Ellen Degeneres Gladys phone call HILARIOUS HOAX!


GLADYS from AUSTIN and her, “I love Jesus, but I drink a little,” is – was – and will forever be —- a hilarious hoax!

NOTE TO MY READERS:   Prior to this draft, there was another version of this story.  In that version, which was up online for several months,  I expressed my annoyance with Ellen and the comedian who played the part of Gladys on the telephone.    I thought the whole thing was stupid and silly and simplistic — and I loved it.   I gave it a really nasty review,  and in my world, that’s a good thing.  

The comic who invented Gladys, however, got all up in arms and thin-skinned about it as you can easily read in the comments section.  So,  in order to punish him for his pettiness, I changed this story to be simplistic and dull and uninspiring.  What you are about to read is now a hollow fluff piece — retooled by me so as to punish the comic for being a jerk.    Thank you.

The face book sharers are at it again and this time these ELLEN “sharers” are even more hysterical than ever.

This is a clip of the show from another camera and you can see the cue cards — Degeneres Cue Cards Video.

Old Gladys —  all 88 years of her —  is/was an imaginary character conjured up by the brilliantly funny comedian SCOTT HARDY — one of the funniest comics in all of Texas — or maybe even the USA.  He has played for the Crown Heads of some the greatest countries in the world — and he would have played to their bodies as well but bodies with legs can walk out from a performance a whole lot easier than just heads placed on a seat.

Scott created a character that Ellen used to fool her audience. But what would you expect — Ellen has been making her audience  roll in the aisles for 20 years.  Isn’t Ellen just great?  Isn’t she?  Isn’t this so funny and inventive and imaginative?

This time it was a comic even wittier than Ellen herself who connected to Ellen’s audience — and Millions have been laughing as the video has gone viral.

Admittedly, what I am talking about happened six years ago, but the video is still out there — spreading across the world of Facebookers the world overand bringing holiday cheer to all.

Six years on and the Scott Hardy fans – new and old —  are still sharing it, so somebody has to do the dirty work and tell you people that Gladys, the “I love Jesus but I drink a little” phone caller on the Ellen Degeneres show, was really a character invented by a comedic genius who ranks up there with the best of the best.

“I invited Scott to Buckingham Palace to play for me in a private audience, and I like to think that the 88-year-old woman Scott created is me.  I am, after all, the one who taught Scott Hardy how to be a royal pain the ass.  Prior to meeting me, he was just a pain in the ass.”  [Elizabeth II] 

There was no Gladys from Austin, but there was a local comedian in Austin who invented that character. His name is Scott Hardy and he didn’t fool Ellen — she knew all along that she was fooling her audience — and what better way to get a laugh?

In other words:  Gladys, was not really an 88-year-old woman — it was really the comic Scott Hardy.  It’s okay if you never heard of Scott.   Most people haven’t — but soon he will be a household name.

Ellen somehow returned Gladys’ call the next day and had her audience in stitches.  And this is what happens when two brilliant minds get together to hoodwink the public.  It’s a double laugh within a laugh.

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66 thoughts on “Ellen Degeneres Gladys phone call HILARIOUS HOAX!

  1. “The thing is — if you’re going to try to be snide — HAVE TALENT! This was such an uninteresting and stupid comment — Holy Christ on a stick — EVERYTHING was wrong with it.” [Damien LeGallienne]

    Your comment, BetterDanU, was so trite and played out that I almost didn’t want to publish it for fear that your wording would lower my Google visibility algorithm.

    The whole — “little boy mommy let you use her computer and the parent’s basement” — thing is so played out that Google sees that as word regurgitation. No blogger likes that kind of feedback on their pages because “word regurgitation” is Google-speak for PLAGIARISM.

    In other words, you created no “new content” — which is to be expected because you’re very dull and dim. If I had a dollar for every comment about my mom’s basement or my “no life” or “off my meds” I would be a billionaire. This is to be expected because much of my mail and comments come from morons who can’t come up with an original insult.

    You say you won’t be around for my answer, but you will — and I will know — and I will laugh.

    Maybe in your world this manner of blogging would take a lot of time (time to waste) but I devote no more than 30 minutes per day to writing and or responding — and I make a shitload of money in the process.

    Like I tell other morons who attack me with uninteresting non-content — When you can write blog entries that earn money and are in turn read by 1.4 million people per year, give me a call. In the meantime — I will know when you come back — trust me.

    Also — “annals” is the word you were going for — unless you were trying to be snarky with “anals” — another phrase Google views as having been regurgitated.

    The thing is — if you’re going to try to be snide — have talent — this was such an uninteresting and stupid comment — EVERYTHING was wrong with it. But, because my quest is to hold back the tide of stupidity and dumbness, I put this out there for my readers to see and for them to learn how NOT to respond.

    By the way, I am on the beach writing this — where are you — delivering a FedX package somewhere in Tennessee?

  2. Damien why don’t you go on the ELLEN DEGENERES since you say you make lot money and tell her it was a fake

  3. Wow. It’s too bad such lovely writing skills are the conduit of such hate. Name calling? It’s difficult finding a good read these days..

  4. You’re articles lack any sense of credibility. if you’re going to go around calling people liars, maybe have a shred of evidence in your story to prove it? It’s like you spent the entire piece commenting on something that for all i know, could be entirely made up. and for the record, i think it is. I think you’re a bitter person who wants to make his friend more famous. bye.

  5. My instincts were correct! The original call sounded pretty natural, but then I watched the “montage” video on the “Gladys Hardy” website. By the 2nd call, I could tell something wasn’t right. There was no spontaneity. The jokes were obviously scripted and meant for a laugh. And her voice changed…there were several points where one could tell it was someone putting on an “old lady voice”.

  6. pick it apart or pretend to bash the comic or whatever, you are a Debbie downer with no good lines of your own, only criticism and negativity which is tirelessly redundant in our society today. This is one of the most hilarious things I have ever seen. Staged or not it is hilarious and made my day. I am sorry you took offense to the comic. FLASH NEWS: Its not all about you, get over it!

  7. Wow, some people can’t take a joke these days can they? It’s all about the criticism.

  8. So, when someone says, “A preacher, a rabbi, and a priest walk into a bar”, do you automatically go on the defensive and tell them, “no they didn’t”? Even if it’s a joke, it’s still entertainment. I’m sorry if you think everything on TV had to be true. It’s good clean entertainment.

  9. Wow. If I disagree with you, then I am a simpleton? You seem to invite people to give their opinion about your rant and then when they do so, you verbally tear them to pieces. News flash! Not everyone will agree with you.

  10. Usually, when someone disagrees dumbly rather than intelligently, I dismiss them as a simpleton. Also, I am almost always right with my opinions.

  11. I’d heard about this situation and wanted to look it up for a joke I’m writing about it, so this blog and all of these comments were a delight to read! These commenter people of yours are so stupid. Hey people of the internet: if you don’t like certain kinds of content, don’t click on them, or don’t continue reading things once you realize they’re garbage, and, most importantly, don’t leave comments on them! How much more encouraging of Damien could you be, to comment on his shit. Attention is his reward for this work of his, and it’s how he gets literally paid. The only way you could stop his “negativity” is to stop engaging with his blog.

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