my world, it was spread to me by someone who shared the article as it was lied about and gaily spun by The Advocate – a gay tabloid that has told more lies than Liberace’s cleaning lady.   The Advocate is a shit rag the only purpose of which seems to be stirring up trouble and molding every gay person into a pathetic victim.

Before I go off on one of my usual, but informative, tirades let me say this:

The MESSAGE that the UK FOREIGN OFFICE has issued is this: “The U.S. is an extremely diverse society and attitudes towards LGBT people differ hugely across the country.  LGBT travelers may be affected by legislation passed recently in the states of North Carolina and Mississippi.”

Note that there is NO WARNING!  It’s simply a polite MESSAGE that the United Kingdom has issued to its citizens that simply means — in layman’s terms:

If you are a tranny, and you are traveling in the US States of North Carolina or Mississippi, you might not get to use the toilet designated for the gender with which you identify.

THAT’S IT!  That’s all it means. There is no WARNING. gay2

The UK is not warning its gay citizens to stay away from the USA because they’re in grave danger of being gang raped by Christians or set on fire in a Walmart.  In fact,  a gay man is far more likely to get gay-bashed in the UK by the Street Toughs who regularly haunt gay areas with the sole intent of beating and robbing gay male tourists.

Of course the USA would never issue a WARNING or even a MESSAGE about that because it would insulting.

One comedy writer wrote:

“The US Government, in its travel advisories for LGBT American tourists traveling in the UK, simply states: ‘Use common sense precautions‘.  In other words, don’t walk around alone in dark places.  Don’t sell or possess illegal drugs.  Don’t go into Muslim neighborhoods and do your Judy Garland drag show and think you can party down with some Iraqi hunk.”  Here is a link to the writer.    Dave Matt hilarious observations.  He doesn’t mind hate mail

If “common sense precautions” are going to ruin your gay old time, then – gay or straight – you deserve what you get. Hail and farewell, Sweetie.  Go with God.  May the wind be always at your back.  Hasta Mañana.

How did this all start?  How did this LIE and SEMI HOAX get its foothold?

Well, besides the LIES told by the press – in my case it was spread by the aforementioned ADVOCATE.

gay3Some lonely troublemaker on your Facebook – social media’s Island of Doctor Moreau for every simpleton on earth – has probably put up that link on their page…or your page.

Every self-hating gay American is using this “warning” bullshit to prove their core belief that the USA is a place where every gay person is boiled in oil and subjected to endless tortures, in spite of the fact that every gay person on earth wants to come to the USA.  Every gay person with a brain wants to get out of their shitty countries and shitty towns and shitty streets and get themselves to shitty NYC or even shittier Los Angeles.  Why?  Because it’s better to be gay in the USA, or so it seems.

Far too many members of the gay community in the USA unknowingly hate themselves and they hate their country. The nature of the self-loathing individual is to bite the hand that feeds it and to lash out at the caregiver.  It’s basic psychology.  Gay activists will tell you that the true self-haters are the “Uncle Tom Gays,” who side with traditional values.  They’re wrong and they’re lying.

Mature and contented people, gay, straight or otherwise, seem to be quite capable at efficiently setting apart their everyday values from their sexual interests.   The squeaky wheels, the ones who get the grease – so to speak – are the self-haters.  It’s actually an odd phenomenon because the usual nature of the self-hating individual is to lay low,  but society is changing.  We live in a reality show world now.  Miserable people are starting to crave attention because they know now that they can get it whereas before they couldn’t.  No soap box was big enough and no voice loud enough.

IN spite of all this mayhem, most gay people are happy and well-adjusted.  Sadly, many of them have known a great deal of hardships because of their sexuality, and they do owe some debt of gratitude to the fearless and outspoken homosexuals who came before them,  but they forge ahead in order to live their lives and do the best they can with the 80 odd years given to them by their DNA.

They know that being gay is not “a choice” but they also know that being gay is not their only reason for living.   They move about like human beings on a big blue marble and they’re held down by the same gravity that holds down everyone and everything.

Then, regrettably,  you have the rest of the LGBTQESTUVWXYZ community whose only quest in life is to be gay.  Gay is all they have and they’re going to hump that gayness in your face because they are gay, gay, gay, gay !   These are the same people who put sequined jockstraps on body builders, hoist them up onto a parade float and call it all a Gay Pride Celebration.  I don’t have to explain it to you because most of you know exactly what I am talking about.   These are the same people who have twisted the UK Foreign Office MESSAGE into a WARNING.

Again — there is no “warning.”  IT’S A HOAX!!!  

Every civilized country  issues a travel brochure for its citizens who travel to other countries.  The USA issues a stern one for travel to every country on earth because you don’t want stupid people going to Somalia because they think it’s exciting to see pirates.  You don’t want a gay couple to honeymoon in Afghanistan because it looks so pretty in the National Geographic magazine.  It’s common sense.  It’s common sense precautions.  [Damien LeGallienne –]

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