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“Bruce Jenner is Definitely Getting a Sex Change” says expert?

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“….it’s all part of the Kardashian’s master plan for a mega-season storyline wherein Bruce finally gets sexual assignment surgery and changes his name — according to rumor — to Caitlyn Jenner.” [The Damien Zone – Damien LeGallienne]

If it walks like a duck, it’s probably a duck and if a guy looks like he is going through a sex-change procedure, it is safe to say that he probably is doing just that. It’s becoming more and more obvious that in Jenner’s case it’s a whole lot more than a “Dude Looks Like a Lady” kind of thing. This time the dude IS a lady or pretty close to making the full transition.

Here are photos of an actual sex change.  DeTransex Medical.

“I believe Bruce Jenner is absolutely preparing to have a sex change operation,” said a medical source close to TheDamienZone.com.

“In his current state, Bruce is what transvestite and transsexual prostitutes on the street would angrily call a ‘gender fuck‘ because, his appearance is confusing and in spite of that, he is living life as a man. That is where the phrase ‘gender fuck’ is derived. He looks like one sex but proclaims to be another. Most pre-op or post op transsexuals refer to themselves as women and they take on the names of women, but Bruce is still Bruce and still claiming to be a man, so right now, as vulgar as it seems, Bruce Jenner would be referred to in the transsexual community as a ‘gender fuck’.  He’s very similar to the prop comic Carrot Top.

“The recent pictures of Bruce that have emerged show a very feminized and aging version of the once young man who was once a muscular young Olympian – the embodiment of manhood and virility.

“His facial skin looks like it has been thoroughly cleared of all whiskers via electrolysis and it has taken on a weathered and papery aging lady texture. His hair looks a little more lustrous which would be the result of female hormones.

“Also, no man on earth get’s an ‘adam’s apple’ shave unless they want to look like or become a woman. It‘s just something that is so specialized. To have that surgery is akin to wearing a sign that reads, ~I am going through a sex change operation~ and there are no ifs, ands or buts about it.”

Other sources close to TheDamienZone say that this is all falsely hush hush and limply denied in the Kardashian world, but it’s all part of the Kardashian’s master plan for a mega-season storyline wherein Bruce finally gets sexual assignment surgery and changes his name — according to rumor — to Jenny Bruce.

“The Kardashians will score huge ratings on this “VERY SPECIAL SEASON OF THE KARDASHIANS” but right now they’re playing dumb so the story is new and fresh for the Kardashian hungry morons of the world.”

“Bruce has been wanting to have a sex change for years — nearly twenty or so years and it’s safe to assume that a few times he either chickened out or he could not get psychiatric clearance for the procedure. Now he is so famous that any quack will do the operation just so they can be connected to a celebrity.

“Think about Michael Jackson. A regular person could never get the heavy-duty IV drug prescriptions from a doctor no matter how much they paid, but many Hollywood doctors are seduced by the whole celebrity ambiance and they’ll do anything to get close to celebs — even it means putting their medical licenses in jeopardy.”

  1. No one can figure out WHY Bruce Jenner is going from being a nice looking man to a terrible looking woman. Seems like Kris has always wanted him neutered but likes to keep him on a relatively short leash. So — after these huge ratings there is the rest of his life. He better start thinking about how this is not just a ‘season’ decision! This has been starting the buildup when they got away for a vacation last season and Bruce was ‘not getting it up’. So are we supposed to believe that the K’s are all being blindsided by this? What a moronic bunch!

  2. If you can’t disclose a source, than it’s not credible.

    “”I believe Bruce Jenner is absolutely preparing to have a sex change operation,”” said a medical source close to TheDamienZone.com.”

    To anyone with half a brain that is a completely incredulous statement. With an anonymous source you have free licences to say anything while still claiming to be able to back it up. It weakens you’r argument. Just trying to help.

  3. I don’t need your help. I rarely mention sources. I am not a frigging news service.

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