Young Man Has Sex Change and Age Change to Look Like His Grandmother.

trixie fake2“Trans-AGE is when someone identifies not with their actual biological age but with the age they feel they are.  Most people identify as younger, but in this case, the person in question identifies as older.” [Dr. Dean Traherne, MD]    

Just when you thought that things couldn’t get any weirder, a California man has not only changed his sex, he has changed himself into the spitting image of his deceased grandmother.

Here is a quote from the Redding. California man who is temporarily calling himself Randi Joyce.  His birth name has been withheld because of his position in the Methodist Church.

“My grandmother supported me and my kids through thick and thin, and when she died last summer, and I had my complete surgery, I asked the plastic surgeons to make me look like my beloved Grandmother Jill-Anne.  The results have outreached my wildest dreams.   I am so overwhelmed with joy and happiness and I praise Jesus Christ for putting such skills into the hands of three brilliant surgeons.”  meth

While the Methodist Church has shown to be very tolerant of the LGBTQ community, Randi thinks it’s best for him to take his family and relocate to another part of the country where he is not well known in spite of the fact that the surgery has made him look 40 years older than he actually is — and he has adopted hair and clothing to fit his matronly appearance.

trixie fake2
The 38-year-old father of two, began sexual reassignment hormone therapy in 2012 after he decided that he wanted to come out as a transsexual woman.  Throughout his ordeal, most of the money he needed for medical procedures was provided to him by his grandmother, an 84 years old woman who lived nearby and who had been his constant companion since the death of both his mother and father in 2007.

When his grandmother died last fall, Randi was so disturbed that he contemplated suicide.

“Then I decided that I would use some of the money that my grandmother left me to have surgery to make me look like her.  The doctors were very reluctant because they would have to age me.  They feared I would regret it.”

One of Randi’s doctors commented.

“Plastic surgery is always used to make a person look better or younger, but in Randi’s case, we were asked to make him look like an 86 year old woman.  We had to take fat and muscle from under his jaw to make his skin sag under his throat to create the appearance of an older woman.  We also had to loosen the skin on his brow and make micro-incisions in his lip muscles to create lateral age lines that make lips look older.

” It was the toughest surgery I have ever done.  Making the neck and jowls look older and trying to sculpt the facial features to match his grandmother’s was hard.  It wasn’t hard in the sense that it was technically difficult, but making someone look old through plastic surgery goes against the grain of everything we train for.

“Ten minutes into the surgery I almost stopped the whole thing.  Randi’s psychologist was in the operating theater and she convinced me that I should proceed — and that’s what my team did.   We used photos of Randi’s grandmother to create as close of an image as possible.  There is still work to be done around the skin of the eyes and cheeks but that can be done easily under a local anesthetic.”

methDoctors hope to finish Randi so he can go on with his life and continue his life in the Methodist Church, and a completion date is aiming at September, 2016.  There is a chance that Randi’ young body will partially fill in what the doctors have taken away in an attempt to make him look old, but Randi has had his hair thinned and colored like his grandmothers and he has learned how to wear makeup the way his grandmother wore it.

“People who knew my grandmother are shocked when they see me.  They think that I am her.  Most people would hate to be confused with an 86 year old woman who has passed on, but each time someone calls me by her name, my heart is filled with the warmth and goodness of my lord and savior Jesus Christ.   I thank God, I thank my doctors and I think my grandmother for giving me the strength and the courage to make my transition from an unhappy young man to a happy woman who looks like a loving grandmother.  My kids now have a Father a mother and a grandmother all in one package.

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