Strange Baby Face Virus Found in Elderly New Jersey Man Linked to Gilligan’s Island Actress.

monster babyA bizarre medical anomaly is unfolding at a small New Jersey nursing home where an 88-year old man has, over the past 12 years,  acquired the face of a toddler.  Doctors are baffled by the man’s strange appearance and there seems to be no medical explanation.

The man, identified only as Mister X Smith,  is otherwise healthy for his age, but his face has undergone a strange transformation.   Pathologists have only been able to discern that the tissues that make up his facial skin and the basic features of his face have taken on the properties one sees in a small child.

Dr. Raymond Totondi, a doctor who specializes in diseases of the elderly, has a theory about why this is happening and he has made the strange connection between Mister X. Smith’s current condition and the late actress Natalie Schafer.   His opinion is that youth treatments conducted on Schafer back in the 1930s and 40s have created strains of genetic material that enter the body of elderly people by means of a virus such as a cold or a flu.

The fear is that this isolated case might be a harbinger of things to come.  Virologists say that this “Baby Face Syndrome” might eventually become a rather common occurrence. Here is Doctor Totondi’s theory.  Many researchers in New York and Los Angeles believe this theory is probably true.

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“For many years, doctors in Switzerland have been offering miracle youth serums and old-age treatments for the very wealthy and for countless Hollywood movie stars.    Many of the most famous actresses of all time spent their off time at these Swiss clinics where it was claimed that the Fountain of Youth could be found with injections from desiccated (dried) goat placenta and powdered swan eggs.  Clients of the clinic, while usually very discreet, told stories of how these serums could not only hold off the aging process, they could reverse it as well.  The actress Natalie Schafer is probably the person within whom the virus mutated.”  monster baby

New Jersey born actress Natalie Schafer, most famous for her role as Mrs. Lovey Howell on the TV sitcom “GILLIGAN’S ISLAND” was a frequent visitor to La Clinique Varenne, a state of the art clinic tucked away in an Alpine valley.

In the 1960’s it was reported that Miss Schafer had gone through several hundred regiments of goat placenta infusions and swan egg injections.  While the cost was astronomical, they seemed to have worked for her because when she died in 1991, it was discovered that her true age was 111-years old while she didn’t look or act a day over 70. She simply dropped dead at a cocktail party in West Hollywood. natalie

According to Hollywood sources, Natalie Schafer was 91 at the time of her death – born in 1900 – but upon closer examinations of birth records in Red Bank, New Jersey, it was determined that she  was actually born in 1880 — 20 years earlier.  This means that when she played on Gilligan’s Island she was already in her late 80’s.  The mystery was even deeper at the time of her death because all of her costars believed that she had been born in 1912.  It’s not unusual for an actress to shave off a few years, but Natalie Schafer shaved off over 30, and she did it with stem cells before anyone even knew anything about stem cells — not even the clinic in Switzerland who unknowingly injected her with them.

Dr. Totondi continued:

“Word around Hollywood was that Natalie Schafer’s face had, by 1968, acquired a babyish quality which she hid with makeup and large sunglasses.   Yes, she looked very young at public appearances and on TV, but behind those glasses and all that makeup, she must have looked very strange.  In his personal ledger, Jim Backus, the actor who played her snobby husband Thurston Howell III, wrote:  ‘I was playing Natalie’s husband but at the time she was actually thirteen years older than I was.  I heard a rumor that she was actually much older.   The rest of the cast was not aware that Natalie was older but she had confided in me early on in the show’s run that she was born in 1912.’  

“What Jim Backus did not know was that Natalie was actually 31 years older than he.   It was very strange because anyone familiar with the show simply assumed that Backus was older than Schafer.”

In 1967, after yet another month-long youth serum treatment in Switzerland, Natalie Schafer returned to the set of Gilligan’s Island but came down with a terrible flu.  She was sick for nearly one month, and it was after this flu that she started to look like a child.  At first the show’s makeup people assumed that she had had extensive plastic surgery, but makeup artists were very loyal in those days.  Whatever was going on with her face was kept very quiet — except for one makeup artist, Imelda Caro, who got violently sick while working in the makeup department.  It was reported that a virus had damaged her face and she never returned to work.  When Imelda Caro died of old age in 2007, there were rumors that she had, “the face of a child of about four or five.”

Dr. Totondi stated: “I thoroughly researched this story and I made a connection between Imelda Caro and the man we call Mister X Smith, and it was not some vague connection.  Whatever virus had infected Imelda Caro had somehow jumped to Mister Smith.    It is my belief that the doctors in Switzerland, knowing nothing about stem cells or virology, somehow had accidentally created a disfiguring kind of  youth serum —  one that is carried by DNA from stem cells and any number of cold or flu viruses.    The goat placenta and the swan eggs are rich in stem cells, and it is now our job to figure out which DNA sequences are responsible for this oddity.”

Dr. Totondi is quick to remind people that this is not a way to look young.  “It is very painful and actually disfiguring and you can see from the photo of Mister X Smith.   That’s not to say that there isn’t hope out there that proper research and development will eventually create weak viruses who can carry the DNA sequence to the face in a way that is helpful.  Surgical facelifts might become a thing of the past, but for now, don’t go looking for goat placenta or swan eggs, the stem cells not only grow onto the face, they push backwards into the brain.   We don’t expect Mister Smith to live much longer and we are currently treating him with radiation and immune modulators. “


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