Nicholas Cage New Film — NOT !! Coppola’s Family of No Talents.

nickoHas- been actor, Nicholas Cage,  has been begging some studios for an acting job, however, no one seems likely to hire Nick for any acting job, Not even his uncle, American film director producer and screenwriter, Francis Ford Coppola who is famous for The Godfather and also for having the most untalented daughter in the history of cinema.  I am talking of course about Sophia Coppola.  If only her final scene in GODFATHER III had been real. 
Francis Ford Coppola also has the world’s most untalented sister.  You might remember her — Talia Shire?  She played Adrian in the ROCKY movies.  She never did anything else except give birth to the unbelievably untalented and mole-covered face “actor” Jason Schwartzman. 
If you think about it, the amount of NO TALENT in this Coppola family is way out of proportion to people in real life.  Why are they all in the movie business?
Mr, Coppola , I was told by a well-known director, told Nicholas that he , Nick, has lost not only his looks , but his appeal to the ladies under 60 (and some over 60).  Even Cher will refuse to be with him in Moonstruck II because she probably knows that it will bomb and she will waste all that time putting on that awful fake and stupid and insulting Italian-American Brooklyn accent.  Cher is in good with Francis Ford Coppola and she is content to know that her son Chaz Bono will play the part of Don Corleone in “The Godfather’s Godmother.” Or as it will be called in Italy, “La Goomada e la Goombada.”
Now the Nick Cage, the star of  some forgettable films,  is desperately seeking any role he can get. He even wanted to revive the Peter Lorre role and  play Mr.Moto in a remake of a  mystery starring the Chinese detective. However, he was told that he cannot impersonate a Chinese man–that not being allowed anymore.  The Chinese are okay with a better actor playing a Chinaman, but they will not tolerate it from Nicholas Cage. 
So Cage is one of the youngest actors ever to enter the  twilight of his career before his night darkened. I suppose Cage has no one to blame but himself for being a lousy actor in some dreadful pictures. If he had been more selective as he got older he might not have cast himself in such duds as “Amos and Andrew” wherein he is an ex-cop who tries to balance a wife and a mistress while wearing an ugly shirt.   And then, the even worse, “Bangkok Dangerous,” wherein he screws around with girls who could be his daughters ,while  wearing the most hideous dye-job hair. ( The hair might not be real.) 
However,  Nick has won the hearts of the Chinese  movie-goers who have heaped awards on him. Perhaps the idea of Nick re-creating the role of Mr. Moto isn’t too far-fetched after all the great Peter Lorre is long dead and cannot criticize Cage’s performance.  

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