Giorgio Tsoukalos Plastic Surgery Rumors.


Giorgio Tsoukalos Plastic Surgery Rumors.

He may only be 35 years old, but ancient astronaut expert Giorgio Tsoukalos looks like he may have had a lot of plastic surgery and a bit of a hairline enhancement at the same time.  We are not sure if he did or he didn’t but rumors of giorgio’s plastic surgery are flying around the earth faster than ancient, alien astronauts.

“Giorgio’s facial skin didn’t used to be as smooth and peachy as it is now and it looks like he may have had a brow lift, an eye job and some chemical peeling done on his face,” said plastic surgeon Dean Traherne MD.

“Botox is certainly in play here, and Giorgio looks like he  had some a lot of hair plugs added to his head so as to lower the length of his forehead. His hair was receding back rapidly, so in order to compensate for that, Giorgio continued to fluff it up. To compensate for that, Giorgio Tsoukalos has had hair transplants. I am not sure if that’s the case, it could be a frontal wig,  but he has certainly had a lot of work done on his hair and his face.”

The Damien Zone thinks that Giorgio had to do something because he was starting to look like a cross between Larry Fine from The Three Stooges and Vic Tayback who played the character of Mel in the 1970s sitcom “Alice,“ which starred Linda Lavin — who, by the way —  is rumored to be the most difficult actress to work with in all of show business.

According to Dr. Traherne, Greek men or men with Greek ancestry, often have a tendency to age rapidly in the face, and Girogio, in spite of his Swiss citizenship, is a Greek – 100%.   John Stamos might still have hair on his head but he’s one Greek who beat the genetic odds.

“Usually by the time a Greek guy has reached his thirties, he has grown very hairy and bald and old looking. I know many Greek men who are only in their twenties but would easily pass in the USA as someone in their late 40s. This is probably what has happened to Giorgio, and now that he is in the public eye and adored my millions of child-minded people who believe that ancient aliens did everything from building the pyramids to making ancient volcanoes blow up, he has to have a movie-star kind of image.  His tan is very fake and he shouldn’t be tanning or using fake tan products after having a lot of plastic surgery.”girogio3

The Damien Zone thinks that Giorgio should have saved the money he spent on his face and hair to getting speech and elocution lessons and so does Dr. Traherne. Here’s what he said about that.

“Giorgio Tsoukalos has dedicated his entire life to studying extraterrestrials, but for some reason he can’t even pronounce the word “extraterrestrial” and that’s really strange.  He says something like ‘eshtra-treshtral.’ It’s not his slight accent that causes him to say the word incorrectly.  It sounds to me like an impediment of some kind.

“I practice plastic surgery as a profession, but at least I can pronounce it. I mean, this is his field of endeavor, and as stupid and mindless as it seems to be, the least he can do is learn how to pronounce the words that he will find himself using in that field. Hearing him say the word ‘extraterrestrial’ the way he does is painful. He sounds like he has Bell’s Palsy or some kind of neurological deficit. Maybe his pronunciation was disrupted by one of his plastic surgery procedures. It can happen, and perhaps I sound petty and cruel to even mention it, but it’s a serious problem no matter how you look at it.  It takes away from his credibility in the area of an already silly and absurd topic, or he could have a medical problem.”

Some people who have analyzed the entire Giorgio Tsoukalos fanfare in a different way. Many sociological physicians and researchers believe that the entire “ancient astronaut” concept is just a way for Tsoukalos to recreate himself as a mainstream celebrity.

“It’s amazing to me that Giorgio has so much knowledge about something that never really happened,” said Dr. Raymond Tote-Tundy MD PHd of the Skylight Institute for Higher Learning in Switzerland.

“The whole thing is about getting famous. It’s a totally silly and childish concept and Giorgio Tsoukalos has devoted his life to studying it.

“If you look at a cloud, it can look like a bunny or an elephant. The same applies to the life of human beings from ages ago. If you want to learn how they did something or how they lived, you can imagine all kinds of things, and that’s exactly what Giorgio and his comrades are doing — and they’re making a lot of money in the process.

The main thing right now is the quest for fame. Giorgio is taking that too far. He has had some kind of plastic surgery. He doesn’t even look like the original Giorgio from when the show first started and this makes me question his true motives.”

We here at The Damien Zone think that Giorgio looks, at the very least, RESTED, and in our world, that means that he probably has had some kind of cosmetic procedure. We will have to look close, but while we’re doing that, Giorgio better learn how to pronounce the word “EXTRATERRESTRIAL” because the word is not “ESTRA-TRESH-TRULL.”  Get that word right, Giorgio, and stop having plastic surgery.  You are starting to look like a Greek lady.

25 thoughts on “Giorgio Tsoukalos Plastic Surgery Rumors.

  1. What a gossipy smart aleck you are. Georgio seems like a nice person and fully believes in his cause. Because you’d rather make fun of someone rather than take a look at what others see maybe you would sound like a grown up. It’s easier for you to make fun of someone then get to the bottom of the many mysterious anomalies on our Earth. Like the Piramids for example,do you accept the explanation that it was built by many slaves with nothing more than ropes and rocks built the Pyramids? How do you explain them?

  2. Yes, Laleann — they were built by slaves — thousands and thousands of them. Giorgio’s entire life’s work is an invented tale. He is making money off of simple people like you. Also, I am not making fun of Georgio. I am simply pointing out that he has sold out his weird beliefs for a HOLLYWOOD look. He’s just like an Evangelical preacher who preaches one thing and then drives around in a gold Rolls Royce. Giorgio doesn’t give two shits about ancient astronauts. He only knows that he is making money. He has always wanted to be a STAR and this is the niche found. He wears his wild hair the way Sally Jessie Raphael wears her red glasses — so people will have something to stick in their minds to remember him. He is a complete phony.

  3. He isn’t a phony. They call it ancient astronaut theories for a reason. You are obviously just jealous of him. Why post a whole article tearing him apart, why waste your time? I hope you feel real big behind your computer screen and he also never said aliens built the pyramids. Get your info straight. Also he never got plastic surgery band does not need to. He is a attractive and intelligent man. To say it sounds like he has a speech impediment or mental disorder disgusts me. You are extremely judgemental and ignorant. Giorgio is passionate about what he does and is by no means a fake. Everyone needs to leave him alone. He is couragious going on television displaying his ideas because most people such as yourself ridicule him. All you said is just out right hurtful, get over yourself. This man also I bet looks like a model compared to you. I can already see how ugly you are on the inside! That is all I have to say for now, good riddance jerk off! 😉

  4. What a horrid man you are Dean. It’s clear to me you’re
    jealous of Georgio. I also think you don’t have one person
    who loves you.
    Get some anger management therapy.

  5. My name is spelled out right in front of your eyes and yet you can’t spell it. This is why I blog about stupidity and dumbness. Also – you keep posting the same comment because you do not know what “awaiting moderation” means. UGH!

  6. Well that’s because I wanted to make your day, David. I’ll be crying myself to sleep tonight.
    I am sorry about the nobody loves you comment. That was shitty.
    I have to get ready for my parole officer’s visit.
    Stay superior.

  7. Damien, dude, you have way too much time on your hands. I’ve just glanced over other recent subject posts/comments and you’re bashing on all of them. Get a life and let Georgio, Mary, Kris, Laleann, etc. have their’s. They are all obviously enjoying themselves much more than you. If you don’t like these sites and shows, don’t watch them. Don’t judge. And lastly, you know first and foremost (if you really are in the field you claim to be) you should be doing no harm. Secondly, what in the heck is a Sociological Physician? There is no such thing. Since I teach College in that field I would know. So now who is a phony?

  8. So you “teach college in that field” – Sociological medicine — yet you say there is no such field. Let me guess the truth. You don’t “teach college” because if you did, you would not use the expression, “teach college,” and you’re sentence structure and writing skills would be at least a teeny bit more sophisticated. I am, of course, ignoring the fact that your reading comprehension is pretty limited at best. I am REPORTING on things said by OTHERS — and I quote them. Can’t you see that? Why should I worry about “doing no harm” when I am not the physician being quoted? Can you effing read?

    In any event, if you TEACH COLLEGE you would also know that Medical Sociology is a field of endeavor that is often filled by physicians. You really should know about that because you “teach college.” Please help me. I can’t stop saying, “TEACH COLLEGE.”

    Anyway, just because you’re stupid and a sanctimonious dimwit, I am deleting the back-link from your email — NO BACK-LINK FOR YOU!

    Also, please remember when commenting on blog entries, that your trite and played-out phrases such as, “you have too much time on your hands” and “get a life” are dull and uninspired and painfully predictable. I get letters like yours –almost verbatim — from fat white trash slobs in Hooterville…when they’re not teaching college of course.

  9. A popular misconception is that the pyramids were built by slaves. However, it’s now widely accepted that the pyramids were in fact built by honorable members of society.

    In 1990 tombs were discovered that are more than 4,000 years old. Researchers and archaeologists believe they belonged to people who worked on the Great Pyramids of Giza, putting the discovery forth as more evidence that slaves did not build the ancient monuments.

    Egypt’s archaeology chief Zahi Hawass has stated that the builders came from poor Egyptian families from the north and the south, and were respected for their work — so much so that those who died during construction were bestowed the honor of being buried in the tombs near the sacred pyramids of their pharaohs.

    The men who built the last remaining wonder of the ancient world ate meat regularly and worked in three months shifts, said Hawass.

    Though they were not slaves, the pyramid builders led a life of hard labor, said Adel Okasha, supervisor of the excavation. Their skeletons have signs of arthritis, and their lower vertebrae point to a life passed in difficulty, he said.

    “Their bones tell us the story of how hard they worked,” Okasha said.

  10. Have only just seen this post… While many seem to be quick to want to ridicule Giorgio Tsoukalos – no-one has thought of the possibility of the person behind the camera using photo shop or something and changing the pic before publishing… I reckon that the flash was too close resulting in an over exposed looking picture and the photographer had to fix it before publishing.

  11. Whoever wrote and published this article is a fucking wack job. So what if he had plastic surgery? Quit making fun of people like a cunt. Get a life, loser!

  12. I’m a cunt? Giorgio — who has had plastic surgery performed on him by aliens, is a failed sports promoter who turned to UFO shit in order to find his place as the sort of white Don King. He’s a moron and so is anyone who would take the time to exist as one of his minions.

    Damien LeGallienne

  13. It’s not the same person!
    Remember what happened to Paul McCartney (search on Google the theory of replacement).

  14. Wow, I came across totally by random & read the comments. Damian – I thought this was written by a women – perhaps your gay. Totally shallow.

  15. “YOUR” GAY — would be YOU’RE GAY — so, right there, you are a moron. The rest of your comment is meaningless. And, what if it were indeed written by a woman? A woman writes like a gay man? Your shitty little home in California needs renovations — get on that, asshole.

    Damien LeGallienne

  16. Pot, meet kettle. You correct others, with many spelling and grammar errors in both your “article” AND your snide responses to people? You call others names because they make spelling or grammatical errors, yet you can’t even do basic editing on your own writings? I saw on one comment response that you labeled yourself as an editor. I thought editors were supposed to catch and correct spelling and grammar mistakes before “publication”. Why don’t you re-read your own article, and correct all the mistakes you made in it, before you start insulting others for similar mistakes. I won’t resort to name-calling, because I’m not that immature. But don’t go calling out others, when you’re guilty of the same things you’re bashing and insulting them for. It makes your content, and you, appear less credible. And to compare you to Giorgio in your own basic words, who would take seriously the word of someone who can’t even pronounce, or in your case as a writer (of this article), spell or use, words correctly? Also, you posted “quotes” from other people in your article, but basically agreed with their insulting and hateful comments at the end, so you’re just the same as they are. You’re not presenting a neutral stance, like it seems you were claiming to do. It’s basic bullying, only done from behind the safety of your keyboard, so the people can’t even defend themselves. At least not the subjects of your articles. But if I were one of them, I probably wouldn’t even bother wasting my time responding to all the hateful posts and articles written about me, like yours, because I wouldn’t have time for such silly nonsense. But I am NOT one of those “celebrities”, and I DO have time to read and comment on whatever articles or posts I want to, so I am.

    And for the record, I am not a fan, or a “minion” of Giorgio. I very rarely even watch the show. I only watch it occasionally if nothing else is on TV, and I need a good laugh. I also do not believe that aliens built everything in ancient history, or gave us the technology that we have today, etc., etc.. But I also do not believe that we humans on earth are the only living beings in the entire universe, or beyond. And I do not believe when people say they are abducted by aliens, probed, tested, etc.. I am a skeptic. Like I said, I believe they are out there somewhere, because to believe we humans are the only living beings in all of space is egotistical and close-minded.

    If you can’t deal with people disagreeing with your opinions and what you write, then maybe you shouldn’t post it online for everyone to see and read in the first place. And your article above is just that…an opinion. Everyone is entitled to one, but that doesn’t make any of them right. The same goes for your quote sources, too, if they even exist. Have a wonderful day!

  17. Kansiskitn – I am the EDITOR of a blog. In internet terminology, I write the content and arrange the page. So anyway, I went over the article from top to bottom – to make you happy – and I could only find one error where I missed a comma. If you can point out where I messed up, please tell me. You know, over the years, I have found that a lot of people who disagree with the content of a story will fault the grammar or punctuation. I think that’s what has happened here. That being said, I will gladly correct all of the mistakes in your comment, but I don’t have time to do that much fixing. Stay in Texas and live contentedly as an idiot.

  18. GOD bless America—Freedom of speech. None of this anger or intoxication matters. It is foolish and childish. I have seen something you two will probably never see. I believe Giorgio is a theroist not a dictator. MJ

  19. He pronounces the words differently…..

    He says the following substituted words, (among other variations I can’t spell), Extatestical, estatrestal, ekstatestral, extertestal, and ass-toe-naught…..

    Why would he act in a show, that the words, extra terrestrial, & astronaut, repeatedly come up, that he can’t pronounce?

    At least he should hire a speech coach to help him, if he truly had a speech impediment…..

    It’s hard to take him seriously, as it is, with his “peed in a light socket” hairstyle…..

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